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Massachusetts cannabis seeds reddit


Are there any legal local sources for cannabis seeds (preferably feminized) in MA? I’ve found a few websites that carry them, but I’m not convinced they’re safe or legit. I’d like to support someone local if that’s even possible, but I’m not sure if there any legit sources for feminized seeds for sale.

Greenpoint seeds uses a pretty prolific stardawg male for all their breeding and everything I popped has been absolute fire!!

EDIT: Realize you wanted femmed seeds, they have those too! I just linked the reg seeds

ALSO: Didn’t realize you wanted local mass, sorry! These are CO, but they ship to me every time without issue.

Currently 25% off this weekend! I grabbed a pack of Boston cream donut by mass medical strains

Well grown seeds and the seed source

Okay so. Technically? Nowhere. There is no such thing as legal cannabis seed sales. How do I know? Because I paid an attorney a butt-load of money about partnering a cannabis seedbank with a legitimate grow-your-own company just in the last year and it’s still not legal.

That being said, it’s basically treated like it is legal. It gets sold as novelties or as “hemp for educational purposes,” or even “specialty bird seed” and the like. When getting seeds from outside the country, it even frequently comes in old-school stealth packages. Like all Nirvana seeds come in a cardboard postcard that says something like, “In Holland, we like chocolate!” and then you rip the seam and there’s packages of seeds.

Some hydro stores definitely skirt the law with the “buy these classes or $X worth of product and we’ll GIVE you some seeds!” but I’m pretty sure they’re getting away with murder in plain site in that regard. Probably a 100% chance that if pressed, they’d say they’re for novelty use or one of the aforementioned work-arounds.

Let me take some fear away from you: Nobody is coming for your small homegrow. You’re more likely to be hit by a car while inside a building. Just don’t do multiple illegal things at once like owning a ton of unregistered firearms or also selling meth or something. If you buy several HUNDRED seeds, then hey – it’s a bit more likely but still not going to end up with you in jail.

There are, quite literally, hundreds of reputable cannabis seed dealers out there. Yes, a lot of the “fire” you see of stuff with unheard of names will be a bit sketchier. I gave $300 to a seed vendor online once and he never sent his stuff and wouldn’t reply – so I canceled the transfer. And because I have great credit, my bank just made it happen and I was refunded. (That’s not always the case for folks but hey – I had a good ending.) Out of a few dozen seed orders that I’ve made, that’s the only one that had a scammer. I’ve also had seeds not come and contacted the bank who then apologized and re-sent with some extras to boot.

Do you know what strains you might want to grow? I’d be happy to make some recommendations but you can also find your geneticist / seller via (a great way to look up strains and lineage). Good luck!

Reputable website for seeds?

Greetings everyone, finished up my first grow ever with random bag seeds that I’ve had for years and now I’d like to try and grow something that I actually know what exactly the strain is. I’ve looked around at places like Neptune seed bank and growers choice seeds but I have no clue what a trustworthy/reputable site is. Any local growers know of a site that I can get seeds from in a week or less?

North altantic seed company is amazing. Local to new england small business. Quick discreet and affordable.

Got my seeds this year in 4 days

This is the way

There are a lot of them. As another poster mentioned, NASC, but you can also check out Neptune, Multiverse, and a few others. If you have a favorite breeder or if you have favorite strains look up the breeder and they usually have a website that will tell you which seed banks they sell their seeds through.

I’ve only ever had experience with Multiverse Beans, but they are discreet, fast, tracked shipping, multiple pay methods ( I like to use PayPal, but they have a few convenient options) and freebies. Got some awesome breeders on there too, whichever way you go, good luck and happy growing!

Checkout r/multiversebeans to see some happy customers.

North atlantic is good i also like seedsman

Neptune, NASC, Multiverse, seedbazaar,

Neptune seed bank, North Atlantic seed bank, Seedsherenow, Seeds for me, Great lakes genetics, Dc seed exchange, SeedsPlug, Seedsman(sucks). Also a somewhat new seed bank that has kushman, swami and that pretentious angelo dude with the ponytail representing their personal strains and many many others for sale. Probably my next source for genetics. Gotta run my ak47 seeds i got from serious seeds(seedsherenow) first along with my dj short blueberry/flo mix pack. Any one of these banks is legit. I have the beans to prove it from all.