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Is growers choice a trustworthy cannabis seed retailer

Growers Choice Seed Review

Growers Choice Seeds is a California based seed company with a track record of customer satisfaction and transparency. It also has a responsive customer care team and features customer reviews online.

As a result, it is quickly becoming known as the go-to source for high-quality seeds. Unlike some other companies, Growers Choice Seeds adheres to strict protocols, and it also carefully tests and analyzes its seeds.

In this review, we’ll go over some highlights and describe the selection. We’ll also detail how to purchase the range, shipping, and other highlights about this expanding company.

What Products Did We Review?

Growers Choice Seeds provides consumers with many potent strain options. This allows for many growing goals and techniques. Their customers enjoy a wide range of seed options, including auto flower strains, high-CBD choices, and more.

Customers enjoy a wide range of seed options, including auto flower strains, high-CBD choices, and more.

In the upcoming sections, we explore their available selections. We’ll also detail shipping options and ways interested consumers can buy their seeds. Read on to see if any of their seed choices can fit your growth goals.

Growers Choice Seeds: A Look at Their Product Offerings

Growers Choices offers cannabis lovers an array of seed selections. We like that they have a range of options as this allows growers leeway for various needs. Growers Choice Seeds also boasts an impressive lineup of quality breeders. The result is a selection that many customers have come to enjoy. Their current product line includes the following:

Autoflowering Seeds

Growers that are just beginning may run into a variety of issues. Many of these issues include controlling light cycles for a successful yield. To ease this problem, Growers Choice Seeds provides a line of autoflowering seeds. This includes feminized Gorilla Glue, Afghan, and Hindu Kush strains, and many more. Even expert growers may find this lineup to be helpful. They also have prices that will work with many budgets.

Feminized Seeds

Growers that specialize in crossing strains can opt for the Growers Choice Seeds line of feminized seeds. This product range is lab-tested to ensure high rates of germination. This also eliminates the issue of picking out male seeds, making breeding a more straightforward, less arduous process. A perk that Growers Choice Seeds also offers is a customer support team that helps growers to select a feminized seed that works for their unique goals.

High CBD Medical Seeds

If growers enjoy CBD, they can try any of Growers Choice Seeds High CBD Medical Seeds. These seeds typically have high levels of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a substance that many experts regard as helpful in quelling pain and increasing tranquility and relaxation. Each seed contains the premium quality that not only germinates well but provides an intense degree of other beneficial cannabinoids. While this selection isn’t as extensive as their other product lines, we recommend frequently checking their website as they are expanding.

What Else Should I Know About Growers Choice Seeds? A Few Interesting Details

Growers Choice Seeds is a top-notch company with great prices. What we also love is how much care they put into how they deliver their seeds. They offer discreet packaging that provides security and comfort. You won’t have to worry about neighbors, friends, or family knowing about growing activities.

And while their shipping is fast and convenient, we know many growers have faced disappointment when they receive seeds that have been contaminated or arrive in an inferior condition. Growers Choice Seeds gets around that by putting its seeds in carefully packaged, sealed glass vials.

Not only do they have reliable and secure packaging methods, but they also offer consumers great ways to pay.

Not only do they have reliable and secure packaging methods, but they also offer consumers great ways to pay. After all, we live in a society that has become increasingly digital, and Growers Choice Seeds caters to this growing demand. They accept many different payment forms, including PayPal and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Lifecoin, and Ethereum.

They also accept Zelle and payment by mail, including cashier’s check, money order, or certified check. This makes shopping with them much more comfortable and convenient. They also provide:

  • Options to become an affiliate
  • Retail opportunities
  • Informative videos
  • Sales and discounts
  • Online grow advice and a blog
  • Online reviews

Growers Choice Seeds Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Growers Choice Seeds present growers with a fantastic array of quality seeds. They offer many ways for growers both in the U.S. and abroad to meet their unique needs while providing affordable pricing.

We also feel that their customer reviews give consumers a birds’ eye view of what makes their products so in demand. And with their easy to navigate site, potential customers can make their selections from the comfort of their homes. They can then rely on speedy, discreet delivery.

