4 Piece Clear Top Purple

4 Piece Clear Top Purple

If you like the idea of lots of style and size options to choose from, look no further than SharpStone. Not only do they make quality products, they are reasonably priced as well. Read on to learn why so many people think SharpStone makes the best value herb grinders available today.

The Qualities that Make SharpStone Stunner Grinders

  • Lots of Affordable Styles – Considering the quality and numerous options available, the price tag on these products are extremely low. Even the hand crank options are affordable when you go with the grinders from SharpStone.

  • Quality Materials – The weed grinders are made using aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel pollen screens and powerful neodymium magnetic lids.

  • Smooth Anodized Finish – The smooth finish is easy to keep clean and makes scratching the surface very difficult. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from.

Shortcomings of SharpStone

After 3-5 years of regular use, the teeth on SharpStone grinders may start to dull. That said, most people feel like they got more than their money’s worth.

SharpStone Grinder Options

4 Piece Hard Top Black

4 Piece Hard Top Black

Hard Top ($25-$50)

Hard top grinders from SharpStone come in four different styles. They include the 2 piece, 4 piece and 5 piece options. The 2 piece and 4 piece hard top colors options include; brown, green, silver, black, grey, pink, purple and red.

The 5 piece herb grinders come in a 2.2 inch diameter with anodized silver finish that prevents finger prints. Their best feature; however, is that they have two stainless steel pollen screens that filter kief down to the purest crystals.

Clear Top ($25-$50)

4 Piece Clear Top Blue

4 Piece Clear Top Blue

The clear top grinders come in 2 piece and 4 piece options. The 2 piece options are 2.2 inches in diameter and come in numerous colors including an entirely clear option. Other colors include; brown, green, silver, black, grey, pink, purple and red.

The 4 piece clear top herb grinding tools come in 2.2, 2.5 and 3 inch diameters. The colors include all those for the 2 piece option except for the entirely clear. However, they all include micron screens to collect some of the purest kief possible.

Push Clean ($30-$40)

Push Clean

Push Clean

This innovative grinder comes with a clear top and is similar to a 2 piece option. Available with a silver finish, this herb grinder has a button that will “push up” the weed to make removing your ground buds easy. Grind it up and pop out all the weed with the press of a button.

Vibrating ($40-$60)

This innovation uses a battery to vibrate the ground material so that extra kief falls through the pollen screen. The battery used is lithium to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. They come in a metallic finish resistant to smudges and finger prints.

Hand Crank

Hand Crank

Hand Crank ($40-$60)

Take the clear top four piece grinder in 2.5 and 3 inch diameters, add a quality hand crank and ta-dah. The SharpStone hand crank grinder has a heavy duty crank mechanism that makes grinding by hand the least amount of work. The high density clear top allows for a very intriguing view as the crank spins.

The Lowdown on SharpStone

With all the options available, combined with the high quality materials used to make them and their reasonable price tags, SparpStone may just offer the best overall herb grinder selection available.

SharpStone 2.2
SharpStone 2.2" Inch Version 2.0 4pc Clear Top Herb Medium Silver Grinder Extras
Price: $23.99 Expires: Sunday Aug-9 View Deal
SharpStone CRANK TOP 4 Piece LARGE 2.5” Herb / Spice Grinder BROWN AUTHENTIC
SharpStone CRANK TOP 4 Piece LARGE 2.5” Herb / Spice Grinder BROWN AUTHENTIC
Price: $39.95 Expires: Sunday Aug-9 View Deal
SharpStone CRANK TOP 4 Piece LARGE 2.5” Herb / Spice Grinder SILVER AUTHENTIC
SharpStone CRANK TOP 4 Piece LARGE 2.5” Herb / Spice Grinder SILVER AUTHENTIC
Price: $39.95 Expires: Sunday Aug-9 View Deal
SharpStone VIBRATING 4 Piece MEDIUM 2.2” Herb / Spice Grinder SILVER AUTHENTIC
SharpStone VIBRATING 4 Piece MEDIUM 2.2” Herb / Spice Grinder SILVER AUTHENTIC
Price: $37.95 Expires: Sunday Aug-9 View Deal
2.5'' SharpStone Grinder - Red
2.5'' SharpStone Grinder - Red
Price: $18.50 Expires: Monday Aug-1 View Deal

70 Visitor Comments
  1. ramrod says:

    I’ve had two sharpstones all for personal use and small grinds. Both started losing their teeth, but when I brought them back they gave me the part to replace the “damaged” pieces. It must happen alot.

