Big Bambu Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Big Bambu Hemp Papers

  • Paper schematics: Hemp paper with acacia gum
  • Flavor and ash factor: Minimal flavor and moderate ash factor
  • Practicality: Although fairly priced and easy to roll, they can be tricky to find
  • Point of origin: Spain

The Specifics

Wow, what a pile of perfectly ground weed. Now that we feel fit for a Cheech and Chong movie, we should probably roll a doobie to fit the part.

When rolling a massive doobie, Bambu rolling papers are a premium option. We utilized the Big Bambu pure hemp option, these papers are massive and easy to roll. These papers are rather durable, an excellent paper for a novice smoker.

Bambu, one of the world’s oldest companies, originally creating paper for bibles. (Yes, I do agree, Bambu rolling papers may be the root of why people think it’s a good idea to roll bible paper…) These papers have stood the test of time, consistently supplying quality products.

These papers are not our personal favorite, however, they are a top tier choice for any smoker. The paper feels thick and generates a bit too much ash, however, the upside to this thicker paper is you can really pack this joint. If you want to go up in smoke, like Cheech and Chong, this option is a classic.

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