Consumers looking for a seed source can go online to their website. Growers can use any number of their available payment options and checkout securely. If you have any questions, Growers Choice Seeds also has a responsive customer care team available by phone or email. In all, we feel that this company has a solid reputation, excellent service, and is worth a try.

Growers Choice Seeds: Are They Truly a Popular Product Line?

When looking for high-quality seeds from a reputable cannabis seed company, Growers Choice Seeds seems to check many of the boxes for growers. Still, many buyers have posted complaints about this popular seed bank’s cannabis genetics.

Looking for some insight into whether one of the top seed banks can deliver the best seed quality at an affordable price? In this article, we’ll give an honest review about Growers Choice Seeds and whether it’s worth buying cannabis seeds from this widely popular seed bank.

Our Take on Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is based in Spain but also has US and Canadian branches. A quick search online shows potential growers that they’ve established themselves with many American grower enthusiasts across the US. With a sea of customer reviews ranging from good to bad, it seems like it would be a coin toss to determine if they truly offer the best cannabis seeds for the best price.

You may feel lost browsing the Growers Choice website for new buyers to this market. Their vast collection offers many cannabis strains, from auto-flowering hemp seeds to medical strains of marijuana seeds and much more.

Aside from having many strains to choose from, we’ll explore everything that makes this seed company so popular. We’ll take a closer look at the company’s history, product quality, reputation, sales, deals like free cannabis seeds, and policies to help determine if the reviews reflect this well-known seed bank.

Spoiled For Choice With Growers Choice

You can’t go wrong with this company when it comes to choice. They have split their seeds up into three easy-to-navigate categories: Auto-flowering, Feminized, and High CBD Medical seeds. This makes it easy to quickly and effectively find precisely what you are looking for.

Let’s take a look at the categories and the seeds you can expect to find there:


One of the more helpful varieties of seeds for beginners is auto-flowering seeds. These seeds produce strong and resilient plants that can go a day or two without water. Autoflowering strains are perfect for growers who want a relaxing and easygoing experience from planting to harvesting.


A popular strain like Gorilla Glue, Afghan Auto-Flowering is an Indica-dominant breed from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. This variety is crossed with a ruderalis strain (a Russian-born cannabis species) and grows well in shorter growing periods.

This short growing period makes this variety flower automatically, rather than relying on changing daylight hours.


Another Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain originates in the UK. The Cheese Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds have all of the properties of the feminized Cheese strain. The difference is that this strain has the added benefit of an automatic flowering cycle.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds offer a deep relaxing feeling that helps with chronic pain, migraines, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It also provides an experience described as a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds work in the same way many other plants do by having the ability to pollinate themselves without the need for a male plant. Having feminized cannabis seeds removes the need to monitor your baby plants consistently to weed out the male plants.

It is worth noting that weeding out male plants is a time-sensitive and daunting task. There is also a risk to your crop if there are any oversights. When this happens, you could end up pulling up half of the crop, wasting time, space, and money. The result could be damage to your entire crop.


This Sativa-dominant strain combines all the psychedelic effects of Haze coupled with the high resin content that you would typically find in Indicas. Like Haze, Amnesia provides an intense, uplifting high that may result in short-term memory loss for some users.

OG Kush

OG Kush’s trichome-coated, neon green buds are grown from OG Kush’s feminized cannabis seeds. This strain produces a heavy euphoria, paired with a combined physical and mental high. This strain helps with pain management, migraines, stress, depression, and PTSD.


These cannabis seeds have lineage ties to Sour Diesel and Afghani Indica. This strain provides a potent dose of euphoric energy, perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. This type of combination creates both a high a whole-body relaxation.

High CBD Concentrations

CBD products have become quite popular in the last few years. Several CBD users claim that CBD oil products are better alternatives to traditional medicine for pain management, stress, and a whole host of other medical conditions.

Something worth considering is that CBD products do not have a high THC level (0.3% or less). Some CBD products, like CBD isolate, contain zero THC levels. This means CBD products will not give you a high feeling.

Critical mango

This medical cannabis strain offers a relaxing and uplifting sensation. It is a healing, anti-inflammatory strain containing 6% CBD.


This strain is a favorite product recognized for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Moby Dick

This strain of Moby Dick is a CBD medicinal version based on the traditional Sativa-dominant Moby Dick. It is used for pain and muscle spasm relief, depression, and creative focus. The sensations it provides are happy and relaxed.

