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Review growers choice cannabis seeds wholesale

Growers Choice Seeds Review in 2021 – Are They Legit?

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When you’re buying seeds for your personal cannabis cultivation – it’s an important decision to make. The seed you choose will ultimately determine the exact phenotype grown, effects, potency, and quality of the plant. Growers Choice Seeds has been growing in popularity as one of the top seed banks across the cannabis seed industry, but does it live up to the hype? Here we dive deep into actual reviews, company details, and perks, to find out. So, let’s learn more about Growers Choice’s seeds in our Growers Choice Seeds Review article, and if it can be considered one of the most trusted seed banks, around.

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Growers Choice Seeds History:

Grower’s Choice Seed company is California-based and strives to be a west-coast influence on the cannabis lifestyle, and seed industry. Although in the US, they’re an international seed breeder that has a focus on health and wellness, with a wide range of cultivars for medical and recreational use. Not only is their team well-versed in cannabis, but have medical and horticulture experts on staff to ensure their seeds are multi-faceted for strong, healthy, and potent plants.

One of the key features of this seed bank is its commitment to crafting unique and classic genetics with its seed selection. You’ll find the latest in the up-and-coming strains side-by-side with legendary genes, giving growers a diverse selection right off the bat. Another unique feature that adds to the company’s premium status is their high quality seeds are all packaged in medical-grade glass vials, that are sealed for optimal freshness.

The company is set on selling for ‘long-term’ customers and has grown quite the community of fans, and repeat purchasers on message boards. Like anything, however, there are some naysayers who have had issues with the Grower’s Choice Seed company living up to their reputation. Most of the customer reviews, cite shipping delays, or issues with seed germination as a source of contention. But now, Growers Choice Seeds germination guarantee is helping to qualm the concerns.

Here are a few other key details about this seed bank to keep in mind when comparing to others for purchasing –

  • Offers extremely detailed instructions for germination of their high quality seeds, to qualify for their germination guarantee.
  • While they do cover the costs of the replacement seeds for their germination guarantee, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.
  • The seed bank offers wholesale or bulk pricing on large orders. You’ll have to contact customer service to inquire, but this is a key benefit for larger operations.
  • Grower Choice Seeds guarantees germination at 90% which is higher than any other current seed bank.
  • Their website is in-depth with growing information, and advice even featuring their own forum for growers to communicate and discuss growth together.
  • Since Grower’s Choice seed company is based in California, their packages and seeds don’t have to go through the long customs process for purchasers here in the US.
  • Uniquely, you can find Growers Choice seeds online and also in retail locations, which are searchable on their website.

Quality of Seeds From Growers Choice Seeds:

No matter what a seed bank says about themselves, it all comes down to the quality of their seeds when it comes to reputation. So, what do real purchasers have to say about the quality of Grower’s Choice? For the most part, the seed bank gets rave customer reviews. Many consumers note that not only do Growers Choice seeds for sale germinate quickly, but grow high-quality plants, too. As well as offer high quality On the flip side of things, there will always be negative customer reviews with positive reviews.

If you learn anything from this Growers Choice seeds reviews post, you need to know they’ll have what you’re looking for! As for seed selection, they is the cream of the crop with a wide range of high-quality options. Meaning, if you’re seeking those top-shelf premium strains that can be hard to come by, the seed bank typically pulls through. Their genetics come from in-house breeders across the Globe, which adds to their repertoire of classic and internationalized genetics. Because their team includes horticulture and medical experts, they specialize in strains that offer the best of both worlds for vigorous growth, and high cannabinoid counts for treating specific ailments.

Below are the main seed categories that Growers Choice Seeds offers, and additional information you should keep in mind when deciding what to purchase.

AutoFlowering Seeds:

Many growers prefer auto-flowering cannabis seeds for indoor grows, due to their small stealth size and quick flowering nature. Grower’s Choice Seed company has a wide selection of auto-flowering plants, but in the genetics you know and love. Allowing you to grow your favorite strains, like Growers Choice Gorilla Glue auto-flowering, Northern Lights, Cheese or Blueberry auto-flowering, too.

Feminized Seeds:

Of course, on the regular side of cannabis seeds, feminized seeds are ideal. That way you don’t lose time (or cannabis seeds) on sexing plants, and identifying males when they sprout. Grower’s Choice Seed company offers a plethora of fully feminized seed choices from trendy newcomers, to long-standing legends. In addition to feminized regular cannabis seeds, they also sell feminized high CBD strains, and feminized auto-flowering strains, as well.

