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Kush xl auto cannabis seeds

Triple XL Auto Seeds

Indica Dominant Hybrid Auto-Flowering Strain With Incredibly High Yields

Triple XL Auto Seeds are a 3-way crossing of all time famous Northern Lights #5, Massive Buds producing strain Big Bud, Extremely energizing Green Crack, and inclusion of Ruderalis hereditary qualities. These exceptional seeds can be grown in almost all environments, at high latitude as well. The plants that you will grow with these seeds will have high THC of 15 to 20% & Low CBD of less than 1% that will make them very potent for recreational & medical users alike.


Indoor 2.6 – 3.2 oz/ft2 (800 – 1000 g/m2)

Outdoor 3 – 7 oz (80 – 200 gr) per plant


Indoor 49 – 65 days


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The Genetics of Auto Triple XL Seeds

These incredible seeds are the result of crossing between Northern Lights #5, Big Bud, Green Crack & Auto-flowering Ruderalis Genetics. These are Indica dominant seeds, with 80% Indica & 20% Sativa properties. The crossing of three-parent strains has added to the potency of the plants grown from these Auto Triple XL seeds. The Plants you grow from these seeds will have Massive auto-flowering buds with High THC & Low CBD values.

The Phenotype Triple XL Auto Marijuana Seeds

The Plants that you grow from Triple XL Auto Feminized Seeds will have dense, fatty central colas with white trichomes that will make them look similar to chronic varieties. As with all Indica varieties, the plants will have forest green sugar leaves & rusty red pistils which will make them look astonishing at the first appearance. As the strain has got its genetics from Big Bud Strain, so this will make it have massive distinctive buds, much bigger than the other strains.

Growing of Auto Triple XL Seeds

The plants that you grow from Triple XL auto Seeds will be auto-flowering due to Ruderalis genes. A modest height of 30 inches (75 cm) means that you can grow these seeds in any space. You can grow them outdoors as well as indoors. You can use your balcony as well if it gets a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight. The modest height also solves your problems as an outdoor grower as you don’t need to trim the plants to hide them. You can start cultivating just after the disappearance of the frost & get up to 3 batches before the next winter.

Flowering Time of Triple XL Auto Cannabis Seeds

It will take you approximately 49 to 56 days from germination to harvest. You will get extremely potent marijuana plants that you grow after the successful germination of Auto Triple XL Seeds. Their short Flowering time combined with Auto-flowering properties makes them your go-to strain for the garden. The seeds will produce the plants that will be able to face & conquer harsh environmental conditions as well as pests.

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Crossbred of top-notch three strains have resulted in a THC value of 17 – 21% for the plants that you will grow from Triple XL auto seeds. THC value of greater than 17% & Low CBD value makes this strain a pleasure for recreational users. This strain defies the norm as it is very potent, which you don’t expect from the auto-flowering strains. You will surely don’t want to miss the taste of this latest addition to the list of potent strains.

The plants that you will grow from Auto Triple XL seeds will have a low CBD value of less than 1%. The Low CBD value combined with High THC will give you a very potent strain. The potency of auto-flowering strains has taken years to improve & Triple XL Auto Strain is proof of this. This strain has made it possible for us to acknowledge that you can have cannabinoid & terpene profiles at the same time comparable to photoperiods.

Recreational Effects of Triple XL Auto

Early Effects

Triple XL auto strain will make you realize its potency just after a single dose of it. You will forget all of your worries as a single puff of it will make your mind euphoric. High-quality marijuana that you will get from the plants that you grow from Auto Triple XL seeds will dramatically improve your ability to focus & concentrate. The Cerebral High that you will get as a result will be overwhelming, but not that strong that will let you forget about everything. Even during the initial phase, you will have new energy & strength to be more productive in your work.

Late Effects

Due to its Indica origin, it will slowly make you calm, will relax your muscles & enhance your mood. The effects will make you feel happy & be at your full high. After a while, those effects will make you focus, start to fade away. You will lose your concentration & begin to get asleep. The stimulation that you will get at the beginning will soon convert into torpidity. At the end of the effects, you will be couch-locked. If you misuse it, you may feel visual disturbance & those effects will last longer.