Is Growers Choice Seeds a Legit Company?

Low prices are one thing, but the main thing a person looks for when buying cannabis seeds is whether or not the company is legitimate. With so many CBD companies online, more than a few fall under the category of a “scam.” It’s a buyer beware industry. Research before you hand over your money and get either the wrong product or nothing in return.

Knowing that Growers Choice Seeds is indeed a legitimate cannabis seed breeder, you can rest assured. They have excellent customer service and have measures to prevent order issues. If there is a problem with your order, their customer service department can deal with it.

They even often have a germination guarantee for each order.

A Wealth of Information

For those still unsure of them, you can get more information on their FAQ page about their policies and terms that come with your order and how they will make good on every order to maintain excellent relationships with their customers.

However, any company can claim that they’re legit or have the best seeds, the finest selection of auto-flowering cannabis seeds, and much more. Calling their service department and speaking to an actual person is more assurance that the company you are dealing with can be held accountable.

Company Reputation

We’ve already established that Grower’s Choice Seeds is a legit company. They are also one of the more popular cannabis seed banks online, but what else has given them the reputation of being a seed bank company grower’s choice for American growers?

Their main US distribution center is located out of California. This means that shipping to US growers is relatively easy and that any US-bought seeds do not come through customs yet are shipped nationally. Not going through customs means that your seeds arrive much quicker and avoid inspection and possible seed confiscation.

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History of Grower’s Choice

Founded in 2011, Growers Choice Seed’s mission was to provide growers with a way to enjoy the medicinal and recreational properties of growing marijuana from their cannabis seeds. The company employs a team of trained horticulturalists and medical experts. These veterans have spent a combined total of 20 years researching and producing the highest quality fully feminized and auto-flower seeds around.

These quality claims are listed on the Growers Choice Seeds website, but do they match what customers are saying? By taking a closer look at the product quality section, we’ll see how they hold up as a quality seed bank company.

The company began in Barcelona, Spain, and maintains its headquarters there. However, as mentioned they have expanded their operations to Canada and the US. This move to expand to other countries has also expanded their business by reaching more customers and giving them more business.

Choices For Feminized Seeds and Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is not your average run-of-the-mill selection of pot seeds. Although not the most prominent seed bank, they occasionally offer a new strain among their popular auto flower and feminized seed choices. They currently offer seven auto-flowering cannabis seed strains, roughly 20+ feminized seed strains, and 11 regular ones.

Although their feminized strains are the highest, the number of Growers Choice Seeds is best measured by the dozen. In comparison, most larger seed bank companies measure the total number of seeds by the hundreds.

Selective Strains

This means that growers won’t be overwhelmed when choosing the best seeds to buy. New strain selections also offer seed bank classics like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, White Widow, Diesel, and Amnesia.

Growers Choice Seeds offers just enough classics for the die-hard fans and a few new strains to try. This variety is enough for most, but those who want to experiment with various new strains continually may be disappointed.

Germination Guarantee

One of the main reasons buyers like Growers Choice Seeds is that they offer a germination guarantee. By offering customers a guaranteed germination rate of 90% or better or you get seeds replaced for free. This type of policy makes the customer feel at ease when buying cannabis seeds.

To be eligible for the germination guarantee offer, customers will have to order at least two seeds and follow some simple instructions in the germination guideline found on their website. If they follow the steps and still have germination problems, they’re asked to soak the seeds one last time and see if germination can happen.

If nothing happens after performing the steps again a second time, then Growers Choice Seeds will send you your replacement seeds. Please note that shipping costs for these replacement seeds will be at the buyer’s expense. For some customers, having to spend even more money for “free” replacement seeds that didn’t germinate for them in the first place might not be worth the extra costs of shipping. It may also cause some frustration on your part.

Customer Service at Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds has many channels open for customers to contact a customer service representative. You can fill out the form on their website, a customer support email emailed directly to the company, or by calling and speaking to someone in the US or Canada.

Growers Choice Seeds is different from most other companies when troubleshooting possible germination issues for legal reasons. They are available to assist you during the entire growing period of your seeds, from germination to the final plant.

