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Ogre seeds


OGRE is an autoflowering sativa-dominant cross of Secret Citrus (AUTO) x Durban Skunk, created by breeder SGS. OGRE shows a unique accelerated growth pattern that allows it to get very large, averaging 1m+ tall and wide. With a prolific branching system OGRE produces large yields with oversized, resinous, aromatic buds. The amount of growth and yields produced in so little time makes OGRE one of the fastest high yielding plants in the world. This is due to the fact that OGRE has an extended built-in veg period. After showing sex, plants will explode in growth for 2-3 weeks before flowering sets in, growing 3-5x their original size!

Ogre seeds

Ogre is an AutoFem cannabis plant bred by Doctor Choice to offer growers of autoflowering genetics a new strain with big yields, thanks to crossing Secret Citrus auto x Durban Skunk. Get it now at AlchimiaWeb.

This automatic flowering strain has been developed to get bigger plants, which can easily produce up to 80gr each. Ogre presents a strong vegetative vigor, triplying its size – and up to x5 – during the first 2-3 weeks of flowering, reaching 1m in height and width at the end of the blooming phase.

Its ramified structure allows the development of lots of bud spots, full of large, fleshy and very resinous flowers. Needing a full cycle of 10 weeks from seed to harvest, Ogre represents an excellent relation between a quick cannabis harvest and a great yield.

Ogre from Joint Doctor features

  • Genetics: Secret Citrus (Auto) x Durban Skunk
  • Genotype: 100% auto
  • Type: feminized autoflowering cannabis strain
  • Yield: 60-80 gr/plant
  • Harvest: 10 weeks (from seedling)
  • Height: 75cm
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