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Purple urkle cannabis seeds

Purple Urkle Seeds | 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Exclusive Purple Urkle buyer’s guide and strain review. Learn everything about this beautiful purple strain that features medical and recreational benefits. Including the best Purple Urkle seeds to buy online as well as experts advice on how to grow it.

Purple Urkle has procured a cult following over the past 30 years and remains a staple in the cannabis community.

Everything you love about indica dominant seeds are showcased in this classic example. The seeds produce medium height, thick bushy plants, come equipped with large colas. Additionally, they feature high resistance to mold and pests, and there’s tons of data on how to grow this strain efficiently.

Purple Urkle seeds grow into a timeless product, but require intermediate gardening techniques, lots of feeding, and proper climate conditions. However, with patience and great technique, you can enjoy this purple delight that has sweet and skunky grape flavor matched with couchlock potential.

Purple Urkle takes beginner growers to the next level by testing their mettle growing one of the most timeless strains on the market today.

The Best Purple Urkle Seeds to Buy Online

  • Feminized Seeds, 15-18%+ THC
  • Mostly Indica, Cannabis Cup Winner
  • 400-500g/m², Flowering in 10-12 Weeks
  • Skunky Aroma, Berries/Grapes Flavor
  • Relaxing Body Stone, Narcotic High
  • Great for Pain Relief / Insomnia
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
  • Moderate Growing Difficulty

MSNL Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds

MSNL Purple Urkle is almost pure indica, providing consumers with extreme couchlock and bountiful medicinal benefits that are second to none. Derived from a phenotype of Mendocino Purps, these dense power-packed buds feature deep violet and indigo coloration that turns darker during flowering.

On the nose, expect skunky aromas. These aromas give consumers a sneak peak at its potency and lineage. But when smoked? Powerful grape and berry fruit flavor that explodes on your palette.

Growers have plenty of room for these medium height (100-180cm) beauties that form a large central cola that can be up to 40cm in length. Whether indoors or outdoors, expect a yield quite large for this strain with up to 400-500g/m 2 . Flowering occurs between 10 to 12 weeks and outdoor harvest is in early October.

The effects of Purple Urkle surpass expectations. Users experience a deep trance-like headspace paired with a calming body buzz. The body stone builds throughout the high and becomes almost narcotic, making it a smash hit for chronic pain and insomnia.

MSNL’s Purple Urkle seeds are a perfect representation of this long-standing strain that continues to dominate the cannabis communities’ attention.

Buy Online: MSNL Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds – Shipping Worldwide.

Growing Purple Urkle Seeds

Here are some of the best practices and bits of wisdom when you decide to grow some of your very own Purple Urkle Seeds:

Purple Urkle Bud

Location and Set-Up

Purple Urkle can be grown indoors or outdoors, but master budsmen recommend an indoor environment because of the shorter flowering time. When growing indoors, you can manipulate conditions and lighting to benefit this relatively sensitive strain.

Recommended grow set-ups involving Purple Urkle include the use of hydroponics systems (drip, ebb/flow, water culture, etc.). Using these in combination with pruning techniques like the SCROG method are ideal because they provide proper nutrients, even canopies, and promote overall plant wellness.


Nutrient Selection can be tricky because the needs of Purple Urkle change depending on climate and humidity levels. Whether you’re utilizing hydroponics systems or growing in pots, it’s important to keep your nitrogen content high and maintain a hearty feeding regiment. This feeding regiment should increase during the flowering stage for optimal results.


This strain requires long spurts of warm weather, especially when flowering. Best conditions include temperatures that rest between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, you should set-up proper ventilation to reduce pesky pests and provide optimal CO2 for big growth.

Yield and Time

You can expect low to medium yields but can rake in a significantly higher yield from an indoor grow. Yield has been recorded up to 500g/m 2 , but most grows (especially first timers) are closer to 350-400g/m 2 due to the complexity of this strain.

When growing indoors, expect 8-12 weeks for flowering. If outdoors, plan around harvesting in October.

Purple Urkle Seeds – Moderate Growing Difficulty

Purple Urkle Strain 101

A strong history and indica dominance make this the perfect bud to grow and smoke. Purple Urkle is highly coveted for relaxation, medical relief, and overall smokability.


