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Yumbolt cannabis seeds

Yumbolt Feminized

This phenomenal strain was first discovered back in the 1970’s in the famous weed county of Humboldt, California. An urban legend might say that the fancy Yumbolt Fem strain seeds got their name as a bit of a play on words. While the ancestry of these weed seeds is not confirmed, many astute observers believe it to be a blissful combination of Afghani plus Himalayan landraces. This leaves it as a delicious, pure indica strain.

These marijuana seeds produce buds that offer extremely therapeutic and relaxing effects which are loved by medical and recreational users. This is one of the main reasons that it won the Best Indica award at the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2001. Thanks to the amazing smoke, the accolades it has become a favourite on the dispensary tour. Trouble is that it sells quickly and can be hard to find. Not a problem though since you are now able to easily grow these cannabis seeds at home and ensure that you won’t ever be missing out on this outstanding high.


The mesmerizing golden-tinged pinecone looking buds are frosted with crystalline trichomes that make them incredibly enticing to grow. Add on top that they are easy to grow and they instantly become a favourite of many. Thanks to its Afghani roots, it is resistant to mold, disease and harsh climates. It is a short plant, which rarely breaks 3 feet, making it a breeze to grow indoors but has short internodes that will require regular pruning and maintenance to ensure that there is proper airflow to the foliage. If this is neglected, don’t be surprised that the moisture that gets trapped becomes a breeding ground for unwanted mildew, mold and pathogens.

It is recommended that you begin flowering when the plants have four to seven internodes to ensure a timely and maximal yield.

Flowering Time


When growing Yumbolt Fem strain seeds indoors you are going to be best suited using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. The Sea of Green technique is when you induce flowering early, as little as 2 weeks in, to keep the plants smaller and produce a quicker yield. This will ensure that you maximize space and allow the best light exposure which will boost your plants productivity. Don’t put more than 3 plants per 2 square feet to ensure that you don’t end up with overcrowding. It is recommended that you go with 1000 watt HPS/LED lights for approximately 18-20 hours to give your plants their best shot at a maximum yield. If you can create the most hospitable environment for these cannabis seeds they are going to repay you for that care with 1.15 ounces of completely resin-drenched buds per foot squared which will be ready for harvest after 8-10 weeks of flowering goodness.

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When grown outdoors, the Yumbolt Fem strain likes balmy and warm weather. As any realtor you have ever talked to will tell you, location is top priority! And location is of the utmost importance for these gems. You will want to find that perfect, fertile piece of land with access to plenty of sunshine. If you can create this oasis for them, you could reap a hefty 14 ounces of premium buds per yield. They will be ready for harvest in Mid-October and will leave you with a great sense of accomplishment.

Medical Application

This potent strain can boast a THC content as high as 24%. The strong anxiolytic properties coupled with antidepressant properties help alleviate the mind of anxiety and depression. You will notice your mood elevating and improving as the feelings of despair, mental fatigue and anxiety drift away.

More than simply offer cerebral effects though, many users love the anti-inflammatory and pain killing potential this strain has. You may notice your discomfort and pain subsiding as the relaxing buzz lulls your taut muscles. Many people who suffer from chronic back pain, migraines, MS, arthritis and fibromyalgia have added this to their medicinal regiment. Lastly, being a strong indica strain gives it an amazing drowsiness effect that can allow insomniacs or people with other sleeping issues to enjoy a restful slumber they have been longing for.

Adverse Reactions

You will feel the usual side effects that come along with cannabis which are dry eyes and dry mouth. Any legitimate chronic kit will have eye drops and a bottle of water that will take care of these concerns though. On occasion, people have experienced dizziness, headaches and paranoia but these are somewhat rare for most.


Like many other strong indica strains, this strain provides a potent sedative effect. For this reason, it is wise to consume this at night after you have taken care of your responsibilities.

You will enjoy a euphoric rush that will make even the most boring tasks seem fun and exciting. You will feel the blissful buzz that is sure to put a smile on even the biggest grumps face. This will be relatively short lived though before the transition to a bendy high begins. You will feel the relaxation come from the back of your head before travelling down to every last part of your body. You will enjoy the intense level of calmness and relief that overcome you as the stress and tight muscles melt away. You are sure to savour the intense chilled out effect before drifting off to a serene sleep.

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If you are new to smoking or have lower THC tolerance levels, you will want to tread carefully. If you consume too much of this potent strain it can give an unpleasant couch lock effect because you aren’t used to it. Careful dosing is the key and it is best to take it slow to ensure that this magnificent strain can be enjoyed the way it was intended.


If you have ever been to the rainforest, you will know that distinct smell after a drizzle. These weed seeds produce buds that have an earthy yet musky smell that is reminiscent of that fresh wetness in the rainforest.


The flavor is a nice complement to the aroma that lingers. It will hit you with a jolt of fresh squeeze lemon that will leave a nutty and skunky aftertaste to linger after you billow out a plume of smoke.

Similar Strains

While the fantastic lineage will undoubtedly have you wanting to buy Yumbolt Fem strain seeds online there might be times when the demand is too high and you can’t get them when you need. If that is the case, give these other kick ass indica strains a try.

While Auto Sour Diesel fem will have more sativa that some of the other strains, it can be a perfect compliment to your typical indica nighttime use. You will enjoy a euphoric and racy head high from this strain.

Don’t have anywhere to be when you hit the Critical Kush fem because this nearly pure indica strain will have you locked to the couch. The deep body stone with come with a slight head buzz but will melt your pain away and give you that killer sleep.

The Blue Haze fem is a popular hybrid that has a fun, euphoric high that is great for any time of the day. It is great for pain and stress that you want gone.

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Auto Bubba Kush fem is a premium quality indica strain that has intense tranquilizing effects that will have your pain and stress leaving faster than your cheapskate friend when the bill comes.

The legendary L.A. Confidential is equal parts potent and relaxing. It offers a calming high that when consumed in high doses can double as a psychedelic.

With all these great options and hundreds more, i49 is sure to have a strain that meets both your growing and smoking needs.

Nick Names

There are not a lot of different names that this strain goes by, but you may encounter it under the name Yumboldt.

Yumbolt cannabis seeds

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Yumbolt Feminised Seeds

Yumbolt is an “old-skool” marijuana strain, an Afghani land-race, which was one of the early varieties to become acclimatised to the area of Humboldt County, Northern California during the 1970s. In 2001 it became more widely known when it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Yumbolt is an indica strain but one which develops well laterally. Its broad, dark green leaves are, however, typically indica. Indoors it will finish flowering in 9 weeks but CBD Seeds recommends allowing it to attain a decent height before switching to the flowering cycle as there is very little stretch thereafter.

Outdoors it will finish in mid-September. Yumbolt produces dense buds covered in resin. Although its yield is only average this is more than made up for by its powerfully psychedelic high. The aroma is reminiscent of moss and forest smells and the taste is of sweet berries.