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Skywalker x gsc cannabis seeds

Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

The perfectly well-balanced hybrid emerged from two crowd favorites — Skywalker and Girl Scout Cookies. With a pedigree like that, users are surely in for an experience that won’t disappoint. It offers up to 22% THC level that brings an immediate euphoric feeling, followed swiftly by some focus-boost. Also an excellent social strain, it makes for a great smoke when you’re chilling alone or with like-minded friends. Relief from pain, stress, and anxiety are just some of the medicinal benefits of this citrusy bud.


Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem is resistant to common pests and diseases that attack cannabis gardens. Although an even hybrid, it grows short and wide with closely-packed bud sites like an Indica. The plant won’t need much vertical space but will require some decent ground space.

The structure Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem calls for the pruning of its lower leaves and branches. This allows steady air movement through the inner foliage, which helps prevent moisture buildup and related concerns. With the less essential branches gone, the plant also gets to use more energy on promising flower clusters that grow above, resulting in bigger yields.

The Sea of Green (SOG) method is an excellent choice for Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem. You may pair this technique in either soil or hydroponic setup. Also make sure to watch out for signs of deficiencies as hybrids with OG lineage tends to need calcium- and magnesium-heavy feedings.

Flowering Time

Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem flowers for about 8 to 9 weeks. Two weeks or a few days before the supposed end of the bloom period, you can start flushing out the excess nutrients in the plant’s system to eliminate the chemical taste in the buds. You’ll know when it’s time to harvest once most trichomes on the surface of its dense, sticky flowers have turned frosty white, while the pistils have gone from light-colored to carrot-orange.


In a controlled indoor setting, Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem can provide up to 600 grams per square meter. Its manageable size allows it to thrive in grow cabinets and tents. To produce the best yields, you need to re-create a warm and slightly dry environment and pair it with a suitable training technique. The ideal temperature ranges between 68 and 80°F.

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Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem can tolerate temperature fluctuations, but thrives in mild, sunny, and drier conditions. In optimal outdoor settings, the strain can produce up to 700 grams per plant, which growers in the northern hemisphere can start harvesting by October.

Medical Application

Medical cannabis users can rely on Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem’s uplifting effect to mitigate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. It can also help people diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and those who sometimes need a little help concentrating. Physically, this strain’s relaxing influence soothes muscle tension, cramps, and mild to moderate chronic pain.

Adverse Reactions

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are almost unavoidable when consuming high-THC strains like Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem. That said, there are two ways to minimize the arid sensations — keep the dosage low and drink plenty of non-hydrating fluids. Lightheadedness and paranoia are rare but may also be experienced by users with a low tolerance for THC.


Not for the faint of heart, Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem smashes through the head before quickly working its way through the entire body with ease. This strain shares a fun high that’s great to take to town with you. It’s euphoric and incredibly uplifting from the outset, sending you in a mind-bending bliss with just a hit or two. After the initial waves, you’ll notice your focus sharpen, and the desire to mix socially with other people emerge. Before you know it, you’re enjoying free-flowing conversations with everyone around you.

As Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem’s high starts to level out, the initial enlivening buzz will mellow out. Calming sensations will flow through the limbs, producing utter relaxation that will rescind this bud’s chatty effect.


At first whiff, you’ll pick up notes of fresh citrus from Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem’s buds, but smelling them closer reveals some dank, earthy quality that is evocative of newly wetted soil. They also give off a bit of spice when broken apart or ground up.


Lighting up a Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem flower creates a smooth, palatable smoke that carries a lemony sour flavor. It leaves behind a velvety mouthfeel with an earthy and slightly spicy aftertaste.

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Similar Strains

Many of the sought-after offerings of Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Fem are found in three other strains.

Skywalker Ghost x Triangle Kush Fem’s 22% THC shares a deep-sinking, full-bodied Indica high with a creative and uplifting edge. It also relieves anxiety and stress while reducing the severity of chronic pain. To earn its potent buds, this heavy-yielding strain must be provided with intermediate-level plant care.

If you prefer an A-lister over a relatively new hybrid, then Girl Scout Cookies Fem should be on your list. It trumps over many recreational varieties in our catalog with its up to 28% THC content and mouthwatering cotton candy-like flavors. Anticipate a time-bending experience under its profoundly relaxing and euphoric influence.

You can also go easy with the cerebral high and enjoy a much gentler buzz with plenty of medicinal benefits with CBD Girl Scout Cookies Fem. The strain 5 to 8% of both CBD and THC, allowing it to deliver a subtle head-to-toe buzz along with immense relief from health conditions like ADHD, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Nick Names

Skywalker Cookies is the most suitable nickname for this strain because of the perfect harmony the blend of its parents created.

Final Thoughts

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Type Hybrid
Yield Indoor 14 – 18 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 18 – 25 oz/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0,5%
HEIGHT 31 – 59 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Inflammation Migranes Muscle Spasms Stress
EFFECTS Euphoric Focused Talkative
FLAVOR Citrus Earthy Lemon Spicy
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

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Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds from Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies female seeds, available in bulk quantities, at great prices.

Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seed Stats

Breeder: Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Seed Type: Feminized
Available as Single Seed: Available as Single Seed
Flowering Period Type: 12/12 Photoperiod
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Strength: Normal
Yield: Average
Strain Type: Hybrid, Africa and Middle East, Asia-Central, Asia-South East, Central America and Caribbean, North American and Canadian, South American, Girl Scout Cookies and Cookies Crosses, OG Kush Strains
Indoor Flowering Time: Medium (56 to 90 days)
Stock Availability: In Stock

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