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Purple wookie seeds

All About Purple Wookie Weed Strain

Purple Wookie is the result of crossing Purple Unicorn with Wookie 15. This is a hybrid strain. It is bred by Bodhi Seeds and has a THC content of around 20%. The Purple Wookie strain is known to put users in a state of deep relaxation that can often lead to couch-lock. This is a weed that is meant to make you highly relaxed, so it would be better not to smoke it during busy days.

The primary terpenes in this marijuana are Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. When it comes to the aroma of the buds, it is something special. You will notice very complex, but overall sweet, notes of berries and chocolate with a hint of vanilla chai. These sweet notes are coupled with a sour earthy smell that balances the aroma. The taste is not as intense as the smell, but it will remind you of chocolate and berries as well.

Effects and Uses

The effects produced by this cannabis are very strong, albeit delayed. In fact, the relaxing effects take hold slowly, which often makes users think that this is a weed that will make them productive. On the contrary, though, Purple Wookie has the power to knock users down. It makes them enter a dream-like state while the body goes into couch-lock. Users report that their limbs start to feel heavy after smoking these buds, but their mood improves overall. Due to these effects, it is better not to smoke this weed if you are an absolute beginner as the outcome can be overwhelming.

This cannabis strain, by virtue of its strong relaxing effects, is helpful in treating chronic pain as well as insomnia. It can also induce hunger if you suffer from a lack of appetite.

Information for Growers

Purple Wookie plant can be grown via cuttings from healthy plants. It was never made available in the form of feminized seeds. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. The flowering time for this plant is between 60 to 63 days, at the end of which you will be rewarded with light green buds that have bronze pistils and light purple hues.

Purple Wookie Strain: A Monster Indica

How would it feel to be enveloped in the warm embrace of a gigantic Wookie? The Purple Wookie strain boasts the possibility of giving you that experience with a twist of violet shades and flavors. This flower has more than just some lovely bursts on your tastebuds but can also be the relaxation you need after a stressful day. Is it a monster? Probably one you will want under your bed for a good night’s sleep. Let’s keep an eye out for Purple Wookie strain and all its stats and facts down below.

What is the Purple Wookie Strain?

This hybrid from Bodhi Seeds Company leans heavily on its indica side. With 19 years on the market, Bodhi Seeds has mastered the science of cannabis genetics and you can certainly trust that Purple Wookie has the quality of many other top-shelf marijuana. It is a cross between Wookie 15 and Purple Unicorn. Both were cultivated by Bodhi Seeds so you know research went into creating just the right combination. Its THC levels average around 20 to 22% making it a monster in its own right but one you might want to welcome as its calming qualities are sought after and its flavors unique but harmonious. The strong potency might not be for all newbies, but it can be taken in smaller doses for some firsts and delivery isn’t hard to come by.

Purple Wookie Strain Profile


With its appearance matching what you would imagine a Wookie to look like Purple Wookie is a strange sight but at least you can recognize it straight away. Its orange pistils and light green buds are furry with purple and olive green and white trichomes. Its plant itself looks like a mammoth of purples and greens, an explosion of colors all around. Purple Wookie nugs might have less of this purple hue and more of the orange and green coming out, but it is still a celebration of all things Wookie with its abundant hairs in amber bursts.

Fragrance & Flavor

A mystical name and a colorful profile go well with Purple Wookie’s scent and taste. It has a mystical quality to it as it entices your nose with a citrus and berry candy aroma with chocolatey notes just adding decadence to each sniff. You might want a good jar to stash away the flower as its intense sugary smell can make your whole house smell like a candy store.

On the inhale Purple Wookie’s taste is exactly what you expected from its aroma. A sweet doughiness will fill your throat and its chocolate and earthy sweetness will make you feel warm and relaxed. Each exhale has the right amount of sourness that you like from sour candy. It’s a heavy smoke— one sweet tooth will love, especially those that enjoy some tang to their confection.

The high of this strain is a delayed effect that would fool any cannabis smoker into believing this flower to be a productive one.


Purple Wookie is that “monster” under the bed because it’s slow, creeping high. As a nightcap, it can be one of the lingering relaxation tools that hits you right at the end. Its high potency rates are not to be scoffed at despite its slow start. Some nice tunes or just any fuzzy couch can do well for its early moments. It brings you in with its luscious candy-like flavors but right when you’re comfortable with your clear mind, don’t bother to grab your to-do list. You won’t be able to do anything productive with this in your pipe.

The two activities you might be able to check off your list are staring at nothing or sleeping. Purple Wookie will get you into the perfect spot to do just that as its high comes at you at its tail end. Soon you’ll be shutting the lights off and snoozing. It might not be one of the most popular marijuana strains around, but if you’re looking for a true blue indica-dominant flower, this strain has got your back.

Purple Wookie’s side effects are the usual dry mouth and eyes you might see with most cannabis. Keep some liquids around for when you’re thirsty, and you’ll be good to go. Since it is a heavy-hitter, it isn’t often recommended for beginners since its large doses can cause heightened sensory perception and possibly panic attacks.

Medicinal Effects

Medical marijuana patients might get some Purple Wookie for pain relief, reducing inflammation, and stress relief. Those with muscle spasms might also grab a jar.