Purple Urkle is a northern Californian strain that’s almost 40 years old. Even with age, it’s still one of the most popular strains on the market. The parent, Mendocino Purps, was born out of the famous Emerald triangle region in California.

It’s no wonder why Purple Urkle has remained top of its class over four decades and has created prominent crossbreeds like Granddaddy Purps.


Imagine velvety purple coloring, rust-orange hairs, and dark spots of forest green covering the surface of each nug. During the flowering stages, the purple coloring becomes more intense making this one of the most colorful strains you can enjoy.

Flavor Profile

While visually appetizing, the look doesn’t hold a candle to the gold standard grape flavor. Fresh grapes and citrus berry create a skunky sweet combination that leaves an impression on your palette. On the exhale, a hint of woodsy pine goodness pays homage to its predecessor, Mendocino Purps.


A compilation of sweetness, citrus, fresh berries, and grape soda. All these smells are simultaneously masked in a skunky aroma that tells the story of this powerful indica strain.

Recreational Effects

Recreational consumers can expect a gradual onslaught of lethargy after smoking Purple Urkle. The body affects are subtle but begin to take over and pull you into the couch. Mental prowess is abandoned as users can enjoy a calming high that lulls you into a trance.

Medical Benefits

Much like other indica strains, Purple Urkle is a medical powerhouse with a plethora of benefits such as the following:

Anxiety – The sedative effects of this strain are enough to ease any bout of anxiety by creating comprehensive inner peace between body and mind.

Insomnia – This strain sings lullabies with only a few hits, gradually pulling you into a deep sleep.

Pain – After medicating with this strain consumers are greeted by waves of physical relaxation that numb persistent pain.

Appetite – Whether you have trouble eating due to illness, chemotherapy, or general lack of appetite. Purple Urkle provides a boost, helping you eat more and keep food down longer, even in the most extreme cases.

Depression – Purple Urkle creates a relaxing mental and physical high that is sprinkled with a touch of euphoria. Furthermore, it helps you break mental spells and create new thoughts by getting outside of your mental routine.

MSNL Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds – Shipping Worldwide

Final Thoughts on Purple Urkle Seeds

If you follow a solid feeding program and pay attention to your plants’ needs, you’ll have great success growing Purple Urkle seeds. There’s a reason this strain has been around since the 80s and still has a foothold on cannabis culture all over the world.

With recent legalization smokers are starting to unlock the medical benefits indica has to offer. Herb is the healing of a nation, and it starts with bud like Purple Urkle.

Where there is demand, there must be supply. Growers can capitalize on beautiful buds that bring back nostalgia from your very first bag of “purple weed”. Additionally, this strain catches consumers off-guard with its sweet grape flavor and skunky aromas.

Purple Urkle is anything but nerdy. Grab some seeds today and create your masterpiece.

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Author: Jason Oliver
Jason is our master grower. He has been growing cannabis for almost 10 years and working in a commercial cannabis cultivation business as an external consultant for more than three years. Helping us with getting all the facts right, Jason shares his insights via in-depth grower’s and buyer’s guides which are advanced but yet easy to read and understand.
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Purple Urkle Feminized

Not only is it fun to say, but Purple Urkle Fem is also known for being a potent and hefty hitting Indica crossbreed ideal for night use. It might require some investment before the full-bodied impacts arrive at full force, but when they do, your worries will float away. This strain produces one of the most outwardly dazzling plants out there. With leaves and blossoms infused with purple accents these plants glitter like an amethyst.

The specific genealogy of this indica-sativa strain is obscure. Word on the street is that it originated in Mendocino County in Northern California but whatever her lineage, she will likely remain an enigma. This staggering strain with its striking purple foliage smells as good as it looks.

Purple Urkle Fem strain is one of the staples in the esteemed inventory of I49. A powerful tranquilizer, it offers the best of both worlds. It has the ability to perk up a dull day or help you unwind from an especially distressing day. This strain can invoke a state of joy and peacefulness. Some clinical users have benefitted from its quieting and agony diminishing properties.

For home producers, this punchy strain comes in simple to-sprout feminized seeds. These seeds sprout into females every time. Containing solid hereditary qualities, these marijuana seeds are perfect for bud sommeliers who want only the best.


Growing this mainstream strain is not that hard so even tenderfoots can achieve success. All through their development, these plants thrive with the right supplement blend, watering plan, proper PH, temperature, and humidity.