As far as customer service goes, Growers Choice Seeds does their absolute best to remedy problems with your order, delivery, or germination. Although most Growers Choice Seeds reviews reflect this factor, a few still lean towards Growers Choice Seeds offering inferior customer service.

Promotions, Discount Codes, and Free Seeds at Grower’s Choice

The seed selection at Growers Choice Seeds might be smaller than most, but their prices are also lower when compared to similar strains from other companies. At first glance, Growers, Choice Seeds looks like it has deals, but they also don’t offer the freebies (promotions and discounts) that many other companies offer. Plus, their free shipping minimum is set at $200.

Having lower prices is one way a buyer can get a discount, but Growers Choice Seeds also has regular priced items reduced regularly as a sale item. These items are typically discounted by a dollar or more per seed. These sale items are updated frequently. You can also purchase bulk orders with Growers Choice Seeds. To find out which item is one sale, click the visible “Buy Seeds on Sale” button.


With distribution centers in many countries, the delivery and shipping times are pretty fast. Shipping costs for orders under $200 are typically around $10 for orders shipped within the US. Since orders over $200 are shipped for free, that means customers will have to pay for shipping under that amount.

Your Growers Choice Seeds order can be shipped to a PO box, and orders usually take between 7 to 10 days. You can track your parcel, and if the order is placed within the US, the parcel won’t have to go through customs.

Canadian customers will have to pay about $15 per order and expect to receive their seeds in about 7 to 14 days. Shipments to Europe, Australia, or other countries cost around $30 and may take 7 to 25 business days. Please be aware of your local state and federal laws for purchasing and possessing cannabis products. While it may be legal in some countries or states, cannabis, marijuana, or CBD products may be illegal where you live.

Discretion at Its Finest

Shipping discreetly is part of what Growers Choice Seeds has to offer. Packages are sent in air-tight packaging with no company name present outside the package. However, not entirely stealth for local US deliveries, stealth packaging, and delivery methods are available for international orders at no extra charge.

Do Growers Choice Seeds Have The Best Genetics for Cannabis Seeds?

Growers Choice Seeds is a legitimate company with many loyal customers who stand by its products. Even with other seed bank companies offering a wider variety, better discounts, and potentially better quality control, Growers Choice Seeds maintains a good standing among growers everywhere.

Quality control issues, website navigation problems, and nonbeneficial return and shipping policies, Growers Choice Seeds does offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. The Seed Germination Guarantee policy is a great way to ensure that you get precisely what you pay for.

A company like Growers Choice Seeds boils down to personal preference and if you enjoyed the shopping experience and are satisfied with the final product. If you want to try Growers Choice Seeds, give them a try, but do your research and talk to their company’s customer service representatives to make sure you get what you pay for.

Growers Choice Seeds: Are They Really Any Grower’s First Choice?

Forums are full of complaints about Growers Choice Seeds genetics, yet they remain a popular seed bank. The question is – are their seeds worth your money? Find out in this comprehensive 2022 review.

Growers Choice Seeds is a Spanish-based seed breeder with branches in the US and Canada. They are a fairly popular retailer for many US-based growers. They certainly do a lot of business – a fact that’s evident from the sheer amount of reviews on them online, both good and bad.

If you don’t have all weekend to sort through endless forum posts and reviews, then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive review will cover everything you need to know before you decide if you’re going to buy from Growers Choice Seeds or not. That includes their history, reputation, seed selection, product quality, sales, policies, and an overview of the most credible customer reviews on both sides of the spectrum.

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?

The first thing most buyers want to know when they’re looking at a new seed breeder is whether or not they’re legit. After all, scam “businesses” that take the money and never deliver the seeds are popping up every day. Growers need to be careful out there and do their research before buying!

Luckily, Growers Choice Seeds is indeed a legit seed breeder. They care about their customers and do their best to prevent issues from happening. If something does go wrong with an order, they have a customer service department in place to deal with it and try to make it right.

To put suspicious minds at ease, Growers Choice Seeds includes a section on their FAQ page that assures potential customers that they honor every order placed with them and value the mutually beneficial relationship that comes from staying on good terms with their customers. Of course, a company saying they’re legit isn’t the most convincing evidence, but if you want to do a bit more digging, they offer a phone number you can call to speak with a real, live customer service representative about any concerns or questions.


