Mendo Mulcher

Signature lid

Signature lid

Made in famous Mendocino County, California, Mendo Mulchers have been very popular bud grinders for a long time running and for good reason. They are on par with the more expensive grinders, yet have more teeth than any other brand on the market today. Continue reading to find out why these grinders are know for getting your herbs to the perfect consistency for smoking or vaporizing.

Why People Love Mendo Mulcher Grinders

  • 88 Sharp Teeth – These grinders contain 88 very sharp, grinding teeth. This is over twice as many teeth found on the leading competitor products. The numerous sharp teeth shred through bud using a slightly angled approach, which makes for a really nice consistency while minimizing resin build ups and maximizing kief production at the same time.

  • Quality Materials – Mendo Mulchers are created with precision machines from a very high grade, heavy aluminum. As a result, the grinders are extremely durable. The screens are set directly into the grinder during the manufacturing process, unlike cheapos where screens are frequently glued on.

  • Magnetic Lids – The lids of these products have a good grip pattern for your hand to grasp and the magnets keep the lid on securely. The magnets are also set directly into the grinder so that you don’t have to worry about them eventually coming loose.

Shortcomings of Mendo Mulchers

The most common complaint about these grinders is that the second piece with the teeth actually screws into the inside of the third piece where the grounds are stored. It makes the grinder a bit more compact, but you have to take off the lid in order to open the grinder and get to the ground buds.

2 Piece Grinder

2 Piece Grinder

Mendo Mulcher Grinder Options

2 Piece Grinders ($20-$30)

2 piece grinders from Mendo are perfect for pocket carry. They are incredibly strong, compact and durable. The grinders have a matte metallic finish to avoid fingerprints and all grinders include a magnetized lid.

The 2 pieces are available in an array of sizes. They start at 1.5 inches and go up to a 3 inch version.

4 Piece Grinders ($40-$50)

4 Piece Grinder

4 Piece Grinder

The 4 piece weed grinders from Mendo Mulcher include stainless steel kief screens. They come in numerous sizes, ranging from 2 inches up to 3 inches. Considering the quality of these products, they are a very cost-effective choice.

The angled teeth on the four piece grinders increases the efficiency of both grinding and kief production. They seem to stay cleaner longer than most competitors.

The Lowdown on Mendo Mulcher Grinders

The Mendo Mulcher is a solid product that gets the job done. With their numerous teeth, magnetic lids and fair price, it’s no wonder why they’ve been among the top rated grinders for many years. Is it true that they produce the best consistency of fresh ground? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

NEW Mendo Mulcher 2.25″ (inch) Double Thick GRIP Edge 2 pc Grinder (top/bottom)
NEW Mendo Mulcher 2.25″ (inch) Double Thick GRIP Edge 2 pc Grinder (top/bottom)
Price: $27.99 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal
Mendo Mulcher 3″ GRIP Edge 2 pc Herb Grinder ✈️ Free US Shipping!!!
Mendo Mulcher 3″ GRIP Edge 2 pc Herb Grinder ✈️ Free US Shipping!!!
Price: $37.99 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal
NEW! Mendo Mulcher 2.25″ in Knurled Edge 2-Piece Herb Grinder
NEW! Mendo Mulcher 2.25″ in Knurled Edge 2-Piece Herb Grinder
Price: $28.99 Expires: Friday Jul-10 View Deal
NEW Mendo Mulcher 1.75″ in Double Thick GRIP Edge 2 pc Herb Grinder (top/bottom)
NEW Mendo Mulcher 1.75″ in Double Thick GRIP Edge 2 pc Herb Grinder (top/bottom)
Price: $24.99 Expires: Monday Jul-20 View Deal
NEW Mendo Mulcher 2″ GRIP Edge 4-Piece Herb Grinder w/Screen
NEW Mendo Mulcher 2″ GRIP Edge 4-Piece Herb Grinder w/Screen
Price: $43.99 Expires: Monday Jul-20 View Deal

50 Visitor Comments
  1. shantytown007 says:

    I agree, the MM is fantastic. Can crush a sticky .125 in one go.

  2. Stevie says:

    It’s true I got one for my girlfriend’s birthday and it is absolutely awesome, I have used a few others (no idea which brands they were) and this is by far the best, it absolutely massacres the weed with a half twist of the grinder, very consistent size and so efficient, kief catcher works awesome too it stacks up so fast! GREAT buy and totally handmade in CA!

  3. TexasJ says:

    Its made by an American and a family man. it is a kick ass grinder likely the best on the market. You are putting food in his kids mouths. What more is there to say?
    Please buy American dammit!

