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Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in georgia

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Georgia

The state of Georgia USA, totally prohibits the possession and use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Sentences for growing include a mandatory, minimum jail term and large fines. With no medical marijuana program or licensed dispensaries, it’s difficult to legally buy marijuana seeds in Georgia unless you purchase them online. Although possessing marijuana and cultivating the plant is illegal, buying marijuana seeds in Georgia online isn’t, as they are often sold as souvenirs.

We offer a selection of the best strains in a variety of formats. Whether it’s guaranteed female plants, autoflowering or regular strains that you wish to purchase, you can legally buy marijuana seeds in Georgia through us and enjoy free, guaranteed delivery and germination with all our seeds. Dispatched using the very best ‘stealth’ shipping practices, our shipments are rarely stopped at customs, or lost in transit, and should either happen to your purchase, replacements will be dispatched totally free of charge.

Selecting the right marijuana seeds for your growing method is paramount to producing a successful harvest, while all seeds will grow outdoors, certain strains perform better than others, with many of the modern, popular hybrids producing their best yields and most potent buds when grown indoors. Marijuana seeds can be categorized into three distinctive types, feminized which guarantee female only plants and require twelve hours of darkness to begin flowering and fully mature. Autoflowering seeds which are also 100% female, but flower regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive, and regular marijuana seeds, capable of producing either a male or female plant, and also require twelve hours of complete darkness to begin flowering.

If you decide to buy marijuana seeds in Georgia and begin growing your own recreational or medicinal marijuana, select strains that reflect your level of experience. Whether you are growing indoors or outside there are strains that are considered easy to grow, while others require slightly more care and experience to achieve the best results. Autoflowering marijuana seeds have become more popular over the last few years, easy to grow, fast to mature and perfect for outdoor growing during the Summer months.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Fast Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Fast flowering and quick to mature marijuana seeds are highly popular and purchased by both indoor as well as outdoor growers alike. Highly stable and usually Indica dominant, their reduced flowering time makes them a popular choice for beginners as well as larger ‘cash-crop’ producers.

Traditional feminized varieties are best grown indoors to achieve the fastest harvests, with some strains requiring only a few weeks of vegetative growth before they are sent to flower. Grown outdoors these strains will begin to flower quicker than most of the Sativa dominant strains, usually requiring approximately seven to eight weeks to achieve complete maturity, and with the long Summer season and perfect growing conditions, have ample time to ripen before the onset of Fall and the first frosts.

Autoflowering seeds offer a faster and more discreet way of growing marijuana in Georgia outdoors, providing several crops per year from the same space, when planned correctly. Planted outdoors from the beginning of Spring, these special marijuana seeds require approximately ten weeks to grow, flower and fully mature, meaning two, or even three harvests per year can be achieved, especially if the next set of seeds are germinated and started before the previous plants are harvested. The more hours of sunlight autoflowering marijuana seeds receive, the larger the plants and buds become, producing their heaviest and most potent harvests during the very height of Summer. Although autoflowering seeds can be grown indoors, their requirement for long light hours increases the power usage costs per crop, and in general, the harvests are much smaller than the yields from traditional feminized seeds.

Cannabis Seeds in Georgia

While American states are quickly joining the cannabis movement and legalizing the herb, the Empire State of the South isn’t. Cultivating marijuana seeds in Georgia may not be as acceptable as in many other states, but this may change soon.

Join us as we look at the legal status of cannabis in the Peach State and any possible changes that may lie on the horizon.

We’ll also find out about the best cannabis seeds for Georgia climates—of course, this is all hypothetical, and you should only consider them when the laws change.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Georgia?

Is weed legal in Georgia? Unfortunately, though two-thirds of the Georgian community approve of legalizing marijuana, the state stands firm on its strict laws.

The Empire State of the South is one of 19 states that imposes jail time for possessing marijuana. We should note, though, that buying marijuana seeds in Georgia is permitted as long as they remain ungerminated. The seeds are considered adult souvenirs and are legal.

While it doesn’t have a compassionate medical marijuana law in place, Georgia’s Hope Act will permit patients to access cannabis-derived products up to 5% THC.

Since the Act is yet to be implemented, there aren’t any licensed Georgia dispensaries available yet. The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission has six licenses to allocate but isn’t accepting applications yet.

Once the Commission has selected the six producers, each will be allowed to operate five Georgia dispensaries . These outlets will make low-THC products more accessible for registered patients within the Peach State.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Georgia?

Cultivating cannabis seeds in Georgia is illegal and would leave you serving time behind bars. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself, however.

Learn all about the state’s growing conditions and the most compatible pot seeds —when the time comes to grow, you’ll be ready to get your hands dirty.

Climate conditions

The Empire State of the South experiences humid subtropical conditions across most of the Southeastern parts. Fall, winter, and spring are fairly mild, while summer is long and humid.

Rainfall reaches between 50–75 inches annually, depending on where you are in the state, which could pose a risk when growing marijuana seeds in Georgia outdoors.

This also means that the state experiences relatively high humidity between May and September.

Since high humidity can stunt the growth of your cannabis seeds in Georgia , it could also cause mold, mildew, bud rot, and fungi; it’s certainly something to monitor closely.

