Trip 2 Clear Cellulose Rolling Papers

Trip 2 Cellulose Papers

  • Paper schematics: All natural 100% cellulose paper and acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: Ok flavor but a bit too much ash
  • Practicality: Decent price point but rather hard to roll and not always easy to find
  • Point of origin: Brazil

The Specifics

Alright, this frosty nugget is so purple and trippy, I almost don’t want to smoke it. I realize I have a pack of Trip 2, the clear cellulose rolling paper, a perfect way to show off this weed. Trip 2 papers are clear and 100% cellulose, although these papers look toxic there appears to be no substantial evidence of any impending issue when they are 100% cellulose.

The Trip 2 rolling papers, “clearly” a quality option. However, we do not suggest these papers for a newbie, as they are tricky to roll due to the weed slipping out of the paper and they can be a bit sticky in the heat. Also, the Trip 2 papers have no run prevention addition, so yes, when I toke the joint like Bob Marley it tends to run.

As the joint gets towards the end, these papers go from tasteless to resiny. The flavor is optimal in the beginning but I do not like smoking these to the end, I don’t recommend them for large doobies. However, the clear wrap is certainly fun and an easy conversation piece if needed.

Due to the heavy chemical processing required to release pure cellulose and the off chance of glycerin involved in the mix, as a health nut, I do not recommend these papers, yet.

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