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White gorilla seeds

White Gorilla Haze Cannabis Seeds

White Gorilla Haze Cannabis Seeds from White Label Seeds

Looking for a high THC strain that delivers? Look no further than White Gorilla Haze Cannabis Seeds, one of the most exciting strains from White Label Seeds. White Label Seeds is based in Amsterdam and offers some of the best strains in the world. A sister company of the very popular Sensi Seeds, White Label Seeds offers high-quality seeds at low prices. One of their flagship strains, White Gorilla Haze is a 3-way hybrid between Amnesia Haze, Silver Haze, and Gorilla Glue.

White Gorilla Haze Cannabis Seeds

White Gorilla Haze buds are tall and striking, with green stalks that curl and radiate. Bringing the best qualities of all three strains it’s birthed from, White Gorilla Haze tastes like coffee while offering citrus undertones and notes of pine.

Cannabis Strain Potency

White Gorilla Haze is sativa dominant, with an incredible 65% sativa and 35% indica profile. Users report that the strain gives users a creative buzz with feelings of joy and tranquility. This is high THC, so even experienced users are advised to start low and go slow. Prepare for an experience that can almost be described as psychedelic. Though you won’t get bouts of energy, the strain will not leave you couch-locked. It’s perfect for stationary activities like drawing, writing, or even kicking back and watching a movie.

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The White Gorilla joins the SensorySeeds family, in the classic formula by now appreciated by our customers, of bulk seeds, packaged directly by us (10 + 1 free) .

BSF Seeds crossed the two herbs that are Superstars in their cannabis catalog, releasing Gorilla White. This indica-dominant hybrid has a distinctive feature, which is resin production that is pushed to the limit. These buds literally glow with trichomes.

Of all the cannabis strains on the market, none can compete with Gorilla White .

White Gorilla is a Feminized whose parents are the two genetic legends of cannabis: as a mother, the current jewel of BSF Seeds, Gorilla Glue # 4, and as a father one of the most sought-after classics of all time, the resinous White Widow.

Indica dominant, Gorilla White has a sweet and delicate flavor, with light citrus and earthy notes, the scent is intense and difficult to forget.