High-CBD Medical Strains:

Again, with a versatile and well-versed staff in breeding, you’re treated to classic strains with a high CBD twist. Growers Choice Seeds for sale include high CBD versions of strains like Blueberry, ACDC, and Critical Mass, along with others that are amplified in levels of CBD. They refer to their CBD seeds as ‘medical cannabis seeds’ giving you a preview of the type of medicinal effects, the quality plants will produce.

Customer Service Overview:

Customer Service is big in any industry, but especially the cannabis seed game. Considering the purchase is so precious for shipping, typically comes with a high volume of questions, and can require some feedback after purchasing and the beginnings stages of growth. So, does Growers Choice Seed bank have a customer support department that’s robust enough to handle these types of requests? Yes, and they do so beyond most buyer’s expectations.

In all the Growers Choice Seeds reviews, you’ll find very few negative things to be said about the customer service department at the brand. Even on their TrustPilot reviews site, each review – negative or positive, is replied to directly by the company which really goes to show the effort of their customer service team. Showing that they go above and beyond to address any issues, even with the most disgruntled of customers who run to review sites quickly to complain without contacting the customer service team directly, first.

During regular business hours, Growers Choice Seed bank customer service representatives are available from multiple avenues. Including –

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Or, social media messaging

This allows you to get in touch with someone on the customer service team who can help, with high-quality cannabis seeds purchasing questions or purchase issues, in an easier manner than most seed companies. Another special touch to the seed banks customer service offerings is their in-depth website that delivers the information you’d normally have to ask of others. The Growers Choice Seed company website is chock-full of helpful information, including lengthy descriptions for strains, detailed information on what to expect from purchasing, and helpful guides for growing, too. Overall I’m very happy with the Grower’s Choice Seeds customer service team.

Germination Guarantee:

Another benefit of this company is that they do seem to stand behind the quality of their seeds, they backup all their purchases with a germination guarantee. This is extremely important because if you’re spending the money on seeds you want to be sure that the product you’re receiving will actually germinate and you’re not spending your money on duds.

They offer a pretty impressive 90% germination guarantee, and they’ll replace any seeds that fail to germinate. This guarantee lasts for 60 days following your delivery confirmation, and you do have to pay the price for reshipping. At the end of the day this is a generous perk, and should help you feel a bit more confident in your purchase.

Payment Options Offered From Grower Choice Seeds:

Again, at Growers Choice Seed bank they’re all about options. So, it’s no surprise they accept a variety of payment methods for growers to take advantage of, internationally or in the US. With a handy in-depth guide published on the Grower’s Choice website with detailed information on the choices they offer, and the ways to use them. Here’s a quick breakdown of each –

  • Pay by mail – To be extra discrete, they offer payment by mail which not many seed banks still do. If paying by mail, they’ll even reward purchasers by sending an extra 3 pack of cannabis seeds along with their original order. When paying for your order by mail, you must send a cashier’s check or money order, as personal checks and cash are not accepted. When you purchase with the pay by mail option, you’ll grant Growers Choice Seeds a 3-5 day period of time, where they will process the payment and initiate your package for delivery.
  • Crypto – Cryptocurrency is the next best thing in the payment world, especially when purchasing seeds which you may want to be somewhat untraceable, or discrete. Bitcoin is the crypto payment method that Growers Choice offers to buyers, which is anonymous and secure. The website also offers step-by-step instructions to pay with the Bitcoin method which includes screenshots to follow along with, too.
  • ACH Electronic Checks – While they offer ACH electronic checks or transfers directly from your bank, they do not recommend it. The transfers can take up to 7 days, with processing and confirmation time, and the buyer will be subject to all fees associated with the transaction.
  • Zelle or Mesh (USA Only) – Staying in-tune with the latest trends for payment options, They also give buyers an additional option of using the popular payment apps Zelle or Mesh for transactions, too. This also negates transaction fees that are often associated with debit/credit processing, or ACH electronic transfers.

Like any big purchase Growers Choice Seeds also provides this additional information on their site as cautions to keep in mind when securing your transaction –

  • No orders or products will be prepared for shipment until payment has been received in full.
  • Prices on our website are in US dollars.
  • Any bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Any credit card fees, exchange rates, processing fees, or service fees charged by the customer’s credit card issuer are the responsibility of the customer.
  • In countries where Duty or Import taxes exist, these additional charges are the responsibility of the customer.

