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Lemon fuel seeds

Fuel Tasting Cannabis Seeds

As your highly acclaimed go-to seller for all cannabis seed needs, our impressive inventory here at Seed City includes Octane Fire OG strain seeds. This 80/20 i.

Mega Bucks Auto – Yieldmonger Seeds

The taste of Mega Bucks Auto is a wonderful mix of fresh lemon, orange and lime which has proved to be an absolute favourite with many a connoisseur time and ti.

O.G. Kush – Royal Queen Seeds

OG Kush is loved by many. The most obvious trait of OG Kush is its strong, unique, very dank, slightly citrus aroma.

HulkBerry – Royal Queen Seeds

HulkBerry is the alter-ego of The Incredible Hulk. This sinsemilla superhero is here to save head stash. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the dank.

LSD-25 – FastBuds

Crossing our autoflower genetics with the legendary strain LSD was no easy task. After years of R&D, we finally came across the perfect blend to bring to our fa.

Nikki & Swami’s Lemon OG – BlimBurn Seeds

Nikki and Swami’s Lemon OG Feminized is a high quality Indica dominant strain that has been named after Swami and his wife, Nikki Lastreto, two illustrious icon.

Sour Diesel Auto – Seed Stockers

Enjoy the penetrating odour of cannabis buds with a deep, dank diesel/fuel aroma like no other. Sour Diesel Auto is here and Seedstockers have it in stock! She.

Gorilla Glue Auto – FastBuds

This strain gets its nickname from the trichomes that “glue up” the scissors when trimming leaves off this giant. Our Gorilla Glue strain is a potent hybrid tha.

Critical Kush – Barneys Farm Seeds

Critical Kush™ is a blending of the famous Critical Mass with OG Kush. This is a powerful and extremely vigorous Indica plant, yielding huge amounts of beautifu.

Bruce Banner Auto – Seed Stockers

Bruce Banner Auto offers one of the best terpene profiles you will find from any modern, high-performance autoflower seed. For many, the rich, penetrating Kush/.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto – FastBuds

Our exceptional genetic selection gives birth to the marvelous Strawberry Gorilla Auto, a spectacular hybrid known for producing yields of up to 600gr/m2 in 70.

Lemon Tree – Barneys Farm Seeds

LEMON TREE™ is an award-winning combination of the US classics Lemon Skunk & Sour Diesel oozing with deliciously high levels of Limonene and Myrcene.

Diesel x Blueberry – Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

The sour diesel taste meets the fruity berry taste of the Blueberry. The diesel is a strain that was bred out in the USA. Blueberry is originally a USA based st.

Island G – Oni Seed Co

Island G is a well-bred strain derived from a cross of Giesel x Tropicanna Cookies. There are some very famous strains in the immediate genetic lineage includin.

Kerosene Krash – Dutch Passion Seeds

One very sexy GG#4 female was pollinated by a male Sherbet. This cross was then further developed into a stable feminized line of very high-quality seeds. We ha.

Ultra Violet GMO – Growers Choice

GMO Cookies, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a heavily Indica dominant hybrid strain that was born after a potent Chem dawg x Girl Scout Cookies strain. Ultra.

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Purple Queen – Royal Queen Seeds

Purple Queen is pure indica royalty. By combining the most elusive and highly-prized purple phenotypes of Kush mountain strains, the master breeders at Royal Qu.

Gorilla Glue #4 – Original Sensible Seeds

Just mention the words Gorilla Glue and the cannabis community jungle drums boom like crazy, Gorilla cannabis seeds are considered the worlds strongest and stic.

Time Ztone – Dark Horse Genetics

Time Ztone is a beautifully bred and selected Zkittlez hybrid derived from a cross of Weapon X x (Zkittlez x Bitch Slap).

Chemonade V2 – True Canna Genetics

The Chemonade genetics originate from hitting the Grape Lemonade #11 with the ChemValley Cooks. The Grape Lemonade is a genetic cross between LemChem and Granda.

