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Orange tree seeds

Growing an Orange Tree from Seed

Orange trees are usually propagated by grafting. If we want to start an orange tree from seed, we have to understand that the orange tree grown from seed may not bear fruits for the first 10-12 years or more. It may not be able to bear fruit for the whole of its lifetime. Moreover, the tree will be susceptible to various diseases. These are the reasons why commercial orange growers never choose this method. They rather choose to use grafted seedlings. In that way, they benefit from a combination of a healthy mature tree with a desired highly productive variety. Thus, they can harvest a fair production after 2-3 years.

However, if we want to start from seed, the first thing we have to do is cut an orange in the middle and carefully collect its seeds. This may turn to be more difficult than it sounds, because nearly all popular orange varieties are seedless.

Once we find oranges with seeds, we have to collect and wash the seeds with water and soap. Then, we carefully unpeel the seeds. We carefully rip the seed with our nails, in order to get rid of the various membranes that protect the inner part of the seed and will surely delay germination. The best season for sowing the seeds is during the spring, when the soil is warm enough (temperature over 60 °F or 15 °C). We have to sow many seeds from different oranges, since only a fraction of them will finally turn into young seedlings. Sowing takes place inside a big pot in lines spaced 3 inches (7,6 cm) and the seeds are sown on the line at a distance of 1 inch (2.5 cm). The soil mix consists of sand and seed starting potting soil mix. We lightly press the seedling into the soil mix and cover with a layer of clean river sand to a depth of 0,7-1 inch (1.8-2,5 cm). Some growers cover the pot with a dark plastic bag, in order to create greenhouse conditions. The pots must be placed in a dark and warm place for 10-12 days. The soil should be kept moist (but not soggy) until seedlings appear.

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When seedlings reach a height of 8-11 inches (20-28 cm), we can transplant them in larger individual pots filled with soil, fertilizer and a small quantity of well-rotted manure. Generally, the young seedlings shall have access to plenty of sunlight, but it is better to experience their first winter in a protected indoors environment.

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4.) How to grow Orange Trees from seed

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Learn How To Grow An Orange Tree From Seeds

You will love to learn how to grow orange tree from seeds and have an abundant supply on hand. Our post has a video to show you how.

You will be so excited to learn how to grow an orange tree from seeds. The process is extremely easy and nothing beats growing your own at home.

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We recently shared with you how to grow a lemon tree and also how to grow a kiwi plant. Once you know how to grow oranges you will be able to use their peels to make an orange vinegar cleaner or whip up some orange date muffins even.

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Health Benefits Of Oranges

Before we share how to grow an orange tree, we thought you might like to check out some of the impressive health benefits.

Healthy vision and heart as well as boosting your immune system are just some of the reasons you should add oranges to your diet. Surprisingly though, Camu Camu is 60 times more powerful!

How To Grow Orange Tree From Seeds Video

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Project Diaries is here to show us the step-by-step method of germinating orange seeds and all you need is an orange. It’s important to remember that they do take 3-5 years to fruit, so patience is required.

We highly recommend that you watch the video where you will see a 6-month update at the end. Press play above now ^

Caring for Citrus Seedlings

Once the seeds have sprouted, they need consistent light to grow well. A sunny windowsill or a place under grow lights helps them to grow a strong stem and healthy leaves.

Fertilize the newly sprouted seedlings with weak manure or compost tea, or houseplant fertilizer once when they first sprout, and then once every couple of weeks.

Weekly watering keeps them growing well. If they dry out and the leaves start to curl, they may or may not recover with a good soaking in the sink.

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Letting them dry out multiple times will weaken and eventually kill the plants.