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Kandahar afghan seeds

Kandahar Regular Cannabis Seeds by Afghan Selection

Kandahar cannabis seeds by Afghan Selection is one of the latest of 2 releases from this genuine Afghani weed seed company who have been long celebrated for their work in sourcing weed seeds for the genuine landrace Afghan cannabis from across Afghanistan. These seeds are regulars and for a limited time only come in packs of 15 as opposed to the regular 12s.

The Kandahar is one of the latest landrace cannabis strains offered by Afghan Selection native to the Kandahar region in the south of the country. Growers operating in a legal environment can often expect abundant yields and dense cola’s that typically produce pungent musky aromas; studded with oily and earthy scents as opposed to the fruity, nutty terpene profiles that are more commonplace in the north of the country. This cultivar is well-known for producing ‘black hash‘ that has long been a tradition in the country’s hashish production and is still made in tons every year. The genetics in this landrace lend a hand in the plants growing bushy with dark broad leaves that tend to be significantly shorter and denser than most afghan landraces.

Notwithstanding their natural growing environment, these genetics are equally well suited to indoor growing techniques but they are likely to be more resilient to the elements than the majority of hybrids.

Due to the nature of landraces, all Afghan Selections genetics are Indica dominant cultivars that provide potent sedative effects.

Afghan Selection is the only cannabis seed company on PureSativa based in Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is home to Afghanica cannabis meaning this is the only place on our site to buy true Afghanistan Landraces. With their knowledge of cannabis, their close relationship with the geography of Afghanistan, the Afghan Selection team has curated an array of true landrace cannabis from every angle of this fascinating country. Intense, dark, dank indica strains with incredible hashy terpene profiles are always cherished at the Puresativa family, and we are beyond excited to provide authentic Afghani cannabis seeds for sale to our customers.

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Genetics: Pure Afghan hashplant cultigen
Sourcing: Private donor
Purpose: Hash extraction/production
Height: 60-80 cm to 180-200 cm
Vegetative: 10-12 weeks max
Flowering: 8-12 weeks max
Harvest: October-November in Afghanistan
Aromas: wood, solvents, coffee, earth, ripe apples and blueberries. Cooked food, used grease and oil too.
Effects: Powerful and psychoactive and then very relaxed and calm. Also very narcotic
Characteristics: speed of growth, sturdy hardy, very resinous. Very hard resin
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor

A legendary Afghan plant with interesting qualities; vigour, resistance and its cannabinoid profile, its aromas of wood, solvents, coffee, earth and fruity aromas of acidic aromas such as blueberry and apple are a delight to smell and taste, its organoleptic characteristics are very accentuated and long-lasting on the palate in the vast majority of phenotypes expressed by this variety from southern Afghanistan, very vigorous Afghan variety.

From its first stages of growth, the plant shows very beautiful wide leaflets and thick reddish and purple stems, it germinates with great vigour, thus quickly becoming a seedling where it starts a very vigorous accelerated vegetative growth with thick stems, wide leaves and wide petioles;

The leaves are composed of 5 and 7 large leaflets. During its vegetative stage, which usually takes between 10 and 12 weeks maximum, most of its leaves look broad, thick and robust of a dark green, while when entering the flowering stage the leaves around the apical buds take a thin shape, they are closer to look like sativa leaves on a super indica looking plant, that’s something peculiar that characterizes these plants, something cute in them, whereas some leaves are so heavy that they cannot maintain their palmate shape, they shrink a little looking as if they lack hydration but that’s not the case, some phenotypes are like that, they are so scented that in their vegetative stage, in the mornings, they give off aromas of acrid lulo (solanum quitoense), earth and sweet solvents on their stems but also cooked food, used oil, and grease. So intense is the smell that it can cause nausea.

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It’s enough to pass your hands through the foliage for it to expand and let you catch the aroma that their leaves emanate. On the other hand their stems are very thick and fragrant when rubbed. At the beginning of its flowering stage the accelerated growth stops and the formation of flower clusters begins at a medium speed. Its branches do not really grow much after the flowering has started.

During the vegetative stage the plants have formed several tiers of branches that will result in the formation of flower clusters hard like rocks in the vast majority of phenotypic expressions. This is something very characteristic in them. The formation of resin starts from the third day after the vegetative stage has completely stopped.

The resin glands produced are mostly short but of a good size;
The resin is very hard. So solid that some resinous leaves when you touch the heads of the trichomes they get glued to your hands without losing their spherical shape.

Some of the phenotypes will finish with high quality light yellow flowers, likewise there are colourful expressions both in the calyx and in the leaves of reddish-purple and black hues. A large part of the phenotypes show colour alterations at extreme temperature swings.

The flowers smell of wood, solvents, coffee, earth and fruits with acidic aromas such as ripe apples and blueberries. The flowering of these plants takes between 8 and 12 weeks. The maximum height is between 180cm and 200cm. Some plants reach heights of between 60 and 80 cm maximum depending on the month in which they are plants. The aroma and taste when sampling is acidic. The flavor is fragrant and intense on the palate. The effect is powerful and psychoactive in some phenotypes and as times passes you feel very relaxed and calm. Other plants are very narcotic.

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Please note:
We are working on introducing more diversity into these plants to offer the best of both worlds. Medium-sized plants with wide leaves and dwarf plants. After these 20 packs we will only be working on introducing more diversity so as to offer more diversity for those who want to preserve diversity.