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Oregon lemons seeds

Archive Seeds Oregon Lemons

Oregon Lemons is overpoweringly pungent Eugene, OR Lemon Diesel cutting crossed with the Face/Off OG Bx1 Male. These cannabis seeds are wonderfully easy to grow and produce some powerful, branchy, and tough plants. The Lemon Diesel has one of the most awe-inspiring stupendous lemon smells in the Cannabis genetic world. This stuff just fume, right on par with the Ohio Lemon G, just sweeter and more delightful to the nose instead of bitter and rank. Oregon Lemon fragrance range from citrus lemonade to zesty lemon tart it will leave your tongue receptors ridiculous and your mouth watering.

Yield: Medium
Grows: Indoors and outdoors
Flowering Time: 65 days

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Oregon Lemons

AlchimiaWeb is happy to present Oregon Lemons by Archive Seeds, a regular strain with an intense lemon flavour. A cross between Oregon Lemon Diesel clone and the Face Off OG Bx1 male by Archive Seeds. The result is a vigorous and easy to grow Sativa Indica hybrid with a fruity taste.

Oregon Lemons, Oregon Lemon Diesel x Face Off OG Bx1 hybrid

It is a strain designed for fruity flavoured cannabis lovers, offering powerful sweet lemony aromas. A cross between Oregon Lemon Diesel and Face Off OG Bx1, which brings vigour and production to the line while maintaining its character.

Oregon Lemons produces vigorous, easy to grow and ramified plants that respond well to pruning, training and SCROG cultivation. It shows a flowering period of about 8-11 weeks depending on the phenotype and desired maturity level. It delivers a bountiful harvest.

Oregon Lemons cannabis strain, very rich in limonene

Oregon Lemon harvest produces large and dense flowers with fleshy calyxes covered in a thick sticky resin layer rich in terpenes, especially limonene, as well as cannabinoids such as THC.

It offers aromas and flavours dominated by lemon, on a fresh, floral and sweet background with some Kush notes inherited from the Face Off line. Aromas and flavours accompanied by a balanced effect that combines a physical relaxation feeling with a more high and stimulating effect on a mental level.

Archive Seeds Oregon Lemons info:

  • Type: Regular cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Oregon Lemon Diesel x Face Off OG Bx1
  • Indica Sativa hybrid
  • Flowering period: 8-11 weeks
  • Yield: Medium – High
  • Size: Medium – Large
  • THC: High

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