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Steel bridge seeds

Great Plateau Korok Seed 13

Location: Use Magnesis to move one of the metal doors on the other side of the bridge on top of the broken pillars to get to the Korok underneath.

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Steel Bridge

This monstrously flavorful plant has moved quickly into our hearts. Golden Goat parentage is quickened by the intensity and additional chemistry of the TH1. This is our first exclusive beta-caryophyllene dominant plant. This rare profile strikes a balance from generous amounts of limonene, myrcene and the far more rarely occurring guiaol.

Clean Green
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Type 1: THC Rich
Flavor Profile

Terpene Details

12 Terpenes / 4.07% Total

Caryophyllene Oxide


Among numerous fresh releases of new strains bred and cultivated at Pruf, Steel Bridge has particularly refreshed the excitement of smoking flower. I tried No. 38, a batch that tested at 24.5 percent THC and 4.44 percent total terpenes. Made from combining the beloved Golden Goat cultivar and TH1 (#3), this plant is an example of successfully customized cultivation to bring out rarer, less common terpenes, with a dominant concentration of beta-caryophyllene. That may not mean anything to you—it wasn’t something I necessarily sought out—but what it means is this cultivar may produce effects you’ve never experienced before. The taste is similar to citrusy, skunky varieties like Island Sweet Skunk, like a tropical breeze from very unfamiliar, untraveled waters.

“—Lauren Yoshiko, WW cannabis critic”


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