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Sidetracked seeds


Was the Easter weekend any different for you than any other weekend since lockdown? With the absence of small children (which I am grateful for, as I’d be hopeless at homeschooling!) and the absence of an obscene amount of chocolate (which I’m also very grateful for, I prefer white wine!) it was pretty much the same for us.

As we go into our fourth week, I feel I should make a timetable of work, housework, maybe even a meal plan? Who am I kidding? I’ll probably just spend the next month like the last, in my Greenhouse sowing seeds to grow vegetables I don’t even eat!! I did clean the bathroom yesterday! I’ve been watching Clean and Gleam It on IG stories @cleanandgleamit How Georgia finds the energy to do so much cleaning each day, I’ll never know! Poor Adam (her husband) I bet he wanders around the house on his eyelashes! I love watching Georgia. I’ve even purchased a Superzorb Squeaky Clean Antibacterial Environmentally friendly cloth! My own bathroom is gleaming!

Seriously though, the story of my life is I tend to get so sidetracked and only do the jobs I love, leaving everything else. Many years ago I went on a marketing course (I’ve been on many to no avail!) and they presented the square of productivity. The Eisenhower Matrix! Important and urgent, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, not important and not urgent! Well I do everything in the last box! All of the time!

I always have lots to do and many new ideas, so I’m not lazy. Far from it! I don’t sit down during the day and read a book or watch a film. But I think I need more structure in my life to get some of the important things done.

Although I probably don’t really need to be doing anything at all, I feel it’s important for me to keep engaging and finding ways of keeping my shop ticking along. Thinking of new ideas and generally planning for when for when we reopen, whenever that may be. I think the blog is a good start. I’ll try to mix it up each week and not just talk about my Tomatoes!

How do you keep motivated? Do you write schedules and lists and stick to them? I’d love to know.

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Covert Grow Ops/Sidetracked:

I’ve been looking back to double check my crosses, and got tired of looking back 7 pages to find this thread.

sandhill larry
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I did some bean shelling at the camp Wednesday night. Started strong, rolling a joint for every kind. Quickly stopped that. Did get nine different pickings done. Had one Tray Jumper that was really a UL, as in Un-Labeled. It was in a sack of shake with no name. Also had a bud of Hurricane Head that was not labeled HH GN or HH FP. I think I got four seeds out of the bud.

sandhill larry
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More seed work. Here at work tonight I was going through my office stash, trying to put everything in smaller containers. I spotted a seed in the BP . This is the first one I’ve seen. I was afraid the CPDA pollen I had used on it had got too wet when I had collected it and had to hike two miles in a downpour. Would be great to find a few more, but there was only 3 seeds on the mother BP plant from ’16. And I still have 2 of those.

At the house this morning, I went though more seed pot to take to the camp. I grabbed a bag of GV1 from the JP patch. Not loaded like the Peach, but I saw seeds in the shake. This one plant was the only one in that patch I dusted. I used the CP1 pollen. I burned a fat joint of the bud this morning before heading out shopping. It still had a fresh taste to it, and I got high as hell. This should be a usable strain. I collected several big bags of shake that has to be de-seeded. I may go on to the camp tonight so I can get to work on that.

sandhill larry
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Also got a few B&S X CP1 seeds from ALw. The main one I dusted died from termite damage, but made lots of seeds. This one nearby finished, but only picked up a little wayward pollen, so had very few seeds.

sandhill larry
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I ran into my buddy yesterday. I had gave him some smoke last fall. He was telling my that Too Slow was named just right. I ask what he meant. He said, “yea, that Too Slow weed you gave me. I found a little of it this week. I smoked a bowl before I started cutting grass. Didn’t feel very high so I smoke another. That shit is creeper. I cut grass half an hour past my knockoff time. It’s Too Slow.” I may have to change the name.

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Sidetracked Strain Review: What To Expect

What is Sidetracked cannabis, and is it as good as people say it is?

Sidetracked is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by the popular growers of Oregon Cannabis Authority. Though the name would suggest a more relaxed experience, this strain actually offers an intense boost of euphoria with laser-sharp focus.

Unfortunately, information on this strain is sparse. It looks like the team over at Oregon Cannabis Authority likes to keep the mystery on this dense bud.

Contents and Strain

Featuring an overwhelming strong sativa base, this pot is only veined with 30% indica. On average, Sidetracked strain has a THC content of 27-32%, which quickly hits users with a powerful, cerebral high. The high THC level would suggest that only experienced users experiment with this cannabis product. CBD levels are low.

What Is the History?

Sidetracked weed is the offspring of the classic Gorilla Glue #4 and Silver Train. Created by the masterminds at Oregon Cannabis Authority, this hybrid was produced to be rich in trichomes and provide a potent, exciting experience that overtakes the senses.

What Are the Effects?

Become laser-focused and enjoy a robust and stimulating high with these potent strain effects. This potent blend is best for afternoon use and will amp up your creativity with an overwhelming feeling of joy! This pot product is exceptionally long-lasting. Enjoy a fun-filled day after smoking this dense bud.

What Are the Medical Uses?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having overwhelming medical concerns that are occupying your brain space. Invite numbness and escape the stress with Sidetracked. This strain will replace feelings of depression and anxiety with euphoria in a matter of minutes. Chronic pain will quickly subside with the potent numbing effects, and you’ll be overcome with an enjoyable blast of the munchies. Your favorite snacks will taste even better – making this blend a perfect option for those suffering from appetite suppression alongside other medical effects.

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Are There Negative Side Effects?

Users may experience dry eyes and cottonmouth while using Sidetracked. Aside from that, paranoia is not frequently reported, which makes this hybrid an excellent fit for those that suffer from anxiety or depression.

Physical Characteristics

Sidetracked features an extremely dense, dark-green bud with a hearty frosting of beautiful white trichomes. Accented with several orange pistils, this hybrid seems to embody beauty within the cannabis industry.

Aroma and Flavor

You’ll have to be committed to smoking this blend! For the fruity and sweet lovers, Sidetracked my not be your ideal aroma or flavor. Expect to be overcome with undertones of skunk, earth, and diesel. This hybrid smells and tastes as potent as it feels.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Due to an extremely high THC level, this hybrid is best for experienced smokers that want a pleasant daytime high to supercharge them with euphoria and creativity. Novice smokers may become overwhelmed with the powerful effects and acquired taste.

Sidetracked boasts a skunky scent that most likely won’t complement the taste of chocolate brownies. Keep this blend for smoking purposes and bake with a sweeter, more pleasant flavored bud.

This flower may be challenging to track down in the form of wax or oil. Purchase in dense buds and appreciate the billowy, white smoke.

How Do You Grow It?

Oregon Cannabis Authority has kept the secrets of growing Sidetracked under wraps. Finding seeds for growth is nearly impossible, and growing secrets are difficult to find. Should you find a seed in your bud, use this for home growth.

Flowering time is anywhere between eight and nine months with an average yield. However, don’t expect to find ideal growing conditions for this flower. If you chose to grow this pot, it’d be trial and error at your own expense.

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A perfect fit for the experienced smoker, Sidetracked is a must-try for those who appreciate a potent sativa blend. Light up this bud for an energized daytime high that will last all day!