JOB Cigarette Papers

JOB Papers

  • Paper schematics: Thin rice paper and natural acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: A bit of paper flavor with some ash factor
  • Practicality: Quality price point, abundantly available and relatively easy to roll
  • Point of origin: France

The Specifics

This joint is going to be rolled in a thin rice paper by JOB. The JOB papers are relatively strong for how thin they are, making them a good paper for any smoker.

Furthermore, these papers are rather smooth allowing for an easy roll, just be sure not to roll them too tight! The JOB rolling papers burn at a nice pace with minimal flavor and produce a small amount of ash.

The JOB rolling papers have a quality feel to them and they don’t run to easily, unless I really hit them. The JOB rolling papers are a consistent and basic answer to your rolling paper needs.

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