    • John says:

      Your saying the teeth fell off? No they didn’t, because this is how it goes down. Yes, after a couple years they can get dull but still work. This is due to the type of aluminum they use, it’s not quite as hard. However, the harder a metal is the more brittle it is. Harder metals are more prone to breaking, softer ones more prone to losing there edge. You probably mis-read or mis-heard something and made all that up. Maybe I’m wrong,if so, don’t put rocks in your grinder…

      • Mike says:

        John you are what’s wrong with the forum community.. Dude says his teeth started falling out.. You say it didn’t, if you weren’t there, you would have noooo clue sharpstones will break if you use it often enough and most likely it will happen from a popcorn bud stem that will get lodged. So before you act like you’re the shit.. Take the rocks outta your head.

        • Michael says:

          Well said!!

        • Matt says:

          I agree 100% because I’ve had mine for 6 months and I had one of the “teeth” fell off. I don’t use “rocks” in it. And i clean it out weekly. I’m trying to use their warranty and can’t seem to find the right page to do so.

          • Kailey says:

            My teeth fell off and I’ve only have for a couple months if u find out how to replace let me know!!

      • SludgeQueen says:

        I’ve had a Sharpstone 2.5 hardtop for 5 years now. It’s sometimes used multiple times a day. I’ve never had a problem. I soak all the chambers (except the bottom kief catcher) in isopropyl alcohol every few weeks and it helps to prevent resin build up and friction and it glides while grinding. A few blades are dulling but again, I’ve had it for 5 years.
        I would’ve never thought this brand would have people complaining of quality issues in a million years.

  2. cory says:

    ramrod must be an idiot that doesnt know how to use a grinder. I own one and have never had problems

  3. Beezy says:

    Sharpstone’s are great. Ramrom is most definately an idiot, just finsihed boiling the top half of my 4 piece 3′. feel’s new, it’s incredibly smooth. if you boil the top though, the sylicon ring bends out, take it off, flip it, and push it down on all sides and you’re good to go

  4. Beezy says:


  5. 420man says:

    i also have a sharpstone and have had it for about 4 years. the teeth are most definitely wearing out. but whatever, i got my money’s worth in that time haha. thinking about going with something else this time around.

    • Soufian says:

      , would you be able to throw in a recipe every so often that, like the pork roast, is very easy to eat on for about a week and can be veraid in many different ways? You probably have a lot more on here that I haven’t noticed, but here we are.Thanks again. If you put these recipes into a book, I will buy them in a heartbeat as a thanks. Keep up the delicious work!

  6. superstoner says:

    im so high reading all this, im trippin out i want one of these grinders lol

    • Sue says:

      Jessica – I actually didn’t put any liuqid in. As long as your piece of meat is not too thick and your slow cooker has a ceramic bowl, I think it conducts and maintains enough heat to keep it safe and to cook it all the way through. Mine sure did! :)Lora – I served it with the corn pudding (the last blog post before this one) and some simple collard greens. It’s been a fantastic meal all week!

  7. mircea says:

    Just got the the sharpstone 2,2″ clear top and I must say it`s the greatest looking grinder ever. Top quality, top grinder!!!!

  8. Grinderman says:

    I’ve had my sharpstone for less than 3 years, several teeth broken off and most others bent. I use it alot, for some things that may be rather sticky, but still, these grinders are decent, at best.

  9. ou812 says:

    i have a 2.5″ clear top with a mill handle. i have had it for about 3 years. it has served me well except for the fact the thread on the top striped completely and makes grinder quite annoy with the top not stayin on. Other that it has been a great grinder screen is nice and fine screen teeth are sharp and strong it will shred even the stickiest trees you can find. very durable i have dropped mine countless times with barley a scratch. would not recommend the mill top tho.

  10. stonermcboner says:

    sharperstone grinders blow i lost like two teeth after having the grinder for about 4 months smh….

  11. aaronagis says:

    These grinders are way nice!
    I’ve had a 2.5″ and it has always treated me great! after about 3 years of pretty heavy, frequent use this thing still works as smooth as the day i bought it.
    Great size, very easy to turn (even with the stickiest) good capacity in both the bottom and middle chambers.

    buy one! i cant see how anyone would be un-satisfied by a sharp stone grinder. most of my friends have them as well, and i have only heard good things.

