How to use a weed grinder

Weed grinders are fairly simple tools and are easy to use. The following instructions are for your average 4 piece grinder like the one below.

grinder parts

Step 1. Remove the lid (1) of the uppermost section and place your buds onto the teeth (2) in a circle midway between the center and outer edge. Placing your bud in the very center tends not to work as well.

Step 2. Rotate the lid (1) repeatedly to grind the buds giving it about 5 good turns in each direction. Then, peak under the lid (1) to make sure all the buds have make it through to the next section. If not, give it a few more turns in each direction and check again.

Step 3. Before opening the grinder, give it a little sideways shake to even out the ground up buds so they don’t spill out when you open it. This also helps more kief fall into the kief catcher at the bottom.

Step 4. Unscrew the main compartment (2) and enjoy the perfectly ground buds.

Step 5. After a few uses, kief will collect in the bottom most compartment (4) and it may be collected by unscrewing the screen section (3).

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  1. BillW says:

    Then go buy one, genius.

  2. Marcus says:

    I bought my first grinder. It is 2 piece with a magnetized top grinding part and a screen thingy on the bottom. How do i use this and how is it compared to the 4 piece grinder?

    • Erina says:

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      • Bert says:

        Jena this was SO encouraging to me and I’m sending the post over to a friend who I was just having this same cotravsenion with last night. Thank you for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it!

  3. BiggzFTI says:

    With your two piece grinder it will work the same way, except you will not be able to collect the Kief or pollen (crystals, pixie dust, the good stuff, ect…)in the bottom chamber. It will just collect with the bud. Except you mention a screen…hmm…what is the screen needed for if you only have a two piece grinder? How many compartments do you have? The loading compartment, the bud collecting compartment, the third is for the pollen. If you do not have a section to collect the pollen then you are really missing out. You let it collect up and sprinkle it on top of what you are about to smoke.

    Has anyone ever heard of using a coin in their grinder? You put it in the bud collecting compartment and it helps push all the pollen down to the pollen collecting compartment. Has anyone ever tried this?

  4. J says:

    I tried the coin thingie it works as a charm

  5. doxa says:

    yeah the coin thing really works.. i had a friend throughout high school who would smoke me out every day after school and he did that too. and i never thought it did anything or worked (after he told me what it did and how it works) but it wasnt till i started smoking recently that i found it really does kick ass and its a cheap (under 1$) way to maximize the keif!
    just make sure to clean the coin well first…. lol

  6. K says:

    So you just put any coin in the bud collecting compartment and that’s it? No tricks to it? Does anyone know why it maximizes the keif? I’m just curious. I just bought my first grinder after buying a new vape.

    • Guyrand says:

      The fact is the kief is a very small official of the thc and cannabinoids. The kief gets a positive charge off the coin and bam! Makes the kief smaller. What does this mean? It’s better to smoke European. With tobacco and a peice of rolling paper. When you grab a pack of rolling papers, get a pouch of tobacco. It will keep the grinder clean and collect left over kief from the bottom most portion of the grinder. Roll all this up and you got yourself a joint that will smoke and roll better then any vaperizor I’ve ever seen.

    • Lucy says:

      You know, I think the world of your site. And the responses and qsuntioes to this particular recipe are honest, considerate, and contextual, as always. But… “Teasing You With My Cousin Tony’s Sausage”!?!?! And only one commenter refers to the title!?! I dip in and out of asking you legitimate qsuntioes and just making a joke. And I always edit myself because it’s clear most of your readership are interested in thoughtful culinary qsuntioes. But this… this… this title… may be the greatest title you’ve every come up with.Now to the, ahem, meat of my comment :Well, it’s pretty apparent why your cousin wears that “loin cloth”, Chef John. I mean, based on the picture you’ve provided for the post, your cousin shouldn’t be handling food he should be joining the circus. And as far as “teasing” anyone with it, I’m sure just coming in near proximity to your cousin’s sausage violates several key articles of the Geneva Convention.Again, sorry for the lack of anything culinary in this comment.And as for your cousin, tell him, um, well, congratulations.Scott – Boston

    • Brad says:

      The coin rolls around in the chamber and helps to breakdown the material fiber than grinding and this way the kief falls through the screen. I have a actually seen small polished stones being used in areas of coins and I’m sure that works just as well.
      I have just started using a nickel and a dime together and it seems to be working quite well.