Neville Express – Sumo Seeds

Are you looking for a very powerful haze strain well then get on board of the Neville Express!! This Haze cannabis strain gave birth after crossing a stable Ne.

Glow Starz – Paradise Seeds

Glowstarz by Paradise Seeds is an outstanding cultivar that crosses SFV OG Kush with the infamous, creamy, gassy and funky Gelato 33. This heavy yielding strain.

Gorilla Bomb – Bomb Seeds

One of the most talked about and arguably strongest strains of recent years, is the Insanely sticky Gorilla Glue. Huge amounts of resin and a great sour piney a.

AK420 Auto – Seed Stockers

AK 420 auto offers the home grower an ideal combination of quality and quantity. The prize winning genetics originally come from AK47 and deliver proven consist.

Strawberry Pie Auto – FastBuds

A flavorful combination that smells like a skunky strawberry candy. It is a very complex mix of fruity, cookie dough, and cream with a pinch of fuel that will d.

OG Kush Auto – White Label Seeds

This popular strain is indica-dominant, which can be seen in its compact, stocky shape, and experienced in its soothing effects. The precise parentage of OG Kus.

Neville Express Auto – Sumo Seeds

If you are familiar with cannabis history and you ever visited Amsterdam, then you must have tried this legendary sativa by the name of Neville/Nevil (after a.

Auto Mimosa Punch – Dutch Passion Seeds

The new addition to the autoflower team is based on prize-winning genetics of the famous ‘Mimosa’, a clone-only cut from North America. Mimosa originally was cr.

Jupiter OG Kush – Cali Connection Seeds

Jupiter OG is named after the largest planet in our solar system for one main reason. Not only does this OG Kush variety boast one of the highest yields of the.

Diesel Haze – Flash Seeds

As a fan of sativas, always try to find various options to have smoking cars sativas rich flavors and smells very distinctos in my collections and my gardens. I.

Caboose – Strain Hunters

The Caboose is a famous Californian cut, a cross of the original Trainwreck with the legendary Salmon Creek Big Bud.

Louis XIII OG – Cali Connection Seeds

Louis XIII is once again a famous L.A./SVF/Sun Vallery/Hollywood Hills clone that’s been dubbed Louis XIII due to its amazing structure. We took this Louis XIII.

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El Chapo – The Plug Seedbank

Notorious for its explosive terps and heavy hitting high, El Chapo is Sour Genetics signature strain, born in North London in 2015 and originally known to the S.

Purple Diesel – Cali Connection Seeds

Purple Diesel is our Pre-98 Bubba crossed to the Original Sour Diesel clone. Our goal was to create a purple plant with and extreme diesel flavor. We took the o.

Original Auto OG Kush – FastBuds

Original Auto O.G Kush will produce heavy set and dense buds that reek with a strong pine fragrance. The calyx are very dense and despite her having a smaller.

Terpzookie – True Canna Genetics

Terpzookie Regular Cannabis Seeds by True Canna Genetics the origins of this cultivar stem from pollinating the legendary Triangle Kush with a reversed Terpzill.

Spritz – Perfect Tree Seeds

Spritz Regular Cannabis Seeds by Perfect Tree Seeds is a combination of two amazing strains that we selected for their unique aroma, resin production and struct.

SALE – Diesel Haze – Flash Seeds – Cannabis Seed Sale Items

As a fan of sativas, always try to find various options to have smoking cars sativas rich flavors and smells very distinctos in my collections and my gardens. I.

Larry OG Kush – Cali Connection Seeds

Larry OG is the famed Larry OG clone coming from Orange County (OC), California. This was a famous cut that was originally given to Larry after the clone came f.

Lemon Diesel – Emerald Triangle Seeds

If you’re a marijuana seed collector looking for unique and innovative options with a compelling history, then look no further. The Lemon Diesel Strain Cannabis.