  12. mr herb choppa says:

    Sharpstones are still on the cheaper quality of grinders. If you try grinding wet buds or (sorry for those of you) schwag, the teeth may bend or break. Personally i own a diamond grind and it is cheaper than the mainline grinders, and equal quality. I have never had and problems. Even cramming stems in and grinding for tea works excellent :D

    • Anitra says:

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  13. Hoodini says:

    Whoever is breaking teeth on their grinder doesn’t know how to use a grinder..or what the hell are you grinding?? Sure, used multiple times a day, this grinder will need to be replaced in a couple years..but at this price why should you be complaining??

    Sharpstones are excellent grinders.

    • Rob says:

      For all of you sharpstone fan boys saying people are idiots if they break the teeth off obviously have never read reviews for these grinders.

      Compared to Cosmic, Cali crusher,space case and Mendo mulcher you won’t find the same thing being said about them. Are sharpstone good for the price? For sure but broken teeth is a possibility if your gonna complain about it order one of the listed grinders as you get what you pay for in life.

  14. The Man says:

    I bought one of the small ones for 20 bucks at the kush expo in Anaheim. It’s reeeeeeeeaaaaalllll buttery

  15. Buddy says:

    I want to buy a sharpstone with the cleartop, does the cleartop scratch easy?

  16. Ksawl says:

    Any of the idiots who’ve broken these grinders are either using shitty weed and cramming them with way more than they should to grind at a time, or are just to lazy to pull the main stems out before grinding their nuggets (which will end up breaking any grinder). Anyone who uses these grinders correctly should not expect to loose or bend teeth. i’ve had mine for a year and a half now and the only thing different about it is that it can’t get as much kif from the screen being clogged and it has some scratches from being dropped.

    -buddy: the ss I have is a cleartop, it will scratch but not too easily. Overall much stronger than I would have thought for a cleartop

  17. Kwismexer says:


    Use rubbing alcohol to clean your screen.

    Screen will work like new.

    Thank me later.

  18. kwisdumbas says:

    yo you dont know how to use a grinder. been using the sharpstone every day for a couple of years and ive got all my teeth. stop trying to grind gravel in your shit and you should be all good

  19. phatjoo says:

    I’ve owned a 2.25 in. for about 2-3 years and I’ve recently lost like 7 teeth out of it. it’s an awesome grinder but the teeth are thin and are prone to bending/breaking

  20. Sarah says:

    I’ve had this grinder for a few years and it has worked out well.I always had some difficulties with it when I got a fresh stash (kind of wet) and it wouldn’t grind very well. Now the teeth are definitely becoming more dull (tried cleaning them) and it’s harder and harder to grind. It’s also just so clogged up after years of use and the screen to catch the crystals isn’t letting them through anymore. All in all though highly recommended… I think I certainly got my money’s worth. I could put some effort into getting it sharper and cleaning it but I’m just going to get another since they’re quite reasonable on amazon!

  21. just sayin says:

    sharp stone is made in china.

    • Snezana says:

      Jessica – I actually didn’t put any luiqid in. As long as your piece of meat is not too thick and your slow cooker has a ceramic bowl, I think it conducts and maintains enough heat to keep it safe and to cook it all the way through. Mine sure did! :)Lora – I served it with the corn pudding (the last blog post before this one) and some simple collard greens. It’s been a fantastic meal all week!

    • Walter says:

      Don’t buy counterfeit products.

  22. jose says:

    its true these sharpstone grinders get counterfeited a lot I used to work in the the dtla wholesale district where they sale tobacco products and boy did they sell fake products to store owners who thought they were buying the real deal other than that I had my sharpstone for about 3 years with heavy use and still even the stickiest bud boom grinded to perfection fot vaping

  23. Mike says:

    Sharpstone used to have a problem with bent and broken teeth, but they’ve been made 100% CNC for a while now, and damaged teeth should no longer be a problem.

    They’re made in the same factory as Chromium Crusher and on the same machines, so quality wise there should be no difference.

    • Dalton says:

      I think people have forgotten (w-oidrwlde) that marriage is about being with the one you love, and getting married in front of your families, and not how many presents or how extravagant it is. My fiancé and I aren’t expecting anything from our families.

  24. Meh says:

    I have had a Sharpstone for 2 years and 4 of the teeth in the top most part have fallen out and it’s starting to produce metal shavings from grinding as well. Not really satisfied that it only lasted 2 years, was great until the teeth fell out. First they started to bend for some reason and then eventually they break off.

