RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

RAW Hemp Papers

  • Paper schematics: Organic hemp paper with acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: Minimal paper flavor with minimal ash
  • Practicality: Competitively priced, readily available and easy to roll
  • Point of origin: Spain

The Specifics

Aww yea, my grinder has done it again, the weed is perfectly ground and waiting to be rolled into the perfect joint. Let’s sample RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers.

We’ve found RAW to be the premium option. They are made from organic hemp paper, not bleached and the glue is naturally based acacia gum (sugar gum made from the Acacia tree). The natural ingredients do not take away from the paper’s practicality, as they are easy to roll and durable.

RAW brand papers also burn slow with minimal ash. While generating this ash, you will not have to worry about a run, as they utilize a crisscross watermark to prevent runs, even after a strong drag. We highly recommend this brand.

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