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Seed and smith cannabis

️ Podcast: Seed & Smith – CEO, Brooks Lustig

Brooks Lustig is the CEO at Seed & Smith, a Colorado-based cannabis cultivator and dispensary operator (Denver and Louisville). A native of Boulder, Colorado, Lustig witnessed the rise of craft beer and herbal tea (Celestial Seasonings), and set his hopes on normalizing adult-use cannabis. Seed & Smith started in early 2014, focused on two things—creating exceptional cannabis products and demonstrating passion and process for doing so. They rehabbed an old forklift manufacturing facility, turning a dated industrial space into a state of the art production campus that’s open to the public.

I went on the Seed & Smith tour back in December and highly recommend anyone to check it out if you’re in Denver!

Started Kaya Cannabis with Paul Wasicka—2nd place, 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Paul Watseka used some of his $6M+ winnings to buy Southwest Alternative Care (Kaya Cannabis) in 2009. Brooks ran the cultivation side of the business—designing a 5,000 sq ft commercial grow in Boulder.

Grow Tour (Open to the Public). Seed & Smith takes you backstage to show how cannabis is grown, harvested, processed, extracted and packaged. The Company believes that transparency in the process allows guests to feel certain that the products they purchase and ultimately use are safe, consistent, and made to the highest standards. The engaging, all-inclusive tour shows you the cannabis process from beginning to end. The tour includes 4 stops:

Vegetation Room — Our plants taking root.

Bloom Room — Cannabis plants growing to the ceiling.

Packaging Pit Stop — Hold a pound of premium marijuana!

The MIP — How we process our cannabis into concentrates.

R&D. The Company takes R&D seriously—Seed & Smith was built so they could take the learnings to build additional cultivation facilities. Within the Denver grow, they have three small grow rooms (a few hundred sq ft each), built exactly the same to be able to run controlled experiments, testing different variables. They run 2-5 different variables at any time to test. They’ve looked at different mediums to grow in, lighting, nutrient programs, breeding, etc. This focus on R&D has allowed the company to attract high quality cultivators.

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Big Gigantic x Seed & Smith Collaboration. Together, they introduced a limited-edition Big Gigantic DART pods: Orange Creamsicle & Purple Lemons. 100% of profits went to support the #ABigGiganticDifference Foundation.

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Seed & Smith – Recreational

Experience a unique behind the scenes facility tour to see how top quality cannabis is grown, extracted, and refined into finished products. On this free 30-minute guided tour you will see firsthand the craftsmanship of our small batch cultivation process to produce true top shelf cannabis. Although consumption at a working cannabis facility is not allowed, limited sample packs exclusively for tour guests are available for purchase afterward in the dispensary. Schedule a tour today ! Tour guests must be 21 or over. Located in the Montbello neighborhood of Denver, the Seed & Smith facility is just North of Interstate 70, only 12 minutes from Denver International Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Denver. Seed & Smith Cannabis is a Denver Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. Seed & Smith Cannabis was built in 2014 and is the first of it’s kind to offer full tours of their cannabis facilities. They turned an old forklift manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art cannabis production campus and carry an extensive menu of the finest marijuana products. Seed & Smith Cannabis partners with Agricor Laboratories for accurate cannabis test results. Denver marijuana customers and patients can order online or call ahead to have their cannabis reserved for quick and easy pickup. Seed & Smith Cannabis operates in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20 and plans to dominate the marijuana industry nationwide. Staff The Seed & Smith Cannabis dispensary team is composed of friendly marijuana professionals who are dedicated to helping Denver find the most effective product to relieve their discomfort. They are committed to providing superior customer service and educating the Denver community on the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Patients with questions can stop in Seed & Smith to speak with knowledgeable dispensary team or contact them by phone or email. Menu Seed & Smith Cannabis offers a full stock of top-quality cannabis products. They work with vendors to supply their inventory of cannabis-infused cookies, gummies, brownies, and chocolates. Seed & Smith Cannabis has a Denver team of professional growers with years of experience to cultivate award winning strains like Cherry Diesel, Super Sour Lemon, Critical Mass, and Tango, their signature strain derived from crossing Tangerine Haze and The White. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid emitting a comforting citrus aroma and is one of their proudest creations with astonishing THC levels up to 30%. Seed & Smith will be producing a line of top-quality cannabis vape cartridges in indica, sativa, and hybrid formulas. Their collection of concentrates are available in strain flavors like Tango, Blue Dream, Deathstar, and Cherry Diesel. Seed & Smith Cannabis also offers a large selection of cannabis-infused edibles and topicals. Service Locations Seed & Smith Cannabis is a marijuana dispensary located on Oakland Street on the corner of 51st in the Montbello neighborhood. They provide safe access to high-quality meds to the cannabis communities surrounding Denver, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Commerce City, and Derby. Seed & Smith also provides ample parking for Denver marijuana customers coming from Westminster, Englewood, and Aurora.

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Seed & Smith Cannabis

Seed & Smith is a fully certified Colorado cannabis grow and marijuana dispensary providing premium-crafted wholesale cannabis concentrate, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana.

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