How to collect kief

The best way to collect kief is to use a 4 piece grinder with kief catcher. All of the best grinders have a special compartment at the very bottom for collecting kief. You simply place your buds in the uppermost chamber where the teeth are and turn the grinder repeatedly. As it breaks up the buds they fall onto a middle layer with a screen and any loose pollen crystals, or kief, fall through the screen and into the kief catcher. Over time the kief builds up and you can collect it.


The photo above shows the bottom compartment with kief in it. Some people choose to store a little bit of ground bud in the compartment so that the kief will stick to them, which can also be seen at the top of the photo above. How you use yours is up to you, but thats how to get kief!

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  1. Grape St. says:

    A couple more tips.

    If kief is what you want, there’s a couple of ways to maximize your yield. This is handy when making pressed hash, or for THC budgeting/party smoking.

    Ground – When grinding your herbs, keep the grinder upside down for the first few turns. This is to ensure your herbs are ground completely (NOTE: this does not produce optimal smoking consistency, it creates a powdery herb that dries quickly and compresses easily, very bad to roll, very good for kief). Make sure you keep a good grip on the lid from the bottom. If you slip your grinder will open and your herbs will scatter. Magnetic grinders are very helpful in this spot.

    Coinage – Take a (lucky) coin and drop it in your herb collection chamber (middle tray). After you’ve ground your herbs, shake the grinder in a circular motion, sliding the coin around the bottom. It will easily roll around the inside of the grinder, sliding across your kief screen. This technique pushes more kief crystals through the screen, and agitates the ground herbs to release more ‘pollen’. Larger heavier, non-serrated coins are preferred. Dollar coins work well.

    Clean your coin with a dot of dishsoap. Oils on the coin will bind with the kief and make it useless and more keif will stick to the coin itself. These are both bad things.

    Tap – After all’s said and done, the last trick is to tap your grinder flat against a table or your leg or palm. the blunt impact loses kief caught in the screen and collects your kief neatly in the tray. This also helps avoid forming grommets of sticky press-hash around the lip of your grinder over time, which make it harder to open and close.

  2. Grape St. says:

    Just one more.

    Freeze – Freezing your herb for a half an hour before grinding will also help kief detach. Freezing the THC does not affect it’s effect, however it will change the way the herb smokes.

  3. tim says:

    these are all great ideas, except, why dont you just use the grinder like normal and wait until you have a good amount of keif. the more THC you take out of the herb in the initial grind, the less potent it is.

  4. Clark K says:

    Tim, down here in Texas its good enough we dont have to worry about it bein a little less potent….DANK

  5. Boss says:

    Yeah right. Our west coast weed is where it’s at. You’re smokin that texas shwag. 503!

  6. Plasmic says:

    Ha! You think that “Hydro” your getting in TX is dank?? Move to CA, or any other state where you can get a medical card….ha

  7. Big Rudy says:

    South Dakota Shag, what we call “shwastika” is where its at.

    • morgan says:

      Sodak dont got anything hardly i only ever found the best when i went to the hills to go snowboarding and that was in deadwood

  8. Young Hippie says:

    The shit we get in NC is awesome if you get it from the right people. That’s the only thing you have to worry about here (who to get if from).

    • CackySlackin says:

      Young Hippie
      Yeah whats going on with that shit lately?? Grew up here my whole life never seen nothing to beat it. Hurry HB185 .. move swiftly SB648! Fed up as they say…with the five dif grades of A. Snarl..smh

    • Kristen says:

      I hear that. Here in Massachusetts a lot of junk weed. We have a lot of wannabe closet growers that couldn’t grow decent pot if their lives depended on it.

  9. MNx says:

    why are you all fighting, chronic is chronic…….. Minnesota dank!

    • MinnesotanAlso says:

      No, it’s hard to get here in Minnesota, it’s only ok, and people are shadier than they should be for fake canadian farmer sport fan wannabes. Minnesota is weird.

  10. Canuck says:

    Yall should come on up to toronto and we’ll blaze up some BC bud :)

  11. caliking says:

    lol minnesota dank? i’ve seen bricks that look better than that crap out there. 408

  12. Sagnasty says:

    “OG Kush Silver Haze” in the “Nasty Naw” Sagnasty – Saginaw, MI.

    • TheBurningKush269 says:

      OG grown right here in kzoo! Rep!