Above and beyond just being legit, Growers Choice Seeds is actually quite a popular source of cannabis seeds for American growers, particularly those living on the West Coast. Because Growers Choice Seeds has a distribution center located in California, shipping is typically painless. For orders that are being shipped within the United States, there is no need for the package to go through US customs- a pesky barrier that slows down delivery and may even result in seed confiscation.

Being able to skip that headache is a huge plus for US-based buyers, who until recently had to buy their weed seeds from international suppliers and just hope for the best. Canadians and Spaniards can also benefit from this international shipping option thanks to additional Growers Choice Seeds branches in those countries.

Though they are a legit business, some uncertainty remains as to the quality of their products. In the past year or so, more and more customer reviews have complained of poor quality genetics, so that’s definitely something to be aware of before ordering.


The Growers Choice Seeds company was founded out of a desire to provide people with access to the natural healthful properties of marijuana, in a recreational sense as well as a medical one. The brand’s team of horticulturalists and medical experts have completed a combined 20 years of industry research in an effort to produce the highest quality cannabis seeds. Whether they’ve been entirely successful in achieving that goal is another matter that will be examined more closely in the Product Quality section.

Though they began in Barcelona, Spain, where the company is still headquartered to this day, their success has allowed them to expand and put down roots in the US and Canada, a move that has only earned them more business.

Orange Bud Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Super Lemon Diesel Feminized

Purple Pineberry Feminized

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Purple Power Feminized

Seed Selection at Growers Choice Seeds

The seed selection available at Growers Choice Seeds is still quite small when compared to some of the other big-name seed sellers out there. For example, they stock only 7 auto-flowering cannabis seed strains and 11 regular strains. The number of feminized strains they offer is the highest, but still only in the low 20’s range. The total number of seeds available on their site is best measured by the dozen, rather than by the hundred as is the case for major seed banks.

Buyers won’t exactly be overwhelmed with choice while shopping at Growers Choice Seeds, but they do have some classic strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, White Widow, Amnesia, and Diesel. For growers who prefer to stick to the classics without experimenting much with new strains, Growers Choice Seeds may offer enough variety to get by. But growers who thrive on variety and love to try new strains with every order will probably get bored pretty fast with the limited selection available at Growers Choice Seeds.

Product Quality

Product quality is a major point of contention in many of the recent Growers Choice Seeds reviews that have been posted online. Looking at an overview of the reviews submitted by customers over the course of the last year or so, it’s clear that the problem boils down to unstable genetics.

This explains why some customers are perfectly happy with their orders while others are not, and why longterm customers are suddenly unhappy with a strain they’ve been ordering for ages, convinced that they’re not getting the same thing each time.

The unstable genetics problem fits into a larger pattern of poor quality control at Growers Choice Seeds. Many customers have complained about things like male plants sprouting from their supposedly feminized seeds, auto-flowering plants that, well, didn’t, and seeds that just weren’t fresh enough to sprout. All of these factors point to a lack of quality control.

That’s a big reason behind why growers choice seeds reviews are so mixed. There are so many good and bad reviews out there on forums that it’s hard to believe all of them are about the same company, but poor quality control and janky genetics will make ordering from Choice Seeds a bit like spinning a roulette wheel – you may get lucky, or you may not. That’s definitely something to be aware of before literally gambling hard-earned money on seeds that may or may not be any good!

Germination Guarantee

One thing Growers Choice Seeds has going for them is their seed germination promise. It’s designed to give potential customers more confidence in buying from them, since they guarantee a germination rate of 90% or better, or else they will replace the seeds for free.

In order to be eligible for this offer, customers need to order at least two seeds and follow their recommended germination method to the letter. That means doing these 5 steps:

  1. Soak seeds in pure water for 14 to 18 hours, putting no more than 5 seeds in each container.
  2. Once soaking is completed, pour the water and seeds onto a plate with a paper towel on it, again taking care not to overcrowd the seeds by placing more than 5 together on the same paper towel.
  3. Drain off any excess water and fold the wet paper towel over the seeds so that they are all completely covered. Then store this plate in a cool, dark location.
  4. Check the seeds intermittently and be sure to keep the paper towel moistened.
  5. When the taproot on each seed has grown to between ¼ and ¾ inches long, the seeds are ready for planting. This typically takes 3 to 7 days, but may occasionally take as long as 2 weeks.

