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Joker RX

Since HORSCH introduced the first high speed compact disc concept to North America, the Joker Series has become a necessary tool on many farms throughout the continent. Whether working in no-till, minimum-till, or conventional till farming practices, the Joker adds time-efficiency within the optimum agronomic work windows for residue management and precise seedbed preparation. Its proven advantages over vertical tillage, tandem disc, field cultivators, and other shallow tillage concepts has revolutionized the North American tillage market. The Joker RX is a brand new Joker platform which enhances performance while maintaining superior working action and tillage quality. When coming up with this concept, we wanted to increase throughput for variable field conditions while providing versatility and agility with a vertical tillage conversion.

Joker RX

Being the pioneer and designing the first high speed compact disk in north America comes with responsibility to continue advancing and holding the highest rank. We have started this in 2008, and have advanced that platform into the best yet, 4th generation of Joker – Joker RX. Watch to learn more!

RollFlex has evolved into the new RingFlex system. Same finishing and working quality of RollFlex with enhanced performance in variable field conditions. New frame design utilizes pivot pins instead of poly bushings for easier servicing.

  • 14% more distance between front and rear row of discs vs previous RT model
  • New mono arm design is 66% longer for added through-put than previous RT model.
  • Maintain precise blade angle engagement during tillage operation.
  • Creates ideal, uniform working horizon during seedbed preparation.
  • Aggressively sizes and blends plant residues with a fine soil structure.
  • Optimizes performance in variable soil conditionsincluding different soil types, residue, and tones.
  • Incorporates a poly-based center with rubber ribs and precision scraper, combined provide superior cleaning in high moisture soil conditions.
  • Provide uniform and thorough horizontal soil tilth during seedbed preparation.
  • Maintains consistent soil engagement and draft in variable soil conditions.
  • Creates aggressive working action when sizing tough residues.

Uniformity and Consistency

Blade angle and mounting design ensures consistent soil engagement and provides uniform working action across the machine. Consistent thorough horizontal fracture creates uniform soil structure, level working horizon, and provides uniform mixing of sized residue and soil, all foundations of an optimum seedbed. Uniform soil working action maximizes efficacy of pre-emerge herbicides, thorough incorporation of granular fertilizers and manure while providing optimum seedbed
soil structure.

Residue Utilization

Maximize the agronomic benefits of post-harvest residue by promoting accelerated decomposition. Intense residue sizing provides more “open doors” for soil bacteria and fungi to initialize the residue decomposition process. Unlock the nutrient and organic matter values remaining in post-harvest residues to benefit the nutritional needs of future crops. Promote healthy crop environment by rapidly decomposing residue that harbor pathogens and dangerous pests.

Soil Consolidation

Unique technique used during soil preparation that creates optimum seedbed environment. Consolidation promotes capillary affect in the soil, which uniformly draws and maintains moisture in the seedbed and seed zone. Uniform moisture in the seed zone ensures rapid seedling germination and uniform emergence, which are two key principals to establishing maximum yield potentials. Joker RX creates a consistent, firm soil structure across the working width of the machine which optimizes seed placement performance of planters and seeders. It provides optimum soil to residue contact, which aids in accelerating residue decomposition.

Joker RX versus traditional vertical tillage

(L) Vertical Tillage vs. (R) Joker RX. The Joker RX incorporates and promotes decomposition for release of valuable plant nutrients vs. loss to wind and water while providing a perfect working horizon across working width of machine.


Joker was named after the Harlequin Joker clowns of the late 1800s in Italian Theatre tradition. The Joker was almost always dressed in a costume with one side one color, and the other a contrasting shade with a repeating pattern. And that exactly describes our Joker sunflower – contrasting colors in a repeating pattern with a unique semi-double petal orange and red bicolor flower on branching plants. Plants are vigorous and have a long flowering period. You often will find varying degrees of double petal flowers on the same plant! It is great by itself or mixed with another of our sunflowers. Try it with ProCut Orange or ProCut BiColor for a truly different contrast in your vase.

Petal Color : Red Orange
Face Color : Dark
Pollen : No
Stem Type : Branching
Maturity : Medium
Height : 4ft (120cm) to 8ft (240cm)
1000 Seed Weight : 45 grams
Uses : Double Petal, Bouquet
Ideas to try : Pinch to encourage branches requires a minimum purchase total of $15.00 on all orders. We realize that this policy is not always convenient to you, our valued customer.

However, the real constraints of packaging, shipping, and internet sales dictate this minimum transaction amount if we are to remain a viable business that continues to bring you innovative sunflower offerings.

The Joker Sunflower

Annual. All varieties open-pollinated unless otherwise indicated. All varieties have pollen unless otherwise noted.

Sunflower remains have been found in the Tabasco region of Mexico dating back more than 6000 years. Prized for their seeds by humans and birds, and for cutflowers by market growers, sunflowers also add a lighthearted touch to gardens. Sales soared in the spring of 2020. As our facilitator Ann says, “In hard times sunflowers make people happy.”

Culture: Easy to grow. Start indoors 3–4 weeks before last frost at temperatures of 65–75° or direct sow after frost, 3 to a pocket. Thin to best plant, 1′ or more apart. Rich friable soil yields tallest plants; drought stunts growth. Will readily self-sow; for some fun leave a few volunteers in strategic locations.

Pollen or pollen-free? Although flower arrangers often eschew sunnies with pollen, Eliza Lindsay of Portland, Ore., speaks for our pollinators: “Sunflowers that produce pollen are my favorite. They feed the bees first and later the birds.” She says to grow sunflowers for cutting and to feed your pollinators, too, you must allow some of the flowers to remain uncut to complete their life cycle. Branching varieties are tops for this purpose since taking cuts encourages branching.

She offers tips for handling harvest and post-harvest for varieties with pollen. “The trick to sell them is to harvest prior to pollination. Once pollinated, flowers begin to senesce. Harvest when the petals are fully colored, clearly visible, but unexpanded and wrapped around the flower head. Harvest with long stems set in clean water in a cool dark place. Change water daily and recut stems as necessary. They will fully open in a few days, produce pollen in the vase, but have a long vase life.”

All varieties have pollen unless noted otherwise.


All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.

Germination Testing

For the latest results of our germination tests, please see the germination page.

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