As the branches reach and stretch, the foliage will become much denser. Some type of pruning and managing helps in keeping the lower parts slick. Doing so additionally redirects energy to the bud-shaping upper territories of the plants.

When growing at home it’s anything but a difficult undertaking nor should it become one. Even amateurs can get a decent grow on. Buy Purple Urkle fem strain seeds and keep in mind that these seeds need time and TLC and if you keep your plants happy the harvest is sure to be hefty.

Flowering Time

The flowering time for this strain is between eight to nine weeks.


For your indoor grow op, growing seeds using the paper towel technique brings about the presence of taproots after a day or two. Once you have settled them into little pots, they will develop into little-to-medium-sized plants averaging three feet tall. With conservative height, they don’t need a lot of headroom which makes it ideal for indoor development.

When growing inside, using the Sea of Green (SOG) strategy will give the plants their best development. Growing many little plants instead of just a few big plants has many advantages including the fact you will get a lot of Mary Jane in a short amount of time. While the SOG method has many pros, it also has a few cons. If you are limited to how many plants you are allowed to grow, it may not be the best growing technique to use.

It is a more time-consuming approach because you have to take care of several little plants, not just a few big ones. Accessing the plants in the back can be tricky, especially for watering. If your plants are crammed together, they are at risk of developing mold or mildew. Controlling humidity is important as well as making sure there is enough air circulation.


Outside, this solid strain will flourish in warm environments where there is abundant daylight. The collect time frame as a rule falls between the second to the third seven day stretch of October in the northern half of the globe. Each plant could give you

as much as 400 grams of buds.

Medical Application

This sweet strain contains an elevated level of THC, which creates the high yet in addition offers various restorative advantages. It has boosting therapeutic properties to help address a wide range of conditions.

As the high starts, the euphoric impacts help the quieting properties relieve pressure. A perfect nighttime strain, it helps with insomnia and will assist people with their path to wellbeing.

The Indica impacts of this mellow giant deliver a full-bodied unwinding. It also fills in as a solid, strong pain-relieving therapeutic treatment. Folks who suffer from numerous afflictions, including fibromyalgia, joint pain, headaches, and migraines can find relief from this healing herb.

Adverse Reactions

A common side effect of this strain is dry eyes and cottonmouth. A few people may find that the body high it delivers makes them feel unsteady, and in some extraordinary cases, it could induce a headache. Such extreme responses are generally because of overconsumption.


This grape tasting strain produces a strong cerebral high. It has the power to induce laziness as your body falls into a Zen-like state. It is recommended that you smoke this violet beast at night as a way to wind down an arduous day.

Purple Urkle fem strain, when used modestly, is a sensibly strong strain. Contingent upon how well the plants have been raised, the buds could contain up to 26% THC, making it very obliterating to the joy of no-nonsense tokers.

After you have ignited this magenta strain, a smooth, euphoric high rushes into the head and will begin to inspire your state of mind. It immediately starts to whisk away any pressure and afterward its effects may cause one to lock in on specific errands. Before long, the cerebral impacts wrap the body like a cozy blanket. If you need an express ticket to Nirvana, this strain is your go-to weed. Once its quieting sensation envelops the body, apathy dominates and the munchies will kick in rapidly. Prepare your snacks in advance and prepare to sit and chill.


The fragrances this strain emits include earth and skunk odors while also exuding a mix of grape and berry scent. Its sweet berry burst gives this strain a very pleasing smell.


Just like a coveted bottle of the Napa Valley’s finest fruity Merlot, when you smoke this bud, not only do you get the sweetest tickle of grape on your tongue, you also get an earthy, chocolaty flavor. When you exhale this strain after a good toke be prepared for a party in your mouth!

Similar Strains

Do you love a sweet, grape, and berry aftertaste when smoking your marijuana of choice? The following strains are similar to Purple Urkle fem but present with a little more tang and a buzz that will deliver even more energy.

Purple Urkle x Moby Dick is strong and solid with a smooth grape flavor that will help keep you awake to make it through an entire sunset with your lover.

Do you want physical relaxation when you enjoy a smoke or two at the end of your day? Look no further with Purple Gelato. This strain comes with high THC levels and a lovely grape aftertaste. Nothing says sweetness like this indica-dominant hybrid.