As for pricing, surprisingly for the quality of their operation and seed selection, thankfully they are on the lower spectrum of costs. Their cannabis seeds are very reasonably priced, which also means Grower’s Choice doesn’t advertise specials or discounts very frequently. So, if you’re looking for an all-around good-priced seed pack, that’s high quality in nature, and you don’t have to wait for a sale to buy…then they aren’t for you.

Shipping Matters:

This Growers Choice Seeds Review wouldn’t be complete without talking about shipping! Shipping matters and discretion for shipping is usually on the top factors to consider for new seed buyers. Especially in countries, or areas where the lines are blurred on the legalities of growing your own cannabis. Growers Choice Seeds takes their shipping, and customer concerns, seriously, with the utmost care and discrete nature for packaging and mailing their cannabis seeds. For cannabis seeds buyers in the US, since the seed bank is located in California you won’t have to worry or have an issue with the packages going through a lengthy customs process.

If you’re an international customer, Growers Choice Seeds ships packages as discreetly as possible with no extra charge like some other seed banks. Another perk about the shipping process at Growers Choice Seeds is their flat fee per package, no matter the location or quantity. This ensures there are no hidden fees, and you can easily determine what your pricing will be, no matter the type of order you place. The seed bank also rewards larger than normal orders, with free shipping for purchases over $200.

Here are a few other notes to keep in mind, when it comes to shipping and delivery with Growers Choice Seeds –

  • All US packages are mailed through USPS, and come with tracking information. The flat fee for shipping is $9.95.
  • International packages are mailed as ‘Express Registered’ and come with a $30 shipping fee. This option includes tracking, and no signature is required to receive your package when it lands.
  • Orders shipped out of the US come with an estimated delivery time of 7-25 days.

As for packaging, what you’ll see and get will depend on the type of order you place. The Growers Choice Seed bank website explicitly states, ‘we generally send our cannabis seeds in their original air-tight packaging, in some cases, we may need to remove the packaging to ensure safe and secure delivery, and we reserve the right to do so. All your products will be delivered in padded parcels to ensure they are not damaged during shipping.’

However, when reviewing Growers Choice Seed reviews, there were few issues with the way that the company packaged items. Even though many noted that shipping was often delayed or slow overall. On the plus side, all of their packages are stealth in nature without any brand labeling on the outside to give away what’s inside, which helps to prevent any lost seed shipments.

Shipping Delays and Customer Concerns:

One of the biggest issues people have with Growers Choice is that they have a history of shipping delays on orders. Shipping is always a problem area for seed banks because it can be difficult to safely and reliably ship marijuana seeds around the world. There have been reports of some customers receiving seeds very quickly and others waiting weeks to receive their orders. Obviously, this level of inconsistency doesn’t help you feel confident that they’ll take care of your order.

This is hopefully something that they’ll be working on improving over the next few months.

Return Policy:

They offer a relatively generous return policy and refunds on unused seeds. That being said they won’t refund shipping costs and refunds will be issued in the same form as whatever payment method you used to purchase. They have an outlined refund and return guide to help show you through this process.

Website and Perks:

Last, but not least – how does the Growers Choice Seeds website compare to others? First off, it has a wide collection of grower advice, tips, and articles that help you produce the highest quality plants. Considering they also focus on being a ‘lifestyle brand, Grower’s Choice publishes regular culture articles and pieces that are helpful to those staying hip to what’s going on in the industry as a whole.

Growers Choice Loyalty Program:

Even better, if you sign up for their email newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first order and a chance to win up to $200 worth of free seeds each month. Unlike other seed companies, Growers Choice Seeds also offers customers a loyalty program where purchasers can accrue points for purchases, setting up an account, etc., and turn into discounts on upcoming orders. If you’re buying seeds frequently, this is another way to save on their already low prices and maybe score some free seeds!

If you are going to end up purchasing from them consistently, then it’s an easy choice to sign up for their loyalty program and you’ll end up saving some money in the long run and getting some free seeds!

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?

Yes, Growers Choice Seeds is legit, they provide cannabis seeds worldwide at a low and competitive price.

The Final Word On Growers Choice Seeds:

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Growers Choice seeds review article! As you can see, there are negatives and positive factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase from Growers Choice Seeds. While they have a wide product selection, good customer service, and a longstanding history – real-time reviews do share there have been issues with germination, and service-related issues. Like any company, there are bound to be issues running a smooth operation.