    • InPursuitOfPrfectBrownie |503| says:

      Is the fighting in here equate, for the most part, to ‘Reality’ telle ….?

      anyway- I would like to ask the audience a question-

      1- What is the best Quality, Grinder….?

      Oil out of bud oil or butter- and any recipees that are easy; Ican’t cook. lol BUT WILL LEARN FAST
      I have many questions; so let’s keeep this to a minimum and let me ask- What is the best WEBSITE to goto for my new >EDUcation in MaryJane |420| baby. Gratzi. 503 JustMeMagee Sociological Xperiment #PerfectBrownie
      #oilCannabis #butterCannabis #OrganicCoconutOil #BestRecipeeForInfusionWITHandWithOutHeat

  13. Craig says:

    don’t fight about herb. goes against everything it stands for.

  14. hellaFunky says:

    Where ever you get it from. It’s AllLllll goOooOood. I get too excited to wait for the kief to collect.

  15. stixxx702 says:

    Funny how a simple keef question turned into a “best weed” pissing contest…

  16. i like smokin weed bra says:

    nah yall r trippin down here in naples fl its all abt the manor mulch lol jk. we get dank shit frm miami. i baught frm this rasta guy at marly fest and holly shit, me and him put this in my 5 tree 3 perculator PURE bong with a PURE ash catcher and diffuser. i died. lmfao

  17. AmRep says:

    Jesus. Its not where its grown but whose growing it guys, unless you buy outdoor weed, which even then is more dependent upon grower experience than anything. You want good weed, find a better grower instead of assuming all weed in your state is like that. I’ve smoked in 30 of the states, and none of you have shit on what I could get in a coffeeshop here for ten euro or so.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Miami and california have one of the best areas for cappin bud.

    • Chuck says:

      You should tell the kid, that u as a good negibhor have heared rumors that somebody will tell the police about him, and provide him with a brief advice. If it did not work then don;t bother, sooner or later he will have a problem either from police or friends, save urself the guilt. Was this answer helpful?

  19. dank says:

    yes there is better bud in the west coast but texas bud isnt AS bad as people think. if u no the right people u can actually get some pretty dank shit but i do believe that the west coast tops it off with the best bud ever…even though ive never tried any from there id love to someday

  20. Anonymous says:

    Weed is a weed you can grow danks in any part of the world almost. you just have to know what your doing

    • Johnny says:

      This is accurate – enough of this bickering about the best weed. You find the best seeds and know what youre doing you can grow the shit anywhere, hence why its called “Weed”

  21. allshotup says:

    cali bud tops it all im from illinois went to cali smoked some chronic…WOW all i can come up with

    • MinnesotanAlso says:

      But Illinois is awesome…

      • Sakura says:

        Minnesota had great weed when I lived out there for a bit. I was in Mankato. But none of yall know about that Philly weed. Fuck an import, all our shit is grown right in state. Them PA mountain folks got secrets man, cuz this bud out here is strong like Superman!

    • Otubu says:

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  22. boStoned says:

    best buds I’ve smoked, Med G13 and Med Grape Ape, straight from Cali… Thanks from the 617

  23. Anonymous says:

    Alaska….. Nuff said

    • Cason says:

      907! Lol
      I lived in Anchorage for most of my life.

      • Tanner says:

        Grew up in alaska and i now live in Colorado. I can say knowingly that ALASKA has the best cannabis in the US. I live in fucking Colorado and the weed is still better in alaska.

  24. anon says:

    here in California we have the best weed. from grand daddy to ATF. you cant really beat what we grow. from clubs or homegrown the climate is way better than anywhere else in the country. 916 bitches

  25. WeedHead says:

    Just moved from San Fran. to Ottawa. The pot here is about $40 a quarter oz and it blows the $120 a quarter in Cali med shops out of the water. No weed like Canadian Weed anywhere period. Not Colorado, Not New York, Not California, Not Amsterdam and certainly not Texas.

  26. BringerOfReefer says:

    O.k. people lets look at this with some rational eyes.
    If I were to take a (insert strain here) seed and grew it indoor at (insert location) with the same nutrients same lights same humidity same photo-period same ppm same medium same whatever.guess what will happen. It turns out…THE SAME!
    Are we forgetting the fact that the cannabis plant is slowly but surely becoming legalized. Lets focus on that instead, and let this issue be a null one.

