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Watermelon ice seeds

Watermelon Seeds – Hime Kansen – Hybrid

Watermelon Seeds – Hime Kansen – Hybrid. Non-GMO. Citrullus vulgaris. AKA baby size watermelon, ice-box size watermelon. 95 Days. Warm season annual. This Japanese icebox watermelon is the perfect size to fit in a fridge and has been a specialty for long time in Japan. It has firm dark red flesh and green skin with dark green stripes. It has an extremely thin rind (3/16″) and excellent shipping ability. It has a high Brix count of 12.5-13 and weights 5-6 lbs. The fruit has a slightly oblong shape. ~ 10,500 seeds / oz.

Watermelon Seeds – Hime Kansen – Hybrid

Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in late spring/summer after last frost in a warm, sunny location. Soil temperatures below 50°F can slow growth. Consider using black plastic and fabric row covers to speed soil warming. Sandy or light-textured soils that warm quickly in spring are best. Sow 3 seeds per hill and space hills 3′ apart. Harvest when fruit area touching ground turns yellow or when the tendril closest to the stem turns brown or dried. A mature watermelon will have a dull “plunk” sound when thumped. In the case of watermelon, basically 1 vine 1 melon (It doesn’t mean 6 vines 6 fruits). You could harvest the second one but it would be difficult and take long time. We usually advise to set the first fruit on the third female flower that appears between the 16th – 21st leaf node to get a better quality fruit. After you harvest the first fruit, another fruit could be harvested between the 32nd- 42nd leaf node if the plant could keep good enough plant vigor. Eat fresh.

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Watermelon ice seeds

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Watermelon Icecream strain

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Watermelon Icecream | LaMota Seeds

Watermelon Icecream is a feminised, Indica-dominant, fast-flowering strain. She’s a heavy-yielder with well-defined morphology. Her enormous, beautiful buds are hard, tight and heavy, both in the plant’s centre and on the side branches. Her pistiles turn orange as they ripen, and her flowers are covered with an extremely tasty, sweet resin.

This strain doesn’t demand lots of attention. She only needs a good substrate, ideally organic, and as always, the more love she receives, the bigger the reward.

Watermelon Icecream is strikingly attractive; her leaves are light green, but they can turn blue, purple or even reddish when outdoors and in cold climates. It’s a genetic for those who choose taste over potency, though her high is reasonable (her THC levels are between 15-18%) and it delivers a nice and pleasant effect.

The best way to enjoy all her tones, aromas and flavours is smoked via a bong or vaporizer. Just the thought of it will make you drool!