  7. Reefer says:

    The coins a good trick but if your saving the keif, your knocking pollen off what you are about to smoke so you lose quality. If you plan on saving for a while then don’t use the coin.
    “I’d rather get higher per bowl than REALLY high once or twice.”

  8. newsmoker says:

    Is there an easy way to grind my smoke all up into a powdered form. I was told that is the best way to use the smoke in my Vapor unit. Or does it have to be ground up like that?

  9. fiona says:

    please help woman in distress hehe. how the hell do you stop your grinder from sticking? jusr cant think of anthing. Thank you please xx

    • Newbee says:

      Since you will eventually be injesting the end result, any kind of a waxy lip gloss would probably be the safest. just an idea

      • Taylor says:

        Yea! I’m glad you posted this vid-even tohguh it was not very scintillating :P. It’s so cool to tell people you made the sausage yourself. It gives you instant cooking status and along with making ricotta and pasta it may just make you the gourmet envy of all your fiends.The meat grinder for the KA is the kitchen gadget that gets the most work in my house. Once your off the store ground stuff there’s no going back.Jeff

    • Burnzdro23 says:

      salt inside fill with alcohol put in zip lock bag and shake

    • Mac says:

      CDB Hemp Oil (use sparingly) OBTW oral consumption is now being investigated for treating Type 2 Diabetes. Weed smokers have lower resting blood sugar levels.

  10. ritchie says:

    I can think of no better to stop your grinder from smelling than washing and wiping it after you use it.

  11. moose says:

    I have an aluminium one and it gets bad sticky with some kinds, put less in to start with and try not to jam it into the grinder too hard, I’ll let the lid float a little bit when I start grinding, gently pushing down. Make sure you clean out the teeth fairly regularly (chopped up cards, toothpick) especially after a bad batch, and alwaaaays keep the center shaft/magnet clear and clean. Once in a while I clean it very carefully by hand to get as much off as I can then I toss it in ISO. Brand new again :)

  12. Peace n pot says:

    Sup i got a new grinder, its a toxic drum. Pretty cool but the screen is in the same section as the lower grinder. Is it supposed to be like that? ( im new )

  13. batman420 says:

    im a new smoker but what is the kief catcher for and do i smoke what dosent go though the screen

  14. Taylor says:

    @ peace n pot yeah it can
    @ batman420 yeah and then you can smoke the kief every once in a while

  15. Married Man says:

    Marriage is like a grinder. With a good marriage, like a good grinder, it works to help release the sweet potential of the individuals involved.

  16. Anon says:

    @batman420 the way it works is this:

    you put weed into the top part of the grinder and grind it to get it into smaller, more burnable pieces. Kief is the super-high THC stuff that goes through the screen into the kief catcher. What’s left above the catcher is regular weed and will get you high, the kief is like super-weed and will get you very high, very fast.

    • Bravo says:

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  17. waterjets says:

    Someone essentially help to make severely articles I’d state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual submit incredible. Great process!

  18. Slashman says:

    Just bought my first grinder, once the ground up bud is in the middle section, should there be anything left in the top or should it all grind into the lower section?