Kush Bomb – Bomb Seeds

To create our Kush Bomb we crossed a hand selected Southern Cali Kush with our monster yielding Big Bomb resulting in a high production, knock-out strain we’re.

Purple Berry Kush – Spliff Seeds

Citrus/berry aroma with a pungent kush taste. Very relaxing body stone and narcotic effect. Medium sized plant with high yields of sticky lemon buds. The plant.

Nightcrawler OG – Top Shelf Elite Seeds

A selection of the absolute finest in West Coast OG Hybrids, our unreleased Alien Nightqueen and a pristine specimen of Blue Moonshine make up this deadly Kush.

O.G. Candy Dawg Kush Auto – Seed Stockers

The genetics behind O.G. Candy Dawg Kush autoflower were produced by crossing a potent and heavy yielding Candy Kush/ Chem Dawg hybrid with an exceptional OG Ku.

Purple Dawg Mass – Critical Mass Collective

This ones a creeper. the onset is apparent but intensifies. Muscle relaxing, self-worth enhancing positive vibes with a high that inspires and relaxes, wearing.

Forbidden Glue – Flavour Chasers

Forbidden Glue was created by crossing Zkittlez, Gorilla Glue #4 and Lemon. Forbidden Glue is indica dominant and is ready to harvest after 9 weeks. Depending o.

Banana Krumble – Green House Seeds

Banana Krumble is one of our latest additions to the catalogue for 2020. We selected the Banana Punch for its smell and flavor of overripe bananas and cinnamon.

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Titty Twister – Ultra Genetics

Titty Twister Female Cannabis Seeds By Ultra Genetics is a mix of absolute legends from the cannabis industry. The mother is our infamous Sour grape Kush strain.

Midnight Sunset – Perfect Tree Seeds

Midnight Sunset Female Weed Seeds by Perfect Tree is a creation of 2 exceptional strains that combine flawlessly to create this flavour-packed heavily Indica do.

Russian Rocket Fuel – Short Stuff Seeds

Our russian rocket fuel strain is the result of crossing a heavy indica strain with very dense resinous buds with automatic NYC diesel which adds an exotic high.

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Lemon Fuel

Lemon Fuel , also known as Lemon Fuel OG,, is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Jet Fuel and Lemon Cake. Reviewers on Leafly say this strain makes them feel sleepy, euphoric, and tingly. Lemon Fuel has 14% THC. The dominant terpene in this strain is terpinolene. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Lemon Fuel, before let us know! Leave a review.

Lemon Fuel , also known as Lemon Fuel OG,, is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Jet Fuel and Lemon Cake. Reviewers on Leafly say this strain makes them feel sleepy, euphoric, and tingly. Lemon Fuel has 14% THC. The dominant terpene in this strain is terpinolene. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed this strain, Lemon Fuel, before let us know! Leave a review.

Lemon Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This hybrid behaves more like a sativa in the beginning with energizing effects and increased socialization and creativity. Towards the end of the high, you’ll fall into a deep state of relaxation.


When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Diesel. That’s the saying, right? Lemon Diesel marijuana seeds are classified as an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 makeup. Like most members of the Lemon strain family, Lemon Diesel has more sativa-like effects that wake up the brain and body. The smell of citrus acts as a natural energizer and mood booster, which could explain why so many house-cleaning products have a lemon scent.

Lemon Diesel leaves you with a happy, energized, and revitalized high that’s both refreshing and stimulating. This strain can boost creativity, euphoria, and mood levels to make your day better. Shortly after smoking, you’ll notice a lighter mood come over you with increased socialization and chattiness. You may find yourself talking to someone who’ve never met before at a party or social gathering.

Because Lemon Diesel leaves users with a heightened awareness of their surroundings, it may cause anxiety and paranoia if overdone. Once the energy levels of this strain fade away, you’re left with an indica sensation of deep relaxation and laziness. Lemon Diesel promotes couchlock towards the end of the high, and these plants typically flower between 9 -10 weeks.