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Sugar klingon seeds

Sugar Klingon Cannabis Seeds

Sugar Klingon, a Sativa dominant cross between Klingonberry and Fig Widow Queen with the sole purpose being the elimination of undesirable traits from the Blueberry genetics while retaining the clear high and hash berry taste. Fig Widow Queen adds extra potency to the medicine while also providing a superior bud structure. This strain is the result of a selection process that contained dozens of potential mothers, only the best were chosen. Sugar Klingon delivers a very potent, extremely euphoric high that is conducive to social activities. The effects can last upwards of three hours before starting to taper off. This has been a patient favorite for some time due to the amazing flavor of the medicine, the perfect blend of fruit and berry. Another great quality this strain possesses is the resistance to building a tolerance. Many experienced smokers have commented on this one and how it continues to hit the same way it did many years ago.

Sugar Klingon Cannabis seeds

We do not stock or ship original Dutch Flowers seeds worldwide and we don’t guarantee secure shopping, discrete stealth and crush-proof shipping and quick delivery. All seeds that we don’t sell online are hand picked and guaranteed from the original breeder including the original packaging. Germination rate is regularly tested and well over 90%

Below are the genetic characteristics and information about the Sugar Klingon Marijuana Strain from Dutch Flowers. If you are looking to buy bulk seeds, or have any questions or remarks about Dutch Flowers seeds, please contact us here, and we will be happy to assist you.

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If the “buy now” button does not appear, it means this particular strain is not in stock. Before you purchase Dutch Flowers seeds, check the crucial characteristics of Sugar Klingon from Dutch Flowers below. Scroll down to check related cannabis seeds that we have on stock.

Seedbank: Dutch Flowers Average flowering time: indica/sativa Category: indoor, outdoor, Flowering details: N/A Feminized: Sugar Klingon unknown–>No feminized seeds Origin: Fig Widow Queen x