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Kritikal bilbao cannabis seeds


Everybody has ever heard of this genetics; Critical, or Kritikal Bilbo, is a classic among classics. A marijuana seed strain, regularly grown by everybody – from sybarites, the most advanced growers, to those beginners getting to know about cannabis grows. Unique flavor and effect – it has made a difference among many stoners; haven’t you tasted it yet? What are you waiting for?


In 2000, cannabis world listened to this name for the first time – it was never forgotten; a group of growers, living in the Spanish city of Bilbo, Critical Mass lovers, worked on a cross-breeding between an Afghan strain and the original Skunk strain.

They kept planting Critical Mass – from Mr. Nice bank – continuously; in 2000, they noticed a different Critical strain: Kritikal Bilbo; originally, that specimen was very difficult to sprout out – flimsy look, slow growth, initially stacked, about to die. However, differently from most of the growers, Bilbo fellows kept taking care of it, feeding it and pampering it; they were not so hopeful on quality product from that plant, but it started flowering.

After growth stage – during initial flowering, Bilbo fellows realized that plant was special, unique, so they were not supposed to let its DNA disappear; the fragrance from its buds overwhelmed all the growing room, so the smells from all its sisters faded.

Hopefully, its caretakers immediately knew it was a preserving strain; they started to produce feminized seeds and cuttings from that plant, so they managed to perpetuate Kritikal Bilbo genetics. Its fame spread like wildfire; everybody in Bilbo – in Bocho area – wanted this genetics in his growing closet: Kritikal Bilbo legend had started.


That slow-growth, flimsy plant kept improving; Darwin’s law did the rest, the weakest strains got discarded, its DNA got more stable day after day, faster growth, more productive… But always with its initial famous flavor and smell, perfect Kritikal Bilbo started to appear; in fact, apart from its famous smell and flavor, the growers understood it was one of the most productive and fast strains you can find – one of the first outdoor harvested strains.

Then, its Bilbo creators started to develop it commercially; Genehtik seed bank, Bilbo bank formed by amateur and professional growers, started to sell these seeds worldwide: these seeds made the bank famous, so they decided to make Kritikal Bilbo into their label; in fact, their current motto is “Put a Kritikal Bilbo in your life”. Its legend started to spread through cannabis world, and it is still going on.


You do not have to be an expert to get good Kritikal Bilbo crop – not by a long chalk. One of its main characteristics is its resistance to fungi, plagues and diseases, and its outdoor strength; as previously mentioned, Kritikal was born in Bilbo – sad, rainy weather, so imagine its power and production in more favorable climate zones – or in indoor areas.

Kritikal Outdoor vs Indoor


  • Big distance between plants – very productive plants need growing space.
  • Growing 1.4 EC, and flowering 2.4 EC.
  • Growing, flowering or fattening, or pk fertilizers.
  • Although fungi resistant, put it in sunny, hot places.
  • Wires for big branches – no folding and breaking when flowering.
  • For more info, check our outdoor-growing tip post.


  • Differently from outdoor, it is better to put many plants altogether, and make them bloom as soon as possible – they usually spread, so growing space would be wasted.
  • 9-10 Kritikal Bilbo/sq m.
  • Flowering after 14 germination days – when flowering, it stretches a lot, almost tripled, so be careful.
  • Growing 1.4 EC, and flowering 2.4 EC.
  • Flowering and fattening fertilizers, or bud bursting product (pk) – average indoor growing is short, so vegetative compost is scarcely needed.
  • Necessary anti-smell system – it is one of the most smelly genetics, so it could become a problem for your neighbors.
  • Meshes and wires to control the growth – the weight could break the branches.


Type: 75% Índica – 25% Sativa
Indoor production: 450-500 grs/sq m
Outdoor production: Up to 1.5-2 kg plants!
Indoor flowering: 40-45 days from flowering start
Outdoor flowering: Middle September (northern hemisphere) and March (southern hemisphere)
Smells and fragrances: Sweet, citric, fruity, with flashy, intense fragrance
Effect: Relaxing, cerebral and powerful
Height: Average
THC: 21.47%
CBD: Low, 0.36%
CBN: 0.17%
Genetics: Afghan and Skunk (Mr. Nice’s Critical Mass offspring)
Resin: Very abundant, ideal for all kinds of extractions
Structure: Good branching but weak branches (wires are needed)

Canna lab pic, with a real analysis of a Bilbo bud, provided by Genethik.

Kritikal Bilbo Canna


Genethik Kritikal Bilbo has provided many cross-breeds and new marijuana strains; naturally, the best genetics always survive, providing new genetics and different cross-breeds: that is Gea Seeds stuff; after selection months, a perfect Bilbo parent plant was crossed with the famous Somango male: eventually, a new legend is born.

The original, unique smell and fragrance is kept, and Somango genes have provided better branching – stronger branches, solving the main original problem – weight folding and breaking goes down in history.

Together with the same flavor, fragrance and up high, Bilbo fast flowering and production are kept too; two simultaneous genetic crops – middle September (northern hemisphere) and March (southern hemisphere): undoubtedly, one of the fastest marijuana strains.

On our online store, you can buy this stunning genetics at the cheapest price you can find online; available in five formats or different packs – from three seeds to Kritikal 100 seed packs:

Kritikal bilbao cannabis seeds

This plant is famous for its spectular aroma and intense fruity and sweet flavour, and has won various awards throughout the country.

Its INDICA effect is very powerful because of its Afghan origin and its cross with Skunk. The plant is espwcially appreciated in Bilbao, Spain where this particular strain was selected and has maintained a favoured status for many years for the outdoor grower.
It is also most favoured by the 1st time indoor grower.

KRITIKAL BILBO it’s very easy to grow and achieves superb results with minimal attention.

It is a medium height plant and enjoys rapid growth. The flowering stage produces fat and heavy flowers with few leaves. The buds are full of aromatic resin and this needs looking after as the smell is very intense.

This is a real delicacy for the palate. The plant matures after 45 days of indoor flowering, and outdoors between mid and late September.thanks to its early maturity it is not affected much by fungi.

Type: Indica (indica / sativa)

Indoor Production: 550-600 gr/m2

Outdoor Production: 1500-2000 gr/plant

Indoor Flowering: 45-55 days

Outdoor Harvest: September (Northern Hemisphere) – March (Southern Hemisphere)