Juicy Jays Flavored Papers

Juicy Jays Papers

  • Paper schematics: Hemp paper with acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: Delicious variety of flavors and minimal ash production
  • Practicality: Slightly pricey but moderately easy to find and roll
  • Point of origin: USA

The Specifics

Alright, so I’ve ground up another nugget, as I remove the weed from my grinder I’ve decided it’s time to change the flavor of my bud, as this will be my 3 rd doobie today. To do this, I’ve decided to utilize the Juicy Jay rolling paper.

These rolling papers are made from hemp paper, featuring the anti-run watermarking process and they are naturally flavored through a triple dip system. We did find a run every once in a while, especially when toking like Bob Marley.

In regards to the flavor, we found the fruity flavors to be the only one’s worth adding to herb, as the awkward flavors, such as maple syrup, do not pair well with top shelf herb. We these papers for any smoker looking to add a hint of flavor to their weed, the flavor is not overpowering, like a blunt wrap.

These papers burn well, they are decently thick and not too difficult to roll. The Juicy Jays are a fun way to mix up the flavor if you have been smoking on the same stash for a while and we find these flavors to generate a quality opportunity to pair a drink with the smoke.

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