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South indian sativa seeds

South indian sativa seeds

After a sudden increase in national indian population combined with the BPO/ITO and cultural shift, sent a ripple of increased demand of cannabis in south India, which in turn forced the farmers to select for a faster finishing plant with better yields opposed to the older ways of cultivation without much selection for these traits, which will ultimately lead to the development of Sheelavathi sativa from old Kerala and Idukki Gold populations (the latter already extinct).

As of today, Sheelavathi stands as one of the most potent and savoured cultivars in india. Her leaves are much darker and her bud structure is always fairly dense and harder than its predecessors Kerala Gold or Idukki, or any other equatorial sativa originating from India. A very interesting thing about Sheelavathi that we ascertained is the novelty of its terpene profile because the moment you come near the plant you can definitely smell wild flowers mixed with spices, but the taste is more inclined towards pine and hashish with undertones of flowers that will leave your senses charmed.

Sheelavathi has been crowned as one of the most beloved strains of india in a very short time and reasons, well; the effects – Its a double decker effect and potency coupled with the calming serenity/relaxation which creates a perfectly balanced high.

Brazilian sativa x South Indian Indica


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