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White label cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds White Label

The White Label seeds company was founded to make it a bit easier for the normal cannabis fans to have access to good weed seeds and good cannabis genetics. The assortment of White Label weed seeds includes regular, feminised and autoflowering weed seed of the highest quality at a price that is affordable for everyone, so you do not have to pay for the privilege to grow a certain type of cannabis.

Double Gum White Label

The indica-dominant plants of the Double Gum by White Label are originating from carefully selected cannabis weed that can be perfectly cultivated indoors. When you live in warmer regions, it is also very possible to sow these weed seeds outdoor.

Master Kush White Label

Enclosed in the spectacular weed seeds of the Master Kush is 95 percent indica.

Afghan Kush White Label

The mountains of Afghanistan are widely known as the birthplace of the better indica-rich types of weed. White Label has therefore made room in their collection for a high-quality type originating from this area. These cannabis seeds thrive best in a moderate climate and are blooming relatively quick (as of 40 days).

Super Skunk White Label

Super Skunk weed seeds have the ring of excellence about it, and especially smokers with a preference for indica will be facing an amazing time with these easy to cultivate cannabis seeds. The family tree of these weed seeds would make you jealous because the world-famous Skunk#1 was crossed especially for this project with an Afghan that provided an.

Hollands Hope White Label

White Label offers an excellent help to the grower who wants to cultivate weed in a cool climate with the weed seeds of Hollands Hope. This type of cannabis seeds is indica-dominant and particularly robust.

White Label Rhino White Label

White Label does not like to do half the job and the result of that attitude can be found in, among other types, the White Label Rhino weed seeds. Firm and strong, these weed seeds and the resulting plants undoubtedly deserve the name Rhino. 90 percent indica comes together in these seemingly modest cannabis seeds, but the effect is huge once the result.

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White Widow White Label

At White Label the people are rightfully proud of the cannabis seeds of the brand White Widow. It is actually not necessary at all to promote this type because these weed seeds have left a clear mark on the cannabis market already since its introduction.

Cali Orange Bud White Label

White Label serves the fans of weed with an American origin optimally: the Cali Orange Bud seeds are originating from the west coast of the United States but these cannabis seeds have been further perfected in the Netherlands.

White Label Mix White Label

White Label brings several types of weed seeds on the market, but which one is actually the best? Tastes are different and it is sometimes difficult to choose: for that reason a surprise package has been assembled that includes several weed seeds in one package.

Kali Haze White Label

A sativa-dominant type of cannabis seeds that produces heavy buds and an exceptionally large harvest at the same time? Almost sounds too good to be true, right? The fact that it is indeed possible has been proven by White Label with the Kali Haze weed seeds.

Jack Herer White Label

This type is included in the assortment of White Label for growers who like to work with weed seeds that are “fifty-fifty”. The White Label Jack Herer weed seeds embody the perfectly balanced combination of sativa and indica.

Amnesia White White Label

Attention to all fans of the traditional Haze: the White Label Amnesia White should not be missed!

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Order White Label cannabis seeds at Seedmarket

The White Label seeds company was founded to make it a bit easier for the normal cannabis fans to have access to good weed seeds and good cannabis genetics. The assortment of White Label weed seeds includes regular, feminised and autoflowering weed seed of the highest quality at a price that is affordable for everyone, so you do not have to pay for the privilege to grow a certain type of cannabis.
When you are looking for cannabis seed and genetic material of the best quality but you also want to keep your hobby affordable, we invite you to have a look at the collection of White Label cannabis seeds. Many economically conscious connoisseurs all across the world are already using White Label seeds much to their satisfaction.

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Regular, feminized or autoflowering cannabis seeds

Because the largest collection of seeds these days consists of feminised and autoflowering varieties and we, at the White Label seeds company, find it important that people also have access to regular seed, the assortment of White Label also includes regular weed seeds. This makes it possible for every fan who feels like doing so to produce his own line of seeds and crossings. The regular seeds in our range are genetically speaking of a stable quality and therefore a perfect base to further develop your own types.

The reason we are able to offer you these high-quality cannabis seeds at the prices you will not find anywhere else is simpler than it seems. The White Label seeds bank is a sister company of the legendary, world-famous and renowned Amsterdam seeds bank Sensi Seeds. This should immediately gain the trust of every fan and also explains a few facts. The White Label seeds company only exists online and has developed an economic and innovative approach in the area of packing and shipping of the weed seed and is therefore able to save on costs so in the end our customers have to pay less for cannabis seeds of the highest quality which benefits our clients. Because we are able to offer our White Label seeds under these attractive conditions, we are the first choice for many growers and fans of cannabis when it comes to adding new varieties to their collection. Why would you pay more than necessary?

Packaging of the cannabis seeds

Because we have developed a basic, simple and effective packaging for the White Label seeds we can save a lot on our packaging costs. This is obviously beneficial for our customers. While some seed companies choose to design their packaging as colourful and striking as possible and sell their seeds in a futuristic packaging, White Label chooses to keep all the packaging used basic and simple and to avoid excessive decorations. Our packaging is made to ensure that the weed seeds arrive at their destination in a proper manner and not to look beautiful. We use a firm, discrete looking packaging that protects your seeds well so they are in an excellent condition when you receive them.

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Different varieties and species

The catalogue of the White Label seeds company includes an extensive selection of cannabis genetics of autoflowering types, Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant species and hybrid varieties. For nearly every variety, the White Label seeds company also offers a feminised version. The assortment includes some legendary classics such as the Northern Lights, White Widow, the Skunk #1 or the Purple Haze, in addition to some heavyweights such as the Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, the Jack Herer or the Amnesia.

Whatever you are looking for, you will certainly find a cannabis variety in the range of White Label that is a perfect fit for your garden.

White Label Seeds

White Label Seeds is a cannabis seed company based in Amsterdam and committed to producing the very best marijuana strains at great prices. A sister company of Sensi Seeds, White Label Seeds is committed to bringing the best possible marijuana genetics to the collector and is known as the ‘no frills’ sister-company, still covered by the same great Sensi Seeds customer service.

White Label Seeds produces a range of fantastic autoflowering, feminized and regular cannabis seeds, including popular weed seeds strains such as Super Skunk Automatic (super-fragrant, super-potent, super-vigorous), Afghan Kush (from the heart of the Hindu Kush mountain range) and Pure Power Plant (fast to flower, producing heavy harvests of super dense buds!). Get them all and more here at Seed City for the lowest prices available anywhere online, guaranteed!