Best strains to grow in Georgia

With excessive rainfall and humidity, we recommend (when it’s legal to do so) that you opt to cultivate your marijuana seeds in Georgia indoors or in a greenhouse.

These setups provide better control over the conditions and allow you to prevent diseases in your crop.

Here’s our selection for the best weed seeds in Georgia for these grow setups.

CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 Feminized

If you’re looking for a strain with medicinal properties, you won’t be disappointed with CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 Feminized . This strain is said to provide relief for psychological and physical ailments like pain and depression.

These indica seeds are small and produce a subtle enough aroma for indoor cultivation. By using the Sea of Green training method, you’ll help your crop reach its full potential, flowering within 8–10 weeks and yielding around 14 oz./m 2 .

If you’re new to cultivating marijuana seeds in Georgia , we recommend that you skip this strain as it requires a skilled hand to meet its needs.

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized

CBD Blueberry 1 to 16 Feminized thrives in warmer climates, making it an ideal weed seed for Georgia . This resilient strain is a perfect companion for new farmers, having few requirements and only needing light pruning. Due to its size, it’s best to grow these seeds in a greenhouse where, under ideal conditions, it could yield up to 16oz./m 2 .

Thanks to its high CBD levels, this strain supports symptoms of medical conditions like epilepsy, IBS, and anxiety.

CBD Tangie Feminized

For a robust strain that’s straightforward to cultivate and produces moderate yields of around 16–19oz./m 2 , look no further than CBD Tangie Feminized . To get the most out of your marijuana seeds in Georgia , use nutrient-rich organic soil and employ a training technique like topping or fimming.

Under the right conditions, your weed plants could reach around 43–51 inches tall, flowering in 10–12 weeks and yielding 16–19 oz./m 2 .

Those who have tried CBD Tangie Feminized have reported that medical benefits include mental focus, deep relaxation, and pain relief.

You can buy cannabis seeds online in Georgia , but whatever you do, don’t germinate them! Ungerminated, they’re adult souvenirs—germinated, they’re contraband.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Georgia

The laws are making very slow progress in the Peach State. When the Hope Act takes effect, we can expect to see at least 30 Georgia cannabis stores become available, with more added as the demand increases.

Though Georgia’s lawmakers are dragging their feet on the matter, lobbyists are working hard to see a change soon.

With active efforts in place, we’re optimistic about seeing Georgia join the ranks of the 36 other states with legal medical marijuana.

You may not be allowed to cultivate weed seeds in Georgia , but that doesn’t prevent you from educating yourself.

Familiarise yourself with the recommended seeds for your area, and get ready to plant when your time comes. Be sure to check out our virtual shelves at i49 Genetics for top-quality high CBD seeds .

Outdoor Grow Calendar Our marijuana growing calendar will take you through every step of the grow cycle, depending on the region you are growing in North America.

Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana cultivation laws vary from state to state but each state has one thing in common: the penalties for conviction are severe! So no matter where you live, make sure you immediately contact an experienced marijuana defense attorney if you have recently been charged with marijuana cultivation.

In Georgia, it is against the law to possess, distribute, or grow marijuana. The charges for these crimes are serious and the penalties include jail time, probation, prison, and expensive fines. In addition to these consequences, your driver’s license will be suspended even if you are not driving a vehicle at the time of your arrest. This is why you’ll especially want to have a qualified Georgia defense attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

Marijuana Cultivation Laws

Not everyone charged with marijuana cultivation has a field of pot plants growing in their backyard. In fact, you don’t even have to have any plants growing to be charged with this crime. Simply possessing the organic materials can lead to a marijuana cultivation charge. For example, it is illegal to own cannabis seeds or the lighting systems that can be used to grow marijuana plants indoors.

Georgia’s marijuana cultivation laws make it illegal for you to grow and possess certain plants or other organic materials that are used to produce marijuana. This means that if you are found with cannabis seeds, grow lighting systems, or marijuana plants, you will be charged with marijuana cultivation.

Cultivation and Drug Trafficking

Depending on your state’s laws and how much marijuana you were found to be allegedly cultivating, you could also be facing an additional charge: drug trafficking. For example, in Georgia, if you are found with more than 50 pounds of marijuana plants, you can be slapped with a drug trafficking charge.

Georgia in particular has some tough penalties when it comes to drug trafficking—at least five years in prison and a $100,000 minimum fine for having between 50 and 2,000 pounds of marijuana. In addition to the amount of marijuana you were found with, the prosecution will also slap you with enhanced penalties if you were found growing marijuana near a school or other drug-free zones.

Benefits of an Attorney

As you can see, the penalties for marijuana cultivation in Georgia are life changing. Not only is your freedom at stake, your bank account can be cleaned out and you will lose your driving privileges. You need an experienced drug-offense attorney on your side at a critical time like this.

If you want to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, insanely steep fines and other life-changing penalties, be sure to contact a defense attorney. It is important to work with an attorney that specializes in this complex area of law in Georgia. They are the ones that are current on the most recent law changes and know the best possible defenses for marijuana cultivation.