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Pineapple preserves seeds

Pineapple Chia Jam

For Day 2, this is a simple fruit based jam recipe with chia seeds . I saw the recipe on Gimme Some Oven and ended up making a small batch with some leftover canned pineapple . This jam can be made with any kind of fruit – fresh or froze n . All that you need to do is to cook the fruit until it’s mushy and done, then add the chia seeds a nd honey . W ait for the jam to cool down and thicken a bit and transfer it into a jar and refrigerate for a 3-5 days . Mine got over by dinner time , so no storing issues for me 🙂 . It’s a no fuss recipe with minimal ingredients and a healthy one .

For the sweetener , I used some jalapeño flavored honey that I bought from a store during the holiday season . The jalapeño flavor added a little kick to the jam . I am definitely planning to make this jam again with some other fruits.

Delicious Pineapple Chia Seed Jam Recipe | Only 3 Ingredients!

The first time I made this pineapple chia seed jam, it was so incredibly delicious that I had to make it again- this time a bigger batch using 2 whole pineapples, giving me a pound of mouthwatering and healthy tropical goodness that tastes delicious on bread and crackers. This healthy jam recipe contains only 3 ingredients: pineapples, chia seeds and brown sugar to taste. Brown sugar changes the bright yellow color of the jam to a kinda light yellow-brown that isn’t very visually appealing (as you can see in the picture below) so next time, I might use another natural sweetener like liquid stevia or coconut sugar instead! Edit: Check out the very last pic in this post! I made yet another batch and ended up not using any kind of sweetener AT ALL and retained the gorgeous yellow color of the jam! Super excited! XD

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Chia seeds are tiny nutritional powerhouses that offer incredible health benefits. From providing antioxidant benefits to helping aid weight loss, these super seeds must be a part of your pantry for good health and natural beauty (check out my DIY anti-aging chia seed face mask here!). Pineapples are great superfoods too! They contain high amounts of vitamins and nutrients especially vitamin C and manganese. These nourishing nutrients protect the body from free radicals, boost immunity, promote strong teeth and bones as well as good eye health and so much more!

Ingredients (makes 1lb of jam!)

  • 2 ripe medium-sized pineapples
  • 3 tbsp chia seeds
  • Brown sugar or any other natural sweetener, to taste


  1. Wash, peel and chop up the pineapples.
  2. Add the chopped pieces to a high speed blender and blend till you get a smooth puree.
  3. Strain the puree using a plastic filter to get pineapple juice without the fiber.
  4. Transfer the juice into a stainless steel pot and heat on a high flame.
  5. As the pineapple juice boils, add 3 tbsp of chia seeds to a bowl and then add 9 tbsp of water. I use the rule: 3 tbsp of water for 1 tbsp of chia seeds. The chia seeds will start to stick together so use a spoon to stir vigorously for about 5 seconds as it gels up.
  6. Watch the pineapple juice while stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. It will start to bubble and thicken up.
  7. After about 30-40 minutes, the juice will have thickened into a jam. Now would be a good time to add the brown sugar and mix well with the heat on low.
  8. After mixing in the brown sugar, remove from heat and add the chia seed gel and stir well. Your pineapple chia seed jam is now ready!
  9. Leave it to cool down completely near an open window.
  10. When it’s cooled down, transfer to a glass jar or bowl and store in the refrigerator. It lasts 2 weeks!
  11. Enjoy!
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Guess what everyone?! I made this pineapple chia jam again and I want to show you that I used NO SWEETENER at all this time! I just used 2 big sweet ripe pineapples and that’s it! Note: No chia seeds added in the pic below. It has a wonderful and natural bright yellow color! Check it out:

What a beautiful color! And it tasted so sweet without any sweetener! I didn’t even have to use this jam as a spread, I scooped up spoonfuls and licked them clean! Hehe ;p