Plus, this could just be a sign that not every order comes out perfect when you’re outputting so many orders. Luckily, it seems that Growers Choice seed bank is more than willing to make things ‘right’ if they ever go ‘wrong’. Overall I’ve been very happy with my experiences with Grower’s choice seeds, and I still recommend them to all my friends who are looking to buy cannabis seeds! I hope you’ve enjoyed our Grower Choice Reviews!

Growers Choice Seeds: Are They Truly a Popular Product Line?

When looking for high-quality seeds from a reputable cannabis seed company, Growers Choice Seeds seems to check many of the boxes for growers. Still, many buyers have posted complaints about this popular seed bank’s cannabis genetics.

Looking for some insight into whether one of the top seed banks can deliver the best seed quality at an affordable price? In this article, we’ll give an honest review about Growers Choice Seeds and whether it’s worth buying cannabis seeds from this widely popular seed bank.

Our Take on Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is based in Spain but also has US and Canadian branches. A quick search online shows potential growers that they’ve established themselves with many American grower enthusiasts across the US. With a sea of customer reviews ranging from good to bad, it seems like it would be a coin toss to determine if they truly offer the best cannabis seeds for the best price.

You may feel lost browsing the Growers Choice website for new buyers to this market. Their vast collection offers many cannabis strains, from auto-flowering hemp seeds to medical strains of marijuana seeds and much more.

Aside from having many strains to choose from, we’ll explore everything that makes this seed company so popular. We’ll take a closer look at the company’s history, product quality, reputation, sales, deals like free cannabis seeds, and policies to help determine if the reviews reflect this well-known seed bank.

Spoiled For Choice With Growers Choice

You can’t go wrong with this company when it comes to choice. They have split their seeds up into three easy-to-navigate categories: Auto-flowering, Feminized, and High CBD Medical seeds. This makes it easy to quickly and effectively find precisely what you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at the categories and the seeds you can expect to find there:


One of the more helpful varieties of seeds for beginners is auto-flowering seeds. These seeds produce strong and resilient plants that can go a day or two without water. Autoflowering strains are perfect for growers who want a relaxing and easygoing experience from planting to harvesting.


A popular strain like Gorilla Glue, Afghan Auto-Flowering is an Indica-dominant breed from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. This variety is crossed with a ruderalis strain (a Russian-born cannabis species) and grows well in shorter growing periods.

This short growing period makes this variety flower automatically, rather than relying on changing daylight hours.


Another Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain originates in the UK. The Cheese Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds have all of the properties of the feminized Cheese strain. The difference is that this strain has the added benefit of an automatic flowering cycle.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds offer a deep relaxing feeling that helps with chronic pain, migraines, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It also provides an experience described as a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds work in the same way many other plants do by having the ability to pollinate themselves without the need for a male plant. Having feminized cannabis seeds removes the need to monitor your baby plants consistently to weed out the male plants.

It is worth noting that weeding out male plants is a time-sensitive and daunting task. There is also a risk to your crop if there are any oversights. When this happens, you could end up pulling up half of the crop, wasting time, space, and money. The result could be damage to your entire crop.


This Sativa-dominant strain combines all the psychedelic effects of Haze coupled with the high resin content that you would typically find in Indicas. Like Haze, Amnesia provides an intense, uplifting high that may result in short-term memory loss for some users.

OG Kush

OG Kush’s trichome-coated, neon green buds are grown from OG Kush’s feminized cannabis seeds. This strain produces a heavy euphoria, paired with a combined physical and mental high. This strain helps with pain management, migraines, stress, depression, and PTSD.


These cannabis seeds have lineage ties to Sour Diesel and Afghani Indica. This strain provides a potent dose of euphoric energy, perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. This type of combination creates both a high a whole-body relaxation.

High CBD Concentrations

CBD products have become quite popular in the last few years. Several CBD users claim that CBD oil products are better alternatives to traditional medicine for pain management, stress, and a whole host of other medical conditions.

Something worth considering is that CBD products do not have a high THC level (0.3% or less). Some CBD products, like CBD isolate, contain zero THC levels. This means CBD products will not give you a high feeling.

Critical mango

This medical cannabis strain offers a relaxing and uplifting sensation. It is a healing, anti-inflammatory strain containing 6% CBD.