    Will go with a Mundo Mulcher now, wanted to get that back then but couldn’t find any that shipped to my country, definitely won’t get a Sharpstone again with the inferior quality.

  25. Loved it says:

    I had one of these for over a year and used the shit out of it. I definitely recommend it.

  26. glenn says:

    most people who left negative comments here probably owned a counterfeit. I have purchased one myself form a head shop, and i must say, sharpstone is probably the most counterfeited brand in the grinder market. Just buy one directly form their web store, and you’ll be good ;)

  27. Fernanda, atendimento odontologico says:

    You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I to find this matter to be actually something that I think I might never understand. It seems too complex and extremely vast for me. I’m taking a look forward in your subsequent post, I’ll try to get the hold of it!

  28. Tyler Durden says:

    I don’t know how anybody could leave a negative review. I have had a crank top sharpstine for about three years (it is used heavily daily), and the bad boy STILL works like its brand new. Buy a pollen press, because this grinder produces an incredible amount of kief.

  29. dentist says:

    I just like the helpful info you supply for your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more right here regularly. I’m fairly certain I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the next!

  30. Dreadlockrasta says:

    I owned a sharpstone for probably a year and a half. Used it everyday, multiple times a day. It’s nice you can take out the whole kief screen section and have a nice 3 piece portable grinder. To be honest I really never cared for it. It seemed extremely light and felt cheap to me. Don’t get me wrong, it ground herbs up pretty well and I never noticed the teeth getting dull. The major problem I had with mine was the top piece (4 piece grinder) is actually 2 pieces and the glue, or whatever they use, actually split so the teeth would stay stationary, and the top spun. My other problem with them is they’re made in china. It’s hard to not be cheap, but buy a Mendo, you won’t regret it.

    • Walter says:

      Don’t buy counterfeit products, Sharpstone are CNC machined, all one piece, if yours is glued you bought a fake product.

  31. GrinningWolf says:

    I had a sharpstone for a long time. Loved it, had the clear top with I guess a mill handle? Not sure what that means. The little knob for the grinding handle broke off literally the first use, but after that it was a dream. It didn’t stop working until I dropped it directly onto it’s top, directly onto a concrete garage floor. The Acrylic top was pushed down just enough to interfere with the rotating grinder piece, and that fucked it all up for me. Went with an American Grinder, love it to death.

  32. Toobusy101 says:

    Great Grinder. Served me well for over 10 years, however it is true that the teeth will start breaking off. (Typically the outside row)

  33. pissedoffcustomer says:

    SharpStone…… yeah. I bought a grinder with the handle on it it’s blue and the top is see through. This thing is awesome. Until I started grinding what was left of my quarter oz. I had this bitch for one fucking day and the god damn metal rod between the teeth and the handle that holds them together snapped in half. I can’t believe I paid 33 dollars for this piece of shit. First grinder I ever bought and I’m low on $ right now so I took a chance with it. Never ever again will I own this brand. I’m thinking that mulcher thing may be what I go to next. Don’t be an idiot either I’ve smoked weed for about 5 years now so I’m not a noob I know how to break shit out and grind and my shit is good reg not great but good enough for a fucking grinder with this reputation. Anyways, wtfe….

    • John says:

      Yeah, this happened to mine after three weeks. It was squeaky and hard to turn. I ended up figuring out how to prevent this on my friends sharpstone. First I used “Gun Butter”, it’s a non-toxic, synthetic Firearm oil. The weak spot is the allen wrench in the middle, take it to home depot and buy a .69cent allen head screw, replace it. Now you can torque the handle as hard as you want. Otherwise, just be careful not to overtorque any grinder with a handle, because the handle acts as a torque multiplier

    • Hell Yea says:

      I just don’t see how you could ruin these things. Or how you could have gone 5 years without owning one lol :)

    • Jen says:

      Only had mine a weekend pin in handle came out, won’t turn even though I put it back together. Pissed I spent 35 bucks on this crap. Had cheap one from flea market that lasted me almost two years. That’s a Shane, when a no name lasts longer than a good name brand.

  34. Gord says:

    Quit all the damn whining…omfg. The amount of money y’all spend on product, and your complaining about $25-$35 spent on a grinder every year or 3. Get a fuckin life people…this is cheap.