    • MasterBongs says:

      when you use your grinder it should be all in the bottom and be ready to use take out the screen with some needle nose pliers and keep it safe use the grinder as a grind and stash. find a cheap kief box for keifing

  19. 420VtOkemo says:

    Thanks – good info …

  20. Tido-Thestoner says:

    Hey Guys, recently got my own batch, my dealer is very good to me, a little too good, this is the second batch of the same stuff as last, but it hit me way harder, I used a grinder with the first one and found the high was long and good, (meaning no very few crystals were left on it) and that was amazing, second time we simply crushed with our fingers… BAD IDEA, no jokes, it is way too powerful, and I had the greenies, I’m no new stoner, so I know a lot of what I’m talking about, so, advice, use a damn grinder, they were made for a reason :)

  21. jojoOG420 says:

    I have the same question as @shashman ! Any answers?? I have a three piece grinder

    • MasterBongs says:

      when using my 3pc tornado grinder it came with a keifing screen and pollen catcher i removed the screen and use the catcher as a gound and carry option mine weighs in at 2oz and can carry as much as 3g worths i use it so often i forget the last time i cleaned it but for grinders i would say 3pc is agood take the screen out and use it as catch and carry and buy a keif box after grinding i use one to collect mine i paid 20 for it at a small market near my home so its was cheap and nice looking and it can process up to 1oz of herb

    • MasterBongs says:

      a 2 chamber 3pc grinder?
      then its a grinder non sifter and you can remove the screen and use it as a grind and stash or keep it a grinder non sifter.
      [a grinder sifter is mostly made of the grinder(2pc) catch screen
      (2nd chamber)
      and pollen catcher (3rdchamber)]

      a Grinder NON Sifter is made of the grinder 1chamber 2pc
      or Grinder with 2 chambers and a screen below the holes for the pollen catcher and screen.
      the final is the rotary grinder non sifter and the rotary grinder sifter

      i dont need to explain these i did above the rotary style is just an added handel to rotate the grinding plates and teeth

  22. blackleaf says:

    My grinder has a smiley face on it…just like me when I’m high

  23. Kief says:

    I’m new to this “save your Kief” idea. I know what it is, but why would you save it? How do you save it? I assume it will get stale? Why wouldn’t you want to smoke it all together to know the true quality of the bud you just got?

    • MasterBongs says:

      when i keif i use an air tite container to keep it in it never sits out so its to choice to use a keif box or not it keeps well for a few days but air tite containers are a good idea to keep it from drying out

  24. Kwynn says:

    @Kief, some of the kief falls off no matter what, even if it’s just sitting in the container you keep your weed in. Also when you touch it. So grinders allow broken buds without having to touch the herb, but more kief falls off. Therefore the catcher is there to collect it so it doesn’t go to waste. I’s say it’s a give and take kinda thing. I just bought a grinder and I like that I don’t have to touch it, but it grinds it up pretty small and it burns quick. I do keep my herb moist, though. Anyone have a remedy for that, or is that just how it works?

  25. Lloyd says:

    Kief can be collected and crushed up to make hasish which will get you high anout instantly :p that’s why you collect it. And the coin thing is kind of stupide cause your just gonna loose the quality of the herbs themselves just to make some hash

  26. John says:

    I bought a “Sharpstone” on Ebay. The handle was so freakin’ squeaky, however, with a little “Gun Butter” (That’s the product’s actual name, great for firearms and anything else that needs lubrication. I loved it, it was the 2.5″, but today the handle stripped the dar before the third week since it’s purchase. It worked wonderfully before that. I took it apart and it looks like the main Allen Head Screw was made from a very cheap alloy as it was stripped, my advice would be careful how much you torque a grinder with a handle, I like that the top is clear. There is a Chromium Crusher which has a clear top and a handle, same price as the sharpstone $20.

  27. Gray says:

    why would you not want to leave the kief in the weed in the first place? just paid $20 for this grinder and not sure if I like it

  28. Anonymous says:

    Been a smoker for a really long time. Just bought a single stage or two piece grinder after having only 3 stage or 4 piece grinder. How the hell am I supposed to get my weed out of this thing. Just bang it upside down on a table or something. It’s actually kind of pissing me off now that I’m home with the new grinder.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ok on the purpose of saving your kief. There are two main reasons to do this.
    1. Collect it and save it to make hash
    2. Sprinkle some on top of a bowl and holy shit you’re on cloud nine my friend.

