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Zprite seeds

Agastache aurantiacus ‘Apricot Sprite’

Sow thinly, keep warm till germinates, then cooler.
20 seeds per pack (approx).

Available as.
Seed Price: £2.50 per pack of 20* Qty: Add to Basket
Nursery Plant Must be purchased direct from the nursery.

*Seed numbers are approximate.


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Elegant Zinnia, Pumila Sprite Zinnia Zinnia elegans Pumila Sprite

Butterfly Attracting Plant

Herbaceous Plant

Garden Flower

Annual Plant

* An annual garden flower with flowers that face outward and not upward which makes them very well suited for flower arrangements.

* Pollinated by insects, typically bees and butterflies, Zinnia’s display brilliant colors of blossoms able to gather pollinators to a garden.

* Easy to grow from seed, start early before last threat of frost. They need warm temperatures to germinate.

* The mixture of bright colors livens up the garden and these plants can tolerate heat and dry soils.

* Zinnia’s are good companion plants for vegetables, they also can impede cucumber beetles and tomato worms.

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Foreign Orders Customers Information

Foreign orders require extra checks – both on our side as well as on the importing customer’s. abc

While we have years of experience with arranging and accommodating for most import regulations – it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility for coordinating and adhering to their country’s import requirements and providing us with the necessary documentation.

Sheffield’s will not replace lost seeds or be responsible for delayed orders due to insufficient documentation, confiscated items, or taxes. We reserve the right to deny shipment of any order without the required, proper documentation.

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Things to know BEFORE ordering for delivery to outside the U.S.A.

1. $75 minimum order value

Sheffield’s requires a minimum value of $75 USD worth of seed for any order destined for outside the U.S.A, including Canada.

2. Is an Import Permit (IP) needed for this seed?

Any orders requiring an IP should have the IP arranged before Sheffield’s can ship your order.

We recommend starting by contacting your Ministry of Agriculture or its equivalent for current information on the specific seeds you intend to import. You should check on any Import Permit (IP) requirements, including the origin of the seed (always stated on our Detailed Listing part of the seed’s order page under Collection Locale).

Any Import Permits should be in English and verifiable by authorities if need be.

3. Once the Import Permit is obtained (if required), our USDA official can determine whether the ordered seed can meet the stated requirements.

Below are a few links to several regions’ import requirements, which can provide a starting point.

These should be treated as tentative information sources, not definitive guarantees. The customer remains responsible for arranging and adhering to their country’s import requirements.

4. Phytosanitary certificates

We can usually arrange phytosanitary certificates for most seeds.

Once your order has been paid for and all shipping and import requirements aligned on (including any Import permits, etc), we will calculate and send you a PayPal invoice for any additional costs.

Prices start at $81. Certain EU-based orders have an option of starting at $41 per phyto.

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Throughout most of the year, we schedule weekly USDA inspections for foreign orders. Orders will not be inspected until fully paid for, resulting in delays being at least 1 week or longer.

Please contact us for any further questions regarding foreign-destination orders!

At Sheffield’s, we pride ourselves in making our products available to retail as well as wholesale customers all over the world. We aim to ship orders quickly and efficiently. While most orders arrive in good condition, there are always risks when shipping internationally.

Faster shipping options should be selected for more perishable (recalcitrant) seeds.
“First Class Mail” is the slowest, with very limited tracking outside the U.S.A.