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Wedding cake cannabis seeds

Wedding Cake Cannabis Seeds

The strain is so named because it is absolutely smothered in THC crystals, like a well iced wedding spectacular, with subtle purple and pinks during flowering.

Wedding Cake Cannabis Seeds from Barneys Farm Seeds

WEDDING CAKE™ Feminized: An unforgettable journey into the land of delight begins with a single taste of this Indica dominant SUPER POTENT fiend of a strain. Its family line oozes sweet and sour earthy scents with unmistakable vanilla aromas and old skunky undertones. An acclaimed fusion, famous for its creative, uplifting and euphoric relaxation properties.

The lab have chosen a more Indica dominant 80% Indica + 20% Sativa version for our WEDDING CAKE™, opting to evolve further the original Pink Cookies genetics “aka wedding cake” from the Barneys Farm vault.

Wedding Cake inherits much of its power from its Girl Scout Cookies parent, crossed with Cherry Pie, bringing a sophisticated twist from its OG and Durban Poison X Granddaddy Purple heritage.

The strain is so named because it is absolutely smothered in THC crystals, like a well iced wedding spectacular, with subtle purple and pinks during flowering.

WEDDING CAKE™’s eight-week flowering period means you could get your hands on her beckoning blossoms in super-fast time. You can expect solid, monster yields of around 650g/m2 indoor and up to 2kg outdoor. with a whopping 24% THC will make you feel like you are on your honeymoon again.

Wedding Cake strain

With our Wedding Cake cannabis seeds, we continue to follow the trend of developing US genetics, which is gaining ground in Europe. Its specific characteristics are a very high THC content with a pleasant and not too strong “stoned” effect. The Wedding Cake Strain is also known as “Pink Cookies”. Our cannabis seeds are the result of crossing a Girl Scout Cookies elite clone with the Cherry Pie clone (Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison).

An evolution of the famous Girl Scout Cookies with a dash of extra THC – Wedding Cake strain

Our Wedding Cake Strain is, despite the sativa genes of Durban Poison, a clearly indica-trending marijuana strain. Girl Scout Cookies (OG Kush x Durban Poison) makes up the bulk of this strain, giving it that ‘cuddly’ something. However, our Wedding Cake strain have slightly higher THC values than the basic Girl Scout Cookies. We achieve this through the crossed-in Granddaddy Purple, which is extremely potent.

Durban Poison provides sweetness and the lightness of being

Due to the Kush genes the cannabis variety Wedding Cake strain has earthy and tart notes. But the “sweetness” of the Girl Scout Cookies is dominant in any case, to which a fruitiness reminiscent of cherry cake is added. An extremely successful creation as we think. As the Wedding Cake strain is mainly Indica dominant, it has a relaxing effect in the first place, but doesn’t make you tired at all due to the subtle Sativa genes of Durban Poison. However, it is important to remember that with a THC content of 25%, not much activity is possible. So sit back, enjoy the day and let your thoughts run free with the Wedding Cake strain weed!

Medium growth and high yields

Wedding Cake plants grow medium height and deliver high yields of up to 600g per m² under 600W NDL or 450W LED. The buds are indicatypically compact and resinous, and usually have a dark green or completely purple color. Especially at lower temperatures the purple effect will occur. We recommend to plant 12 plants per square meter to fill the area well when growing indoors. The flowering time of the strain is between 8 to 10 weeks maximum until it is fully ripe. Wedding Cake can be grown well both indoors and outdoors and is ready for harvest in early October.