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Libido seeds

5 powerful aphrodisiac seeds available in your kitchen!!

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Want to boost your libido? Before thinking about ‘miracle pills,’ take a look at your pantry. Many foods present in your pantry have aphrodisiac properties. Some were known and used throughout history to boost sexual desire. During the Aztec period, cocoa was a popular aphrodisiac. The mistress of Louis XV said, ‘If the woman knew what celery did to man, she would go and get it from Paris to Rome.’ She believed so much in the aphrodisiac power of this vegetable that she regularly prepared a celery delicacy for the king to maintain sexual vigor. However, consuming foods with aphrodisiac properties will not turn you into a sex beast ready to ‘jump on anything that moves.’ It will basically stimulate the production of hormones, which will affect your libido.

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Among the various foods that are potent aphrodisiacs, here are some seeds that can help you boost your sex life:

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds can have aphrodisiac potential. Thanks to their high zinc content, pumpkin seeds are supposed to increase libido. Zinc helps normal fertility and healthy testosterone levels in the blood.

Fenugreek seeds: The phytoestrogens present in fenugreek, including saponin, choline, and trimethylamine, can cause estrogenic or anti-estrogenic effects. Phytoestrogens stimulate the synthesis of sex hormones, i.e., testosterone for men. This stimulation leads to an aphrodisiac effect and increased sexual desire, which promotes better erections.

Sesame seeds: Studies indicate that antioxidants and lignan present in sesame seeds can help improve sperm count, motility, and quality. Thus, regular consumption of sesame seeds can be an aid to address fertility issues in men.

Cumin seeds: It is attributed to aphrodisiac virtues, especially among Arabs who prepared a mixture of cumin, pepper, and honey to stimulate the libido. Cumin seeds are also rich in zinc content, which is known to improve sperm production. Potassium and other elements present in cumin also help to address erectile dysfunction, virility issues, and premature ejaculation.

Carom seeds: These spicy seeds can help spice up your sex life too. Ajwain or carom seeds act on the sex hormones to boost libido and improve potency. It also has a relaxing effect on your body.

Most aphrodisiacs work best if sexual desire is already present and they up the level of pleasure. In the case of erectile dysfunction, aphrodisiacs can rarely regulate them. To treat significant sexual dysfunctions, the underlying causes must first be resolved.

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Top 10 Sex-Boosting Foods

iStockPhoto In the age of Viagra, it’s easy to forget that many foods can enhance the sexual experience. But which foods make the best aphrodisiacs? Keep clicking as Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the author “Forever Young” and other books, shares his top 10 picks.


iStockPhoto Asparagus is rich in folate, a B vitamin that helps increase the production of histamine. The correct levels of histamine are important for a healthy sex drive in both men and women.


iStockPhoto Avocado is rich in folic acid for increased energy production, along with healthy fats to improve mood and sense of well-being.


iStockPhoto When it comes to boosting dopamine levels, blueberries rule. Blueberries give the body a greater ability to release dopamine, an energizing, stimulatory neurotransmitter. They also protect us from the loss of dopamine cells normally seen with aging. By increasing brain energy production and maintaining youthful brain function, dopamine exerts an extremely important antiaging effect. Since dopamine levels decrease with age, blueberries become even more important as we get older.

Cold-Water Fish

iStockPhoto Salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, and other cold-water fish are high in omega-3 fats. If you want just one food group that is guaranteed to help increase sexual stamina, these fish are for you. Omega-3s are critical to the brain and nervous system. They also improve your mood, increase your sense of well–being, fight depression, give you glowing, radiant skin, and improve your memory and brainpower.


iStockPhoto Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical believed to produce the feeling of being in love. We all know how good chocolate makes us feel. In fact, a study published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” found that women who enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day had a more active sex life than those who didn’t.


iStockPhoto Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow. L-citrulline supports the body in optimizing blood flow when it converts to L-arginine and then to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is involved in vasodilation (dilation of the blood vessels). Low levels of nitric oxide are associated with mental and physical fatigue and sexual dysfunction. Like Viagra, L-citrulline increases blood flow to the sexual organs but without any negative side effects.

Some experts are asking, “Is watermelon the new Viagra?”


iStockPhoto Garlic contains allicin, a compound thought to increase blood flow to the sexual organs. Some experts believe that garlic is a very powerful aphrodisiac. But it doesn’t work overnight. It is necessary to take capsules or eat garlic daily for about a month to reap its remarkable benefits.


iStockPhoto Oysters are extremely rich in zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and maintenance of healthy sperm. And even though women have much less testosterone than men, it also plays a key part in the female libido. Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women.


iStockPhoto Studies show that the amino acid L-arginine is helpful for improving sexual function in men. L-arginine is used to make nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels. Preliminary studies have found that L-arginine may help with erectile dysfunction. Peanuts are a rich natural source of L-argininie.

Pumpkin Seeds

iStockPhoto Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in zinc and promote the health of the male prostate gland. And don’t underestimate the power of zinc when it comes to a woman’s sex drive. One study found that pumpkin seeds are a great libido booster. Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which act as a precursor of prostaglandins – hormonelike substances important for sexual health.