  4. Sweet MaryJane says:

    GO USA! Mendo Mulcher kicks a** and TexasJ said it best, putting American food in American mouths. F China and their polluting shit. Keep them out – they will strangle us all. I hope the people who save a couple bucks buying the Chinese products enjoy their lead shavings :)

    • says:

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      • Anonymous says:

        there’s three times as many Chinese though you dumbass

      • Anonymous says:

        china doesn’t have black people you ignorant fuck

      • Jolanta says:

        Chef Juan! I love your recipes! I am orignially from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and when I saw this recipe I felt compelled to tell you that in my hometown this dish is called “Migas con Huevo en salsa verde”, is a traditional dish from Monterrey. Our state,Nuevo Leon, has very rich culinary traditions derived mainly from Spanish Catholic, Spanish Jewish and Tlaxcaltecas Indians that arrived from South Mexico. I love the way you prepare this recipe, it’s much easier, I usually fry some chopped onions and garlic after frying the tortillas, also used to put the salsa verde (or very hot salsa roja) at the end. I consider myself a good cook and I can’t believe I never thought of cooking the eggs in the salsa! Gosh! it’s much better this way. So call it “Chilaquiles” or “Migas con Huevo”, I don’t care as long as it tastes good and takes care of my hangover! :-D hahaha You are amazing and I love ALL your recipes,(did I already say that? haha)Congratulations, You give this dish a very special twist and I love it. Viva Chef Juan!! :-)

      • Mike says:

        Sk8punk. No one cares. Your just a punk like your name says. So go suck some chink eye did and carry on fag

  5. FrequentFlyer says:

    just got this grinder and i gotta say it rocks. the middle chamber is a little weird cause its one small lip is what you have to twist to open it, but other than that the quality of the grinder is amazing, alot beter then the others i have seen.

  6. MeanGene says:

    Tried one out while attending a school in Cali. A most excellent grinder. I had to buy one for myself when I got home. Just bought a 3″ on ebay and can’t wait for the wife to try it.

    • Adrian says:

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      • Star says:

        Je te rejoins Will.Mais, Vinvin, j’ai fait le geste qui m’a sauvé et m’a obligé à prendre mon pied avec les détails, les seconds plans, les autres acteurs etc… qui ont tous valorisés James : j’ai fermé mon tÃÃnh©p©ole. Et j’ai passé un super moment.

  7. young toker says:

    Hello im very eager to buy such a high quality pruduct but one specific feature in particular evades me… To those who have already seen handled and used the mendo mulcher does it have the handy magnetic top???? Please respond if yes this would be the perfect product for me

    • Tok3r says:

      It does. I’ve had it for about 6 years now and cleaned it for the first time last night. Still shines beautifully(not that you asked :P)

  8. towel says:

    Where can you buy these in the uk? Anyone have any ideas?

  9. dandan says:

    @young toker, yeah it definitely does have a handy magnetic top. I’ve had my 4 pc 2.25″ for about 6 months now. I’ve seen and used a lot of grinders, but honestly nothing comes even close to the Mendo. Because of the number of teeth, the herb grinds out a little finner than most grinders, but I’ve never had a problem because of that (plus it makes it absolutely unbeatable for vapin’). And I agree with y’all, GO F#CK*N’ USA!
    To advertise: y’all should also check out the vapor genie. The two make a great couple.

  10. 420rockford says:

    between this and the volcano you cant lose unless the FEDS catch up with you!!!!!

  11. Titsmaniac says:

    Yeah. I love this thang Imma buy it real soon son. American too, what else can I ask for




  13. Anonymous says:

    Received one as a gift. Excellent.

  14. Krazyness says:

    This is the best grinder I have a Space case and this grinder makes it a piece of shit ya dig

  15. Philarious says:

    Just received my 2.25″, 4-piece Mendo Mulcher this afternoon. It took 2-days to arrive (I ordered directly from mfg in Willits, CA – free shipping, I’m in N.CA also). I LOVE this grinder. So-o-o-o-o much better than others I have used!

  16. Indy says:

    I really want a high quality grinder like this one. How much kief can you get from this grinder?

  17. Tony Sparks says:

    This is great but really slow for the grind

  18. BIOGURU says:


  19. the yellow puts the tang in wu says:

    I have a titanium medium space case but I am most definitely buying a mendo soon. I don’t really have a reason why but i have only heard wonderful things about them, and looks like a very solid grinder. I might as well buy a back up for exclusive home use or something in case the space case gets taken by the pigs. Only thing that yanks my chain a bit is how the stationary grinding section (bottom teeth)sits inside the sifter piece.

  20. Mendo_Burner707 says:

    I live in mendo county and hella people I know have the mendo mulcher its a badass piece of equipment . Stay high my friends

  21. MadMike says:

    Monster slashing mean green with the Mendo Mulcher. It’s the only way and it’s made in the USA!! :)

  22. Loti says:

    Got one a year ago for my birthday, kick arse grinder. I am a 25 year smoker and have owned many many grinders, this one is by far the best. The size of the actual grinder itself sold me, the thing fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. A real MANS grinder. LOL… anyway, in all seriousness these kick some serious butt!

