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Kickflip #7 seeds

Pre-rolled joints and blunts

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Frequently asked questions about cannabis pre-rolls

What are the benefits of cannabis pre-rolls?

Cannabis pre-rolls and blunts have many benefits when compared to other forms of consuming cannabis. Cannabis pre-rolls are regarded by consumers as being extremely convenient because pre-rolls are portable, discrete, and require little work from the consumer aside from lighting the end with a lighter or match. Beyond that, pre-rolls and pre-roll blunts are a great way to sample different strains of cannabis, making it easier to decide which strains you’d like to buy more of later.

How much do pre-rolled joints cost?

The price of pre-rolled joints ranges from $5-30. There are many factors that can impact the cost of pre-rolls, including cannabis taxes, quality of flower, and type of pre-roll. For example, infused pre-rolls tend to cost more than regular pre-rolls. In some states, you may also find pre-rolls sold in packs, which will be more expensive than buying single pre-rolls.

Where can I buy marijuana pre-rolls online or near me?

You can buy marijuana pre-rolls online using On Leafly, you can place an online order for marijuana pre-rolls for pick up at your local marijuana dispensary. Alternatively, you can use to find dispensaries near you with marijuana pre-rolls on their menu. No matter how you approach it, you can order joints online.

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Gas Cake regular seeds are 1/2 the price at Irvine Seed Company ($120 + tax/10)) as they are at The Jungle Boys ($250/10) — wtf?

Looks like both Irvine Seed Company and The Jungle Boys use the same breeder for this strain: Kickflip Genetics.

Is there a difference? If not, I have a problem with The Jungle Boys. I haven’t purchased yet.

Irvine also gives you a freebie. Sounds way better.

Gas Cake

Irvine Seed Company LLC – We are a seed company dedicated to providing patients and breeders with the best genetics.

Gas Cake – Jungle boys OC

Jungle Boys Gas Cake seeds produce buds that are a fruity, cake icing and gas flavored mix that is perfectly named. Gas Cake is a blend of a classic favorite (OG Kush x Sour D) and Vanilla Frosting; this strain begins with our chosen pheno of Headband and our chosen Vanilla Frosting F4 stud. Gas.

PJ Diaz
Well-Known Member

Why not just get them direct from the breeder for $60?

“Gas Cake” Full Pack (10+ Regular Souvenir Seeds)

Breeder: Kickflip Genetics Lineage: Vanilla Frosting F4 x Headband F4 Strain: Indica/Sativa Sex: Regular Flowering Time: 70+ days Description: Gas Cake is a fruity, cake icing and gas flavored mix that is perfectly named. Gas Cake is a blend of a classic favorite (OG Kush x Sour D) and.

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Well-Known Member
Well-Known Member
PJ Diaz
Well-Known Member

Not sure what the difference in genetics is about, but this looks different:

Well-Known Member

It’s just baffling . that’s a clear example of hype. Wow, gross.

Awesome, I’ll grab 10 for $60 or even $120 ($100-120 is the same price point as Dark Horse)!

Now, if I can just find a pack of Dark Horse’s Grape Smash (Grape Cola x Bitch Slap) (out of stock (again)), I’ll be good on seeds for at least a couple years and can discontinue another 2-3 strains that are now the least impressive in the stable. Cool.

Money just came in to buy a house — I was planning on going vertical with shelving (extra cost), but this place has a huuuuuuge garage (like 30′ x 40′) . and I can probably fit everything under the loft they’d built, just hanging lights from wood, velcro’ing up panda paper and sitting mature plants in 2 rows of two 6×4 flood trays . and then a 4-shelf 6′ x 2′ veg space (so I get to do some vertical). Somewhat discrete, not even using half the garage. Already have a big carbon filter fan with a year or two left in it before needing to replace it, but I found a decent looking ozonator online.

Super exciting. Thanks! Great responses, was not expecting to save even more money. Perfect!