Purple Kush fem is a 100% indica with a boost of major THC. This strain is long-lasting with subtle grape notes in the after taste.

Purple Punchis the love child of two heavy indica dominant parents. How could someone not want to smoke this sweet and delicious strain? With a subtle taste of blueberries after you smoke it, this strain is better than any liquid concoction you will find in a punch bowl.

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Purple Kush fem is just what the doctor ordered. Known for helping ease tension and fluid build-up, it is going to ease physical pain. This strain is a great end of the day relief balm. A popular choice amongst growers, she is 100% Indica and you will find her growing low and bushy.

Whether it is a major kick of THC or the sweet grape burst of aroma that captures you, any of these strains will be a great sidekick to Purple Urkle Fem.

Nick Names

It is known to many people, especially those who are experienced cultivators as The Urkle.

Final Thoughts

Watching your weed seeds pop their taproots and seeing the primary sprigs of green push their way through the dirt, are the delights that every grower anticipates. At I49 we love to spread the gospel of cannabis and we sell only great cannabis seeds. Our quick sprouting marijuana seeds with solid hereditary qualities can be delivered to you quickly and safely in the USA at a reasonable cost.

From novices to expert cultivators, producers of all levels will discover that when they buy Purple Urkle fem strain seeds online the process couldn’t be simpler. Our awesome selection of cannabis seeds each has an itemized and precise description so you do not have to guess at what might sprout from your garden. Each seed purchase is carefully packaged for exceptionally safe bundling to ensure hazard-free transportation to your home. Smoking homegrown isn’t like it used to be and I49 USA is here to support you every step of the way as you grow your own marijuana seeds. Happy growing and happy smoking!

Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 11 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 14 oz/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0,6%
HEIGHT 35 – 47 inches
MEDICAL Anxiety Arthritis Insomnia Migranes Stress
EFFECTS Calming Euphoric Relaxed Sedative
FLAVOR Berry Earthy Grape Skunk
GROWS Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
CLIMATE Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

We are offering you a bunch of alternative payment methods depending on the state where you are placing your order. You can pick the option that suits you best:

  • Pay by ACH: It is even simpler than using card. You’ll just need your routing number and account number to hand to complete payment in the checkout or over the phone.
  • Pay by Email Address: You can pay for your order using an email address via a number of different methods including Zelle, Venmo and Cashapp.
  • Pay by Mail: You send us cash, a check or a money order in an envelope. When we receive payment we ship your order. This is the most private and anonymous way to order.
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  • Pay by Telephone: If you prefer to complete payment for your order over the phone then we can help. We can offer echeck and other methods as instant payments when you call us.

We ship to the USA. We offer tracked shipping from $9.99 and FREE Shipping when you buy 2 products or more. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking ID by email. Your seeds will arrive in between 10-14 days. However, it can take up to 25-30 working days in some cases.

Purple Urkle Seeds

An informative guide on everything you need to know about Purple Urkle strain, including its sedative properties, cultivation tips, and where to buy Purple Urkle seeds online.

Of all of cannabis’ use cases, getting a good night’s rest may be the most popular one. Whether bouts of insomnia afflict you or just need to relax — indica-dominant cannabis strains are your ticket to tranquility.

One of the most stand out indica-dominant strains available is Purple Urkle. Owning up to its name, this purple-hued powerhouse is filled with potent cannabinoids that are set to put your mind and body into cruise control.

Read along to understand everything there is to know about Purple Urkle, along with information on growing Purple Urkle seeds and insight into its incredible effects.

Purple Urkle Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Indica
Cannabinoids: 20% THC
Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene
Effects: Couch-Lock, Relaxing, Sleepy
Landrace Strain: Pheno of GD Purple or Mendo Purps

Grow Difficulty: Medium
Harvest: 8 Weeks / 9-10 Weeks
Yield: 500g/㎡ / Up to 250g/plant
Height: About 6.5 feet/ >6.5-Feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

The Best Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 15-18% THC
• Harvest: 10-12 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Including Free Seeds
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• £8.66 Per Seed
• Bulk orders get discounted rate

• UP to 20% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $75
• 10 Seeds – $130
• 25 Seeds – $250

About Purple Urkle Seeds


The Purple Urkle strain is a mysterious beauty.

