Rasta Royale Hemp Rolling Papers

Rasta Royale Papers

  • Paper schematics: Hemp paper and natural acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: Minimal paper flavor and ash factor
  • Practicality: The price is ok… Although these are hard to find and not that easy to roll
  • Point of origin: Ewwwww, China

The Specifics

Aww yea, I open my mail to find my amazon prime order is here, containing the Rasta Royale rolling papers. I quickly grab my weed grinder and get to business, within a few moments I’ve amassed a pile of perfectly ground weed.

I grab the first paper from the Rasta Royale rolling paper package, the paper feels nice. The Rasta Royale papers are made from unbleached hemp, featuring an all-natural gum lining. However, I got a bit excited and ripped the paper, as these are rather thin. So I snag another from the pack, bummer, I ripped this one to.

Alright, I got my act together. Success, I’ve rolled one up and the gum stuck. I light it up and begin to take a drag, as I inhale deep and hard the paper starts to run. Now we regret purchasing this bulk order from amazon, these papers feel cheap and don’t burn like normal hemp papers.

As we notice the awkward paper flavor we discover these Rasta Royale papers were made in China, we are not a fan of this, as we do not trust Chinese quality control. The joint burnt, we smoked it quick and there wasn’t too much ash. However, we do regret buying a bulk order of these without properly researching them, stick to the RAW or Elements rolling papers!

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