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Iron lotus seeds

Black Iron Shell Lotus Seed Nut Kernel Lotus Extract Grade: A+

We are exporter, manufacture and supply a Black Iron Shell Lotus Seed Nut Kernel Lotus Extract.

[Summary of lotus seed]
Lotus seed is the fruit of the lotus flower obtained through cultivation of lotus root. Although the lotus seed itself has reproductive ability, but it is easy to cause variation in species, therefore, lotus root cultivation does not use lotus seeds as seeds, and use the original species lotus root to reproduce asexually.

[Nutritional value of Lotus Seed]
The protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium in lotus seeds are very rich. At the same time, they are rich in multiplex vitamins, trace elements, and Multiple material such as nuciferine, and hyperin. Not only can form bone and tooth components, also coagulation blood, activates enzymes, maintains nerve conduction, calms nerves, maintains muscle tone and heart rhythm. Rich phosphorus is a major component of cell nuclear protein, which helps the body to carry out protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and maintain acid-base balance, which also plays an important role in sperm formation.
It contains large amounts of starch and raffinose, 16.6% protein, 2.0% fat, 62% carbohydrate, 0.089% calcium, 0.285% phosphorus, and 0.0064% Fe. In addition, it also contains I -Sitosterol, I -Sitosterol fatty ester, vitamin C, glucose, chlorophyll, palmitic acid and glutathione.

[Health effects of Lotus Seed]
Lotus seeds are good for five internal organs, dredging twelve meridians and qi and blood. lotus seed has an inhibitory effect on nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
[ Lower blood pressure]
The non-crystalline alkaloid N-9 contained in lotus seeds lowers blood pressure, promotes blood circulation, lowers blood sugar and blood lipids in the blood, relieves numbness and aching near waist and knees.
[Prevent spermatorrhea]
Lotus seed has the effect of suppressing sexual desire. For young people with dreaminess, frequent nocturnal emission, taking lotus seeds has a good effect.
[Nourish body]
The raffinose contained in lotus seeds benefit the spleen, kidney, and heart, is a tonic for all ages, and a common nutrient for people with chronic illness, postpartum or aging and mental work, it can improve brain function, enhance memory, improve work efficiency, and prevent the occurrence of senile dementia.
[prevent and cure diseases]
include chronic diarrhea or dysentery, loss of appetite because of spleen deficiency, emission due to the kidney deficiency, urinary incontinence, uterine bleeding, morbid leucorrhea, restlessness, palpitation, and insomnia, stomach disorders that cause nausea, postpartum choking cough due to stomach cold, vomiting, or bloating.
[Convergent blood]
Female irregular uterine bleeding, long menstrual period, etc. have a certain effect. Women with spleen and kidney deficiency and excessive leucorrhea should eat more.
[Prevention of myopia]
Lotus seeds can help supplement the nutrients needed by the ciliary muscles and sclera in the eye, prevent myopia, and very helpful for eye and vision care.

[What is Iron lotus Seed]
Black lotus seeds, collected from the fully mature black lotus seedpod, whose shell is black and hard as iron, The outer shell of the seeds is too hard to peel off if without tools, so in China, they are also called iron lotus seeds, some people also call it shell lotus seeds or stone lotus seeds.
The iron lotus seed can not be eaten directly, must be processed to remove the very hard outer shell before eaten.
Iron lotus seeds are the source of processing red lotus seeds and grinding white lotus seeds.

[Lotus seed side effects and contraindications]
Lotus seed is an edible food. It has no known side effects and it is suitable for general population. However, it shouldna t be consumed in the following 2 situations: people usually have dry stool or abdominal fullness due to constipation, plus patients are diagnosed with weak physique or deficiency of spleen and stomach since it is cold in nature.

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Amount of Iron, Fe in Seeds, lotus seeds, raw natural

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There is mg amount of Iron, Fe in amount of Seeds, lotus seeds, raw natural

Iron is a vital essential nutrient that is required for optimal health and its primary role is to carry oxygen around the body.

Iron deficiency is a very common nutritional disorder, affecting mostly women, children, elderly people, vegetarians and vegans. Iron deficiency represents depleted stores of iron, prolonged iron deficiency leads to iron deficiency anemia (also called anaemia), which has effect on ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. This may present symptoms such as fatigue, headache and pallor. Iron deficiency anemia can have also effect on behavior influencing mental and physical performance.

There are two forms of iron in food, haem and non-haem irons. Foods from animals provide both forms and foods from plants provide only non-haem form of iron. Haem iron is better absorbed than non-haem iron. Iron overload can occur and is more common in men, as it is believed their diet contains more meat. Besides red meat, good sources of iron are poultry, avocado, apricots, parsley, nettle, pumpkin seeds and dried fruit.

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