The genetic history is uncertain, but it’s known that Purple Urkle seeds originated in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California’s Humboldt County. Humboldt County is world-renowned for its deeply rooted cannabis scene, where generations of families have cultivated marijuana for years on end.

The Purple Urkle strain is believed to have been introduced in the 1980s. Some historians think that the Purple Urkle cannabis strain is a phenotype of Granddaddy Purple. Others believe that it’s a select phenotype of Mendocino Purps.

Regardless of its genetic makeup, growers in the Emerald Triangle became infatuated with Purple Urkle. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that the Purple Urkle strain fueled an unprecedented demand for its ultra-potent and purple flowers among medical marijuana patients.

To this day, it’s unlikely that you can find a cannabis strain as profoundly satisfying as Purple Urkle.

Growing Purple Urkle Seeds

Every once in a while — life gives you a break. In this case, acquiring Purple Urkle seeds is as-good-as-it-gets because they are always in demand. If you manage to get your hands on genuine Purple Urkle seeds, then you’re set for one of the best grows of your life.

Purple Urkle seeds, just like all other cannabis seeds, require a special amount of attention to push it to the limit. Whether you decide to grow Purple Urkle seeds indoors or outdoors, there are various aspects that you must consider for a successful harvest.

Grow Difficulty:

The Purple Urkle strain’s grow difficulty is medium.

A medium growing difficulty means that beginners and professionals alike can grow Purple Urkle seeds. However, it also means that novices need to pay special attention while caring for their Purple Urkle plants.

In other words, The Purple Urkle strain does not grow on its own, but instead, requires finesse to make it reveal its true potential. The Purple Urkle strain will shower you with the most strikingly gorgeous flowers you’ve ever laid your eyes on if grown correctly.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

The Purple Urkle strain prefers a Mediterranean climate.

Although Northern California isn’t known for its abundance of sunshine, the temperatures are milder throughout the year due to the ocean’s regulation. Thanks to this unique environment, Purple Urkle seeds can grow in a wide variety of regions.

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When you’re ready to plant your Purple Urkle seeds, a little bit of planning goes a long way—germinating Purple Urkle seeds after the last frost is crucial, along with observing weather patterns in your local area.

Since Purple Urkle produces dense flowers, you should only grow it if you can ensure an environment that’s low in humidity. Humidity is the primary force that produces mold and mildew, and the last thing you want is to walk into your grow room to find a disaster.

Lastly, you must know that the Purple Urkle strain is picky with food. You must pick your nutrients carefully and slowly increase feeding strength gradually. Once flowering begins, you’ll want to give the Purple Urkle strain a heavy dose of phosphorus and potassium to get the flowers to beef up the flowers.

Flowering Time:

The Purple Urkle cannabis strain is unique because its flowering time varies widely when grown indoors versus outdoors.

When Purple Urkle seeds are grown indoors, you can typically expect a harvest within 8-weeks. However, growing Purple Urkle seeds outdoors may result in a flowering time of 9-10-weeks.

In general, the Purple Urkle strain requires warmth to finish flowering, which makes things complicated when flowering outdoors. Purple Urkle will finish flowering outdoors in mid-October, and in most regions, it is the beginning of cooler temperatures.


If you’re growing Purple Urkle seeds, you should know that it’s all about quality and quantity. It’s uncommon to find a high yielding connoisseur-grade strain, but with Purple Urkle, anything is possible.

When growing Purple Urkle seeds indoors, expect up to 500-grams of lip-smacking and nose curling buds that’ll leave stars in your eyes.

If you grow Purple Urkle seeds outdoors, expect an average of 250-grams per plant.

Whether you grow your Purple Urkle seeds indoors or outdoors, the result is the same — a bounty of perfect flowers.


Purple Urkle is not a tall cannabis plant and stays true to its indica-leaning roots. The Purple Urkle strain can reach upwards of 6.5′. Remember, 6.5′ is the maximum height, and you can grow the Purple Urkle strain in small spaces as long as you use shortening techniques, such as FIM, topping, or LST.

Furthermore, you must know that Purple Urkle is a slow-growing strain. Purple Urkle’s slow growth may be a blessing or a curse — depending on your garden.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Purple Urkle does not have significant resistance to bacteria, fungi, pests, or environmental factors. In other words, you must protect your Purple Urkle plants from everything.