Medical Effects

The High THC Cannabis that you will get from plants by growing Autoflower Triple XL Strain Seeds will have important roles to play in your life as a patient. This potent strain is capable enough to boost your mind in a short period. That is your strain to go for if you are suffering from pain, insomnia & post-traumatic stress disorders. It will protect you from the hazardous side effects of the medicines by acting as a natural painkiller. You can use this marijuana for the management of cramps, muscles & joints pain. That can also serve as a medication for the people suffering from insomnia as most people who consume it will tend to sleep at the end of its effects.

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Taste & Aroma of Autoflower Triple XL

The taste of the cannabis that you will get from the plants by growing Triple XL auto feminized seeds will be berry-like, fruity & sweet. Its aroma will feel like a combination of citrus, earthy & a little bit spicy. Relaxing your mind with its effects & taste makes it difficult for you to avoid growing these seeds.

The Yield of Triple XL Auto Seeds

While growing Triple XL auto seeds in indoor conditions, you can expect to have a yield of approximately 2.6 – 3.2 oz/ft 2 (800 – 1000 g/m 2 ), while in the case of outdoor, the crop remains 3 – 7 ounces (80-200 grams) per plant.

Auto Kush XL Cannabis Seeds

Auto Kush XL Cannabis Seeds from Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Unbranded Auto Kush XL Feminised Seeds. Now available in bulk quantities!

Auto Kush XL Cannabis Seed Stats

Breeder: Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Seed Type: Feminized
Available as Single Seed: Available as Single Seed
Flowering Period Type: Auto-Flowering
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Strength: Normal
Yield: Average
Strain Type: Hybrid, Asia-Central, Ruderalis Strains
Indoor Flowering Time: Medium (56 to 90 days)
Stock Availability: In Stock

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OG Kush XL

Originally from Northern California, in the United States, this cannabis strain has rapidly become known worldwide for its distinct aroma as well as strong effects. OG Kush XL is a unique strain that cannot be compared with other marijuana strains. OG Kush XL is an indica-dominant cannabis that has gained popularity across the globe. It is a hybrid cannabis, whose ancestors are not established. In fact, Kush is one of the easiest cannabis to farm; it is grown both indoors and outdoors.

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The origin of this indica is yet to be proved. However, it is assumed to have come from California State where it first gained its popularity. Many people framed it as an original gangster (OG) but its real name means Ocean Grown. Perhaps, it was then grown on the coast of California. It is believed that Chemdawg, lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush are the probable parents of OG Kush. The strain became famous in Los Angeles in the year 1995. You can buy OG KUSH XL cannabis seeds online today at our webshop!.

• The strain is identifiable by its unique look and a powerful aroma. The aroma slightly resembles that of most citrus fruits, which links it to the Thai lemon
• It has a great smell that makes it detectable when you carry it around
• OG Kush has a jade green colour
• Its buds are normally thick and large.
• It has gone through a series of transplanting, therefore, has several features of its ancestors.
• It contains high THC content and medium CBD content levels

OG Kush is one of the easiest cultivation practices you can invest in. These feminised cannabis seeds grow well both on indoor and outdoor setups. The plant occupies a small space as it grows. However, before it matures, it expands to cover a larger area as it starts to flower. The plant has a potential of growing up to a height of 160cm and a minimum of 90cm when growing indoors. But, for this indoor farming, it is normally trimmed to ensure it does not surpass three feet for easy management.

When planted outdoors, the need to trim for the control of height is unnecessary. It potentially grows to a height of between 180 cm to 220 cm. The plant matures at a moderate rate and faster compared to many other strains. It reaches the flowering stage after seven to nine weeks. With good care for the strain, it has a potential to yield between 425g and 475g for every square metre in an indoor setup. For the outdoor farming, you can harvest up to 550g per square metre area. Also, it has energy boosting effects on the consumers. In fact, the use of the strain leads to a relaxed feeling.

If you need to enjoy the distinct aroma and the effects that come with it, then you can try the strain. You can order and buy OG Kush XL cannabis seeds online from our website directly from our online store.