The paper towel method outlined above is a common, foolproof germination method, but for customers who prefer a different method, it’s worth noting that using it will forfeit the 90% seed germination promise that Choice Seeds offers.

Customers contacting customer service through about germination issues after following this method exactly are often told to try soaking their seeds one last time to see if they crack open. If they do pop and expose the taproot, continue the seed germination process from step 2.

If nothing happens after the last-ditch effort of the second soaking, Growers Choice will send out some replacement seeds. One thing to note is that shipping costs are not covered by the Seed Germination Promise, so the customer will still be on the hook for however much it costs to ship out his or her replacement seeds. For some people, being asked to shell out more money just to get a “free” replacement for seeds that didn’t germinate in the first place might not be worth it.

Sour Diesel Autoflower

Purple Hulk Autoflower

Big Bud Autoflower

Lemon OG Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower

Tangerine Dream Autoflower

Granddaddy Purple Autoflower

Customer Service at Growers Choice Seeds

Choice Seeds customer service representatives can be contacted in a multitude of ways. There’s the typical contact form on their website that can be filled out and submitted, and a support email address that can be written to directly. They also include a few different phone numbers that disgruntled customers can call to speak to real, live humans in the US or Canada.

It’s encouraging that Growers Choice Seeds provides phone numbers that allow its customers to speak with customer service agents directly since that’s a feature that a lot of people appreciate but is still relatively underused in the online cannabis seed selling industry.

Unlike some other brands that refuse to troubleshoot germination issues due to legal reasons, Growers Choice Seeds is perfectly willing and able to offer advice and guidance during any stage of the grow, for beginning growers as well as those who are more advanced. Personalized advice like that from industry professionals is a great thing to have!

As with any company, not all of the customer service interactions end up positive, but it’s safe to say that Growers Choice Seeds tries their best to satisfy all of their customers as best they can. Unfortunately, some people can never be satisfied, and some are even downright hostile, so it can be difficult to tell who was actually in the wrong when it comes to negative reviews that talk about poor customer service. It may be best not to put a lot of stock in those reviews unless they’re accompanied by screenshots that let the reader see the flow of the conversation and decide for themselves whether the customer and customer service rep acted rightly or wrongly.

Shopping Experience and Website

The shopping experience at Growers Choice Seeds is a bit odd. Usually, online retailers want to make it as easy as possible for website visitors to see and purchase their products. That doesn’t seem to be the case at The actual product listings are buried beneath paragraphs of text, such that visitors to the website have to scroll and scroll and scroll some more just to catch a glimpse of the actual products.

This is the case when one clicks on Shop All Cannabis Seeds, Auto-Flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and High CBD Medical Seeds. The only link that takes a customer directly to product listings is the “Buy Seeds on Sale” button and the specific strain listings in each drop-down menu.

Maybe Growers Choice Seeds is trying to make up for their lack of a vast seed selection by filling out their pages with extraneous information, but it would be a lot more user-friendly to put all of that below the product listings rather than above it. The design as it stands makes potential customers do way too much digging around to find what they’re actually looking for.

Promotions, Discount Codes, and Free Seeds

The seed prices at Growers Choice Seeds are, as a general rule, a bit lower than the similar strains that are available from other breeders. Keep in mind that they may not necessarily look cheaper at first glance for customers who are used to buying from European seed banks since all the prices at Growers Choice Seeds are listed in USD rather than Pounds or Euro. On the other hand, they don’t offer as many free seeds offers and promotions as other companies do, and their free shipping minimum is an almost ridiculously high $500.

In addition to their somewhat lower than average prices, Growers Choice Seeds has a rotating selection of sale items on a nearly constant basis. Just click on the “Buy Seeds on Sale” button that’s featured prominently on the website’s homepage to peruse the current sale selection. Items in that section are typically discounted by a dollar or two per seed, and sometimes even more. Check back frequently to get the best deals before they’re gone!

For those who need to buy in extremely large quantities, bulk discounts can also be arranged through customer service.