Bob Marley Pure Hemp Cigarette Papers

Bob Marley Hemp Papers

  • Paper schematics: Hemp paper with natural acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: A detectable flavor with minimal ash
  • Practicality: Cheap, readily available, and they are easy to roll
  • Point of origin: Spain

The Specifics

Ah Pandora, you have won again, playing quality Bob Marley as I grind my weed to the three little birds. As I hum everything is going to be all right, I realize I have a pack of Bob Marley pure hemp cigarette papers.

These papers feature the all-natural Acacia gum and chemical-free hemp paper; they feel a bit thinner then RAW hemp papers. However, the Bob Marley hemp rolling papers do have a stronger flavor than any of the other hemp options, which wasn’t surprising to us, as these hemp papers are bleached.Perhaps, the harshness comes from the bleaching process?

Either way, these papers roll well and burn slow. Their durability and value is high, as they are relatively cheap compared to other options. However, these papers don’t seem to have any form of run prevention method, so when I rip it like Bob Marley, the joint tends to run.

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