  30. Bobbym says:

    I have a new grinder. It only has 2 chambers. The screen is where the bud should fall through and when I grind it, all the weed stays on top. But it still grinds it all. So is the 2nd chamber a kief catcher and the first chamber to grind it and keeps the grinded up weed in there??

    • MasterBongs says:

      you can remove the screen in a 3pce grinder and use it as a grind and stash grinder instead of grinder non sifter a grinder sifter would be better you can make a 4pc into a 3 by removeing the screen and connecting the bottom back to it.

    • MasterBongs says:

      the 2chamber 3 pc grinder is yes a grinder non sifter where you have to grind to sift in stead of sifting by shaking dont worry it still works but takes much longer to get keif. i suggest taking out the screen and use it as a grind and stash

  31. MasterBongs says:

    i am looking for better grinder a 3 or 4 piece rotary grinder for under $20 becuase my old grinder is too small for my giant sized hands i use it still but have cut my self with my thumbnails is there a decent one at like a head shop or a walmart that i can find that will let me not cut my self all the time or maybe taller and wider then the 3 1/2 inch dia by maybe 1 1/4 inch tall i have. if so what web site and a link please

  32. airheadjones says:

    To get the Kief from the grinder so it’s not sticky just put it in the freezer. It’ll freeze and not be sticky and by the time you take it out of the grinder it will be room temperature again.

  33. Old smoker says:

    Y’all tryin’ ta make this rocket science and it ain’t… The grinder grinds the stash… Duh, the screen just separates anything that will fall thru. For those of you who like to use what falls thru, great! For those of you who don’t, take out the screen. Again Duh

  34. Swaveltins says:

    Use hug goes brand baby wipes they seem to be the most effective at cleaning the grinder edges where it sticks

  35. dante says:

    is there any where you can get just the screen

  36. Dorita says:

    How do you use herb grinder with handle

  37. trinogen says:

    Hi green guys,
    I am a tachy yogi using marijuana for my old age pains. From my own experience so far, it looks to me very few people know indeed about marijuana stuff. And each one has his own private story to tell (we call this experience). From my own I can tell that marijuana is a very strange plant, and all the canaboids in it (so many of them) have to work together in order to have a nice ride beyond the living misery.
    Yoga practice can achieve the same thing, but you have to turn into a vegeterian and work hard for it, and only few are able to do this!

    I summarize bellow the hierarchy of potency of marijuana stuff:

    1) the concetrates (shatter, hash, wax, etc.) are most potential, having a good chance to turn you derailed or dead (if not in right dosage).
    2) the oils are next, and very potential as well. They are wonderful in etables, but they are dangerous as well if not in right dosage.
    3) the weed itself is the less potential, and there is no way to turn derailed or dead out of it. So with the weed smoking you are safe!
    Now the question is: what is the right dosage, if there is one?
    Let see if you guys have the answer to this pathetic question!
    Sarva Mangalam (Happiness to everyone!

    • Steeley says:

      Trinogen – there’s a simple mathematical solution to determine “what is the right dosage, if there is one?”. It’s called the “smoke sum”.

  38. trinogen says:

    I was talking about the THC and CBD dosage (in mgrms)!
    The weed has the list because all the crystals are gone due to handling and processing. That’s why the kief is so powerful, being nothing else but pure crystals fallen in the bottom chamber. I did a honey mix with a full small jar of kief i bought, and it is amazingly good (for me)! But you have to pay attention with etables because they are very potent and last a lot longer (for many, many hours). One such self-made piece of chocolate kept me totally disebled for more than 24 hours. I believe it was probably 200 mgrams of pure THC oil in that single piece. And I’ve seen some for sale in the store with 1gram (1000 mgrms) in them. Those guys are crazy, not knowing what they are selling!
    As a yogi I am able to control my mind, but what is too much, is too much, and nobody can handle this. So you youngsters out there please be careful with this stuff! It could ruin your life for good by turning you derailed or even dead!

  39. Lou says:

    How fine do you graind marijuana

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