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Michoacan cannabis seeds


Michoacan Cream Regular marijuana seeds from the Cannabiogen seedbank are the result of the crossing of two mythical and very stable strains. They produce plants of great beauty and very appreciated taste. Appart from that, even though they are regular, develop a high porcetanage of females (about 90%).

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  • Terpenes Complex
  • Type Hybrid
  • Flowering time Average
  • Cannabinoids Slightly active
  • Yield capacity High
  • Height Tall
  • Cultivation needs Average
  • Family Mexican

Regular Michoacan Cream Marijuana Seeds

Regular Michoacan Cream marijuana seeds comes from the Cannabiogen seedbank and can offer you males or females, but most of them (about 90%) result in females. This strain is the result of the crossing of two very mythical genetics of the American continent, such as the Michoacan Spirit (a Mexican sativa) and the Peyote Purple (Indica with origin in the USA). With this cross Cannabiogen was able to obtain a fast growth and with an incredible flavor and aroma strain, which will delight all tasters.

Michoacan Cream Regular is a plant that develops strong and with great hybrid vigor. This plants can reach a great height, mainly outdoors, due to the influence of the sativa part of its genetics. It is during flowering where it expresses the influence of its Indica genetics, presenting thick buds and a huge amount of resin. Due to its size and structure, it is a plant that it is recommended to have under control so that it does not fall apart.

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Michoacan Cream yield is medium-high, even though the bank does not declare exact values. Its flowering is intermediate and, in the interior with lights of culture, it can take between 9 and 10 weeks to be ready. If grown outdoors in sunlight, it is a plant that will be ready for harvest about two weeks after the end of summer.

Michoacan Cream is a medium to mild effect plant. It begins with a deep brain stimulation and feeling of well-being and evolves to a more relaxing effect. Ideal for smoking during the day and enjoying some time alone.

What really stands out about the Michoacan Cream is its incredible aroma and flavor, which is unique, unrepeatable and complex. In it you can find incense, wet soil, hashish mixed with tones of lavender, grape and a spicy background. Come on, a whole range of aromas that will conquer all those who try it.

Chapita de Michoacan Cannabis Seeds

Chapita de Michoacan Cannabis Seeds from Cannabiogen Seeds

Fast and productive hybrid that was cultivated in the last decade by some areas of the Sierras of Michoacan and Sinaloa, Mexico. Variety of easy cultivation, grow vigorously, asking for little fertilizer and cautious watering to prevent the leaves from reaching the shape of a claw. The effect is medium / high power. rather stimulating, noticing the Mexican blood that runs at the intersection. The odors that the plants give off are discreet, although they stand out together with their flavors when the plant is already very dry, taking tones like a plant of Rúcula (Eruca sativa).

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Michoacan Cream strain

With the unmistakable texture of the infamous Peyote Purple you are introduced to another level of fine detailed aromatic delights by combining the Michoacán Spirit. Rich earthy incensed hashish with overtones of grapes and lavender fill the bouquet. The complex somewhat spicy, stimulating lucid effect is very creative at onset then slowly transforms into a calm relaxing state while leaving one still physically active. Michoacan Cream produces medium yields of bright fall colors that explode at the finish of flowering. We highly advise not cutting her too late in order to obtain the best flavors and stimulating effects. Belongs to the Peyote Delights Line, which is offered in normal seeds of which over 90% come out female.