This strain is a favorite product recognized for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Moby Dick

This strain of Moby Dick is a CBD medicinal version based on the traditional Sativa-dominant Moby Dick. It is used for pain and muscle spasm relief, depression, and creative focus. The sensations it provides are happy and relaxed.

Is Growers Choice Seeds a Legit Company?

Low prices are one thing, but the main thing a person looks for when buying cannabis seeds is whether or not the company is legitimate. With so many CBD companies online, more than a few fall under the category of a “scam.” It’s a buyer beware industry. Research before you hand over your money and get either the wrong product or nothing in return.

Knowing that Growers Choice Seeds is indeed a legitimate cannabis seed breeder, you can rest assured. They have excellent customer service and have measures to prevent order issues. If there is a problem with your order, their customer service department can deal with it.

They even often have a germination guarantee for each order.

A Wealth of Information

For those still unsure of them, you can get more information on their FAQ page about their policies and terms that come with your order and how they will make good on every order to maintain excellent relationships with their customers.

However, any company can claim that they’re legit or have the best seeds, the finest selection of auto-flowering cannabis seeds, and much more. Calling their service department and speaking to an actual person is more assurance that the company you are dealing with can be held accountable.

Company Reputation

We’ve already established that Grower’s Choice Seeds is a legit company. They are also one of the more popular cannabis seed banks online, but what else has given them the reputation of being a seed bank company grower’s choice for American growers?

Their main US distribution center is located out of California. This means that shipping to US growers is relatively easy and that any US-bought seeds do not come through customs yet are shipped nationally. Not going through customs means that your seeds arrive much quicker and avoid inspection and possible seed confiscation.

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History of Grower’s Choice

Founded in 2011, Growers Choice Seed’s mission was to provide growers with a way to enjoy the medicinal and recreational properties of growing marijuana from their cannabis seeds. The company employs a team of trained horticulturalists and medical experts. These veterans have spent a combined total of 20 years researching and producing the highest quality fully feminized and auto-flower seeds around.

These quality claims are listed on the Growers Choice Seeds website, but do they match what customers are saying? By taking a closer look at the product quality section, we’ll see how they hold up as a quality seed bank company.

The company began in Barcelona, Spain, and maintains its headquarters there. However, as mentioned they have expanded their operations to Canada and the US. This move to expand to other countries has also expanded their business by reaching more customers and giving them more business.

Choices For Feminized Seeds and Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is not your average run-of-the-mill selection of pot seeds. Although not the most prominent seed bank, they occasionally offer a new strain among their popular auto flower and feminized seed choices. They currently offer seven auto-flowering cannabis seed strains, roughly 20+ feminized seed strains, and 11 regular ones.

Although their feminized strains are the highest, the number of Growers Choice Seeds is best measured by the dozen. In comparison, most larger seed bank companies measure the total number of seeds by the hundreds.

Selective Strains

This means that growers won’t be overwhelmed when choosing the best seeds to buy. New strain selections also offer seed bank classics like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, White Widow, Diesel, and Amnesia.

Growers Choice Seeds offers just enough classics for the die-hard fans and a few new strains to try. This variety is enough for most, but those who want to experiment with various new strains continually may be disappointed.

Germination Guarantee

One of the main reasons buyers like Growers Choice Seeds is that they offer a germination guarantee. By offering customers a guaranteed germination rate of 90% or better or you get seeds replaced for free. This type of policy makes the customer feel at ease when buying cannabis seeds.

To be eligible for the germination guarantee offer, customers will have to order at least two seeds and follow some simple instructions in the germination guideline found on their website. If they follow the steps and still have germination problems, they’re asked to soak the seeds one last time and see if germination can happen.

If nothing happens after performing the steps again a second time, then Growers Choice Seeds will send you your replacement seeds. Please note that shipping costs for these replacement seeds will be at the buyer’s expense. For some customers, having to spend even more money for “free” replacement seeds that didn’t germinate for them in the first place might not be worth the extra costs of shipping. It may also cause some frustration on your part.

Customer Service at Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds has many channels open for customers to contact a customer service representative. You can fill out the form on their website, a customer support email emailed directly to the company, or by calling and speaking to someone in the US or Canada.

Growers Choice Seeds is different from most other companies when troubleshooting possible germination issues for legal reasons. They are available to assist you during the entire growing period of your seeds, from germination to the final plant.

As far as customer service goes, Growers Choice Seeds does their absolute best to remedy problems with your order, delivery, or germination. Although most Growers Choice Seeds reviews reflect this factor, a few still lean towards Growers Choice Seeds offering inferior customer service.

