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Strawberry banana sherbet seeds

Double Banana Sherbet strain

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Double Banana Sherbet | The Plug Seedbank

Double Banana Sherbet from The Plug Seedsbank are feminized seeds with 75% sativa dominance. For their development, the breeders combined a powerful mother Sour Banana Sherbet from Crockett Family Farms with a delicious Strawberry Banana Cream. The result is a great tasting variety and a beast in any form of resin extraction, both for yield and for its unique terpene profile.

Outdoor, this plant grows with great vigor from the first moment, with a typical Christmas tree structure. Its thick branches will be filled with huge buds that will gradually be covered with a thick and fragrant layer of bright trichomes. It is possible that towards the end of flowering supports are needed to support the weight of the flowers. It is harvested during the second fortnight of October.

Indoors, it is perfect for SCROG and SOG crops, as it has the same ease to branch strongly when pruned or guided, and to concentrate the production in thick and long tails if starting from small cuttings. From the change of photoperiod to 12/12, complete flowering in 9-10 weeks, with yields between 475 and 550 grams per m2. The odours are very penetrating and it is advisable to use a good anti-odour system.

The taste of Double Banana Sherbet is delicious, with clear touches of strawberry and banana, with backgrounds of Diesel and acid fruits. The effects are very powerful and cerebral, provides a very lively high, ideal for recharging energy at any time of day and perform creative tasks, partying .

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From the growers over at DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds. This strain is very popular to patients who are dealing with depression and writer’s block. It has a high that giggly high that can spark your creativity for the next project.



Also Known As: Strawberry Banana Sherbet

Rating: No Rating / 5

Flavors: fruity, strawberry, and sweet.


Banana Sherbet

Strawberry Banana

Grow Information

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Preferred Medium: Soil

Flowering Time In Days: 60-65

Outdoor Finish: Select a outdoor finish.

Height: Medium

Average Yield: High

Environment: Greenhouse


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