  23. jj says:

    Ive used three grinders in my life time a cheap $20 a sharpstone and a mendo. They all grind bud but some do it easier, and catch more kief. The mendo was the best of all three, the sharpstone very close, but get the mendo

  24. Enugget says:

    I bought a mulcher but the space case blows it away.. Chances are you won’t notice the difference but I did…

    • doug says:

      I know what you mean, and I agree.

      • Margarita says:

        Ole1 Joe3o.Nem eu sei Joe3o… Nem eu sei…Sf3 sei que ne3o adianta proacrur em nenhum lugar, ela vem ne3o sei de onde e fica. c0s vezes calma outras violenta. Vem do tudo do mundo. Vem do nada que e9 tudo isso tambe9m. Se3o palavras que o mundo tem e outras que sf3 pensamos, nunca se3o ditas, nunca se3o escritas. Essas se3o tuas como todas e1s que aqui escrevi. Se3o do mundo Joe3o, e para ele ve3o.beijosssssssss!!!!!!!!Beijos meu querido amigo.

  25. just sayin says:

    Made in AMERICA and built to last!

  26. David says:

    Yet again, if you want a properly made, highest quality machined item, buy American, or just waste time.

    Cannot wait to get mine here, 3″.

  27. terr0rhawk says:

    jus got the 2″ 2 piece. shit works great. I used a space cases and kannaster brand grinder before. I like the mulcher the best. and the design looks different and better then normal 2 piece grinders. mendo mutha fucka

  28. 420 Friendly says:

    I have the 2.25″ 4-piece and to be honest I’m not that impressed. I have owned the grinder for over a year, and herbs constantly get stuck between the teeth. It takes some time and rocking the top back and forth between the different sides followed by poking all the stuck herb through the holes to grind anything. Designs with a plastic shim to reduce friction in the grinding motion feel much smoother than the MM, in which the top set of teeth are elevated by the central magnet, causing a lot of play between the pieces.

    • Vilu says:

      How wonderful to be rlaodmny perusing this site and come across a shout out to my favorite restaurant in town! Martanne’s chilaquiles are my go to solution for a wide range of hangovers (from the mild to the disabling), and the first place ever heard of/had chilaquiles, none other can match up. Many come to Flagstaff for the seasons, but stay for the chilaquiles. Hopefully you had time to try out Diablo Burger as well, it’d be a shame to pass up.

  29. Grinderphile says:

    More teeth = more BS.

  30. hector main says:

    Best dam grinder

  31. ThisGuy says:

    I live in So.Hum and everyone I know uses a mendo if they grind. They really are the best. Space Case is pretty much equal to a mulcher. But I hate diamond eghhh…. those suck

  32. Ignorant ain`t a bless says:

    @Sweet MaryJane
    what the fuck is wrong with made in China? who`s gonna make u cheap fucking addidas nike shoes and shirt without china, American is made worst by dumb fucking rednecks like you, go fuck ur sister and have some more inbred dumbass you lowlife

  33. lol says:

    Overpriced. Most of these reviews are probably the owner of the company. He’s equally illiterate, as seen on his ebay page.

  34. itry2brational says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. My MM has no nylon ring for smooth operation so its metal on metal grinding, the grind isn’t as fine as others like my Sharpstone or Chromium Crusher, its more expensive and the people who make it would not respond to any type of communication regarding it to stand behind their product. Redeeming qualities: its made in America. That’s about it.

  35. mendoissuperior says:

    Mendo mulcher is the best grinder on the market period. i have owned mine for 5 years and run around 3.5 g’s of high quality buds through it a day. I have never once had to clean anything other than the screen and there isnt the least bit of buildup anywhere. Seen many a space case and they were all gunked up in months.

  36. Mick Fagence says:

    Hello All,
    I hope none of you have any trouble with products purchased from ‘Mendo Mulchers’ as the ‘DO NOT’ honour their so called ‘Lifetime Warranty’ !!! I purchased a ‘Dog Bone’ press that one end bound up so bad that I can now not get to turn, I contacted ‘Dave’ who offered a replacement and then that was it ??? I’ve not received anything in the mail and no matter what I do, email or phone message, they won’t reply ??? Why offer a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ if you won’t stand behind the products they make and sell ???
    Just another company that’s happy to take your money but stick their head in the sand when the shoe is put on the other foot !!! ‘THANKS DAVE !!!’..

  37. William says:

    Hiya Chef John! you may wanna try these with some mole instead of the salsa. Maybe add a bit of sdedehrd leftover chicken or fry a couple eggs and lay them on top, or avoid the poultry altogether (grown or fetus) and add some dollops of sour cream. This is definitely my favorite breakfast.Though this may change after I try your sausage patty recipe.Much love from south of the border.

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