    • Bobbie says:

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  35. doser says:

    I currently have a five year old Sharpstone. Still works like new. Unfortunately after year of everyday use it seems as the magnet in the top piece is now exposed causing a really loud grinding noise when I use it. Looks like over time (and iso washes :D) the paint on it wore off.

    That is literally the ONLY con with this grinder and don’t let it turn you off to buying it. I actually went ahead and ordered another since it has served me so well.

  36. Chell says:

    I have had my sharpstone 5 piece for no lie at least 5 years.. (more like 7) only issue I have ever had was my kief screens being filled (obviously comes with time and a lot of green/hash). It was also used quite heavy (daily at the least) and not a single broken tooth. Anyone with complaints most likely bought a fake. I am far beyond impressed with my sharpstone, it has taken many falls and hits and still works amazing.

    • Louisa says:

      I purchased the one day treatment package the includes the vaginal cream and tablets that you take by mouth. The box says it clears most yeast infections. My yeast infection is mild, also. Just curious if it clears and about how long it takes to see imreovempnt. Thanks !

  37. Zach says:

    I am a sophomore in college and have had my sharpstone since my junior year of high school. Aside from a little bit of dulling of the teeth and the kief screen being slightly clogged my SS is working just fine. If your SS isnt making it past the 2 year mark either A) you’re retarded and shouldn’t be using a grinder anyway B) got a knockoff piece of shit (HAHA) C) are unlucky as fuck and got a RARE defective product or D) don’t actually have a SS product but thought you did because you are illiterate in which case you should not be indulging in drugs of any kind and should invest in some night classes (Like Seriously!! I’ll Pay.)

  38. LBR says:

    what is best way to grind? one way clockwise? or back and forth?

    • Nabib says:

      My sister (whom I inetcduord to this blog) told me to try this recipe. Problems: I hate coffee and my family does not eat pork. BUT I trust her food judgement so I altered this recipe to make a smaller amount, rubbed it onto two New York strip steaks and grilled. Holy best steaks I’ve ever made, Batman! My children (2 and 6) wanted seconds (which means that in their land, this recipe ranks right up there with Kraft mac-n-cheese, scrambled eggs, and chicken nuggets)Thanks for sharing. I will be making this again. I’ll probably even try it on a beef roast!

  39. David says:

    I just recently bought a hand crank sharpstone for 60$ it worked great the first time I used it. The second time and every time after when I use it if I have more then a point 2 or so in it the hand crank acts like its stripped and slips. Kinda disappointed for the price and short length of time I used it. I still have had it less then 3 weeks and it gets worse every grind… disappointing..

  40. cheaper on ebay says:

    good grinder for the money $10 the hardtop had it for 3 years and the teeth recently started breaking but no biggie even with missing teeth it still gets the job done

  41. rahul says:

    Hi I really need a grinder realky badly

  42. BlindOut says:

    i’ve had my sharpstone 3.5″ clear top for almost 5 years. I have grinded up seeds, stems, really sticky icky, only problem i have ever had with sharpstone is the holes are too large for when weed falls through, either than that, its a damn good, high quality grinder. teeth are still pretty sharp for the amount of things i have grinded up. anyone who opposes this statement is probably a fucking fanboy for spacecase.

  43. mudslinger says:

    Owned a Sharpstone for 8 years now,the cheap 2.5″ hard top 2 piece,and never had a problem. Its also been used several times a day everyday.

  44. Singa says:

    , would you be able to throw in a recipe every so often that, like the pork roast, is very easy to eat on for about a week and can be veiard in many different ways? You probably have a lot more on here that I haven’t noticed, but here we are.Thanks again. If you put these recipes into a book, I will buy them in a heartbeat as a thanks. Keep up the delicious work!

  45. Jerry says:

    I bought a grinder to last a life time _ Is’t 100% stainless steel over at

  46. Andrea says:

    I love my sharpstone and if ever I need to get a new one it will also be a sharpstone grinder.

  47. Dooooobie says:

    Wtf… this is hilarious talking about pork n marriage

  48. LaaDee FknDaw says:

    Hear me you…Without a doubt…Using paper plates, bowls, cups, glassesI find not only do I have less dishwashing drudgery, I have more free time,a cleaner house. Aside from more garbage,trashbags,curb and alley treks. Its now so much easier to keep kosher and my manicure.
    lasts another whole day!!!Gotta get that PAPER!@

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