If you want to prevent any pest or mold from your prized Purple Urkle plants, then you must provide adequate airflow in the grow area. You can accomplish airflow by:

• Using oscillating fans
• Removing the lowest growth (lollipop)
• Avoid overwatering
• Removing fallen leaves
• Cleaning any spills in the garden
• Wearing clean clothes in the garden

To prevent pests, it’s essential that you apply organic pesticides before flowering begins. It’s not recommended to apply organic (or synthetic for that matter) pesticides on flowering cannabis plants. If available, neem oil is an excellent organic pesticide that can keep your Purple Urkle pest-free.

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Purple Urkle Weed:

Breathless. Shocked. Astounded.

All of these words adequately describe the emotions that occur the moment you lay your eyes on Purple Urkle weed. The vibrant purple, electric orange, and shower of trichomes is a feast for the eyes. There’s just no other way to put it — Purple Urkle buds might be the best you’ll ever see.

Each flower is perfectly shaped and dense. You can feel the weight as it sits in your hand. Everything about Purple Urkle weed exudes quality, and you’ll become the talk of the town once your friends find out that you have real Purple Urkle weed.

The appearance of Purple Urkle alone is half the reason why Purple Urkle seeds are commonly sold out. Whether in the USA or abroad, Purple Urkle seeds are a treasure.

The vibrant purple, electric orange, and shower of trichomes is a feast for the eyes. There’s just no other way to put it — Purple Urkle buds might be the best you’ll ever see.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Purple Urkle Seeds:

If you’re looking for sky-high THC content, then you’ll find it with Purple Urkle seeds.

Purple Urkle seeds routinely test above 20% THC. Even the most seasoned veterans call Purple Urkle a one-hit-quitter, which describes it’s mind-blowing potency. According to lab results, all other cannabinoids are found in negligible amounts.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Purple Urkle Seeds:

Terpene content is where Purple Urkle seeds shine.

As you break apart Purple Urkle weed, your senses will be overwhelmed by an explosion of dank berry, Malbec wine, skunk-covered candy, and even a pine-like undertone. This myriad of aroma is created by the terpenes found in Purple Urkle seeds.

The three dominant terpenes found in Purple Urkle seeds are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Because of these terpenes, you’ll experience a rush of spicy, sweet, and refreshing aroma and flavors that will have you begging for more.

Effects of Purple Urkle:

The effects of Purple Urkle are second-to-none.

The moment you exhale the thick and flavorful smoke, everything will slow down. Suddenly, you can’t remember your worries. If you had any semblance of pain — it’s gone. What you do know is that you are stoned-to-the-bone.

The body-numbing and couch-locking effects of Purple Urkle are long-lasting, and you will feel the primary effects of 1-4-hours.

The initial effects are unadulterated bliss and relaxation. After the initial onset, many users claim that Purple Urkle weed makes them feel incredibly sleepy. Once you close your eyes, you’re in for one of the best nights of sleep.

Medical Properties of Purple Urkle Seeds:

Purple Urkle seeds contain a plethora of medicinal benefits. Thanks to the high-THC and terpene concentration, medicinal users benefit from using Purple Urkle weed.

THC, along with terpenes, plays a crucial role in stimulating the endocannabinoid system. It’s because of the cascade of effects that Purple Urkle seeds are world-renowned among medical marijuana users.

Here’s a list of the medical issues that Purple Urkle helps to nip-in-the-bud.

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Loss of Appetite
• Insomnia
• Chronic Pain
• Inflammation
• Seizures
• And more

Negative Effects of Purple Urkle:

The adverse effects of Purple Urkle are that you might fall asleep after the second hit. Aside from its astounding potency, Purple Urkle may leave your eyes red and mouth dry.

Pros/Cons of Growing Purple Urkle Seeds

  • Connoisseur-grade quality
  • Incredible flavor and aroma
  • Powerful medical qualities
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Large Yield
  • Small to medium-sized plant
  • Ideal for extract artists
  • Moderate grow difficulty
  • May be too intense for novices

The Best Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 15-18% THC
• Harvest: 10-12 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Including Free Seeds
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• £8.66 Per Seed
• Bulk orders get discounted rate

• UP to 20% THC
• Harvest: 8-10 Weeks
• Yield: 400-500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $75
• 10 Seeds – $130
• 25 Seeds – $250

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