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Peach kush seeds

Sweet Peach Cannabis Seeds

Sweet Peach is an Indica dominant strain, a cross of Oregon Afghani x Unknown Hybrid that produces great looking dense, resinous buds with vibrant orange pistils. This strain is full of flavour which is an intense fruity peach flavour that will leave your mouth watering, which is perfect for flavour chasers and extract makers.

Sweet Peach is the ideal strain for smoking at home and relaxing due a potent high it gives the patient, it also will give you above average yields in less than 65 days from switching the plant to bloom stage.

Peach kush seeds

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Our premium feminized cannabis seeds are sold as novelty items, souvenirs, and collectibles. They contain 0% THC. We encourage our cu stomers to check the legislation i n their Country, State, Province, and Municipality prior to purchasing items from our store. We do not provide growing information. In the US, we do not ship to Kansas or Kentucky .


Peach Mint Kush is very easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. It has been approved for use in Texas and has a very uniform structure across the field. The plant is hearty, with thick stocks, big leaves, Christmas tree structure and short inter-nodal spacing.

We chose this Peach Mints Strain because it was the best performer across the country. It showed significant resistance to mold and mildew, resistance to cold and mild frost. It displays a traditional afghani structure, and is recommended to be planted at a rate of 2200+ / acre to maximize production. The genetic line is incredibly stable and we consistently see female rates of 99.9%.

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Peach Mint Kush is an excellent cultivar for both states that require total THC number and states that work off of delta 9. The crop will need to be managed differently for different intended outcomes however.


Genetics: T1 or #5 line, which was originally cherry x cherry

Harvest Time: End of September, beginning of October

6-9% CBD for biomass before reaching 0.3% total THC

12-15% CBD for biomass before reaching 0.3% delta 9 THC

15-19% CBD for trimmed flower before reaching 0.3% delta9 THC

Yield: 1 – 3 lbs per plant

Plants per acre: 2200+

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