Promotions, Discount Codes, and Free Seeds at Grower’s Choice

The seed selection at Growers Choice Seeds might be smaller than most, but their prices are also lower when compared to similar strains from other companies. At first glance, Growers, Choice Seeds looks like it has deals, but they also don’t offer the freebies (promotions and discounts) that many other companies offer. Plus, their free shipping minimum is set at $200.

Having lower prices is one way a buyer can get a discount, but Growers Choice Seeds also has regular priced items reduced regularly as a sale item. These items are typically discounted by a dollar or more per seed. These sale items are updated frequently. You can also purchase bulk orders with Growers Choice Seeds. To find out which item is one sale, click the visible “Buy Seeds on Sale” button.


With distribution centers in many countries, the delivery and shipping times are pretty fast. Shipping costs for orders under $200 are typically around $10 for orders shipped within the US. Since orders over $200 are shipped for free, that means customers will have to pay for shipping under that amount.

Your Growers Choice Seeds order can be shipped to a PO box, and orders usually take between 7 to 10 days. You can track your parcel, and if the order is placed within the US, the parcel won’t have to go through customs.

Canadian customers will have to pay about $15 per order and expect to receive their seeds in about 7 to 14 days. Shipments to Europe, Australia, or other countries cost around $30 and may take 7 to 25 business days. Please be aware of your local state and federal laws for purchasing and possessing cannabis products. While it may be legal in some countries or states, cannabis, marijuana, or CBD products may be illegal where you live.

Discretion at Its Finest

Shipping discreetly is part of what Growers Choice Seeds has to offer. Packages are sent in air-tight packaging with no company name present outside the package. However, not entirely stealth for local US deliveries, stealth packaging, and delivery methods are available for international orders at no extra charge.

Do Growers Choice Seeds Have The Best Genetics for Cannabis Seeds?

Growers Choice Seeds is a legitimate company with many loyal customers who stand by its products. Even with other seed bank companies offering a wider variety, better discounts, and potentially better quality control, Growers Choice Seeds maintains a good standing among growers everywhere.

Quality control issues, website navigation problems, and nonbeneficial return and shipping policies, Growers Choice Seeds does offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. The Seed Germination Guarantee policy is a great way to ensure that you get precisely what you pay for.

A company like Growers Choice Seeds boils down to personal preference and if you enjoyed the shopping experience and are satisfied with the final product. If you want to try Growers Choice Seeds, give them a try, but do your research and talk to their company’s customer service representatives to make sure you get what you pay for.

Review growers choice cannabis seeds wholesale

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Welcome to the growerschoice website. Your quest for seeds has brought you to the right place. We offer many types of cannabis seeds on our website, both feminized and autoflower, as well as regular cannabis seeds. Whether you are looking for a full indica strain or prefer something on the sativa side, we have these cannabis strains right here. As well as the many hybrid cannabis varieties such as our old school Dutch cannabis strains braindamage, bubblegum, and amnesia, or the modern strains such as the American cali strains like zkittlez, gelato, weddingcake, and purple punch hybrids; at growerschoice, you can find them all.

On our website, you will find a lot of variety in seeds. We have done this deliberately to meet the demand of each customer. Some customers are looking for cannabis seeds that are good for growing outdoors, others want to have autoflowering plants on their balcony and yet another grower is looking for a more relaxed or a very stoned strain to grow indoors.

We have varieties with high THC levels in house and also medicinal CBD varieties with an emphasis on low THC levels and high CBD levels. Additionally, we also have cannabis seeds that are specific for other cannabinoids such as: CBG, CBN, and more. Also in terms of the development of flavor (terpenes), we are not standing still. All varieties are selected by ourselves and only the best pheno will end up in our range.

All seeds are suitable for both novice and advanced growers. The beginners will definitely have a good time with this and also yield nice harvests. For the advanced grower, starting with super genetics means that a maximum yield in terms of both weight and quality can be achieved. Because the choice of your starting material, such as the seeds, is one of the most important there is.

We develop, crossbreed, and breed our cannabis seeds all by ourselves. This makes us one of the few who actually have the knowledge to be able to answer complex questions about growing cannabis. The seeds are manually selected by us and regularly undergo a germination test to check the quality of the germination of the cannabis seeds.

In other words, at growerschoice you have come to the right place to buy good quality cannabis seeds.