    • Coolfirebob says:

      don’t call the cops because snthcied get stitches. tell him to stop or you will call the cops and give a chance to flush it all down the toilet. that way he changes for the better. if he goes to jail he’ll be Butt raped or become a hardened criminal or if you leave it alone he’s grow more weed. I’ve meet some pot smokers in my day and most have jobs and families they care about. calling the cops will get his parents into trouble too. they could lose there house and he’ll be to blame. weed smokers don’t rough up the neighborhood so just warn him you know what he’s doing and you don’t like it. he’ll get all paranoid and move his business elsewhere or stop all together. Was this answer helpful?

  27. Zen Toker says:

    lets all put our dicks away now, i’m pretty sure i will smoke whatever weed i can find from anywhere i am, and love it. nobody gives a shit where you’re from or if you think you have the best weed. ganja is ganja, and no matter where you are, you are going to have some higher grade shit and some lower grade shit. its weed. shut up, smoke up, team up. lets think about who the real competition is. its not our fellow tokers, but the ones that try to regulate our god-given freedoms.

    • 70's dude says:

      Vote then toke. The only way politicians will help is by letting them know what we want and the way to do it is by voting. We must work united and quickly. Big Pharma is going to wise up and with deep pockets they are going to be a big influence, and Big Pharma will only be in it for the cash. MMJ and legal recreational use is slowly coming around because people are dedicated to the cause and worked hard to make it happen. Many thanks to those who accomplished legalization in their State.

    • Muhammad says:

      Hey Joe, of course you can get hooekd with them, they’re not classified by the DEA as something legal that you can always use (without prescription and limitation). It will become a problem because you will definitely associate the use of marijuana or sleeping pills everytime your on the edge. Why not try some meditation or relaxation techniques to calm your nerves whenever you have finals or examinations. -4Was this answer helpful?

    • 937 says:


  28. J-Dawg says:

    I may not know where this weed is from but…I’m smoking it anyway and after a couple of tokes I’m sure I could give a rat’s ass where it was grown. Only onw way to win this argument…SMOKE MORE WEED.

  29. 24/7smoke420 says:

    We all obviously love the green…here in SoDak, there isnt just shwag cuz we happen to live near interstate 90, but the good shit we do get usually comes from the coast or colorado. either way amsterdam is where we all need to be…

  30. Anon says:

    I would have to say chronic is chronic, dro is dro, and swag is swag… yes they all have seperate taste but weed is weed… so quit braggin that ur state has the best weed and determine if its in ur hands atm

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hell come to Vancouver ill smoke u up with real BC bud mothafucka lolour shit is the best where do u think the stares good stuff comes from lol soure as hell doesnt come from the states lol

  32. pchchillin says:

    Albertan kush is where its at.

  33. GNU SBing says:

    Blue Dream from CA, getting it in VA!!!

    • Open says:

      It’s very surreal to look at Patrick while I’m reenmberimg you in YOUR baby pictures! Thanks for making me feel older than dirt!! Someone told me that we have the spaces between our fingers so that another person’s can fill them that’s what I thought of when I saw the pictures of his little fingers. It’s amazing how such a tiny person can change your life forever. Congratulations to you both!

    • jaidenfromOHIO says:

      y’all stupid theres different types of bud in every state

  34. kickinitMDW says:

    ya fer reel. i get great weed in south dak. Always headies around. and its always from colorado but im not saying its better there then it is anywere else. we get diesel strains, kush strains ive seen it all, right here in a little town in SD. fer reel tho we need to team up, it almost legalization time. Medi laws are everywere. Stop being cannabis snobs and just smoke some heads and forget about it.

  35. swabbs says:

    cincis got shitty weed… i have to search like an fbi agent just to get some dro… all you cali residents bring some dank to the nati and spread the love

    • Stevie says:

      hola don Alvaro?respecto al escrito creo que“es mejor llegar a ser, que nacer simaco”eudhns gracias por el comentario, le cuento que el blog de angelesituango es solo mio, mi compañera creo que va a crear otro o se quedara con el anterior, espero publicar cosas del agrado de todos.hasta luego…

  36. 713 says:

    Houston got the dank, we don’t need med card’s for $50 dollar 1/8’s of nycd.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Fuck that shit NJ finest 908 DANK!!!

  38. Lawyer with Card says:

    flyin w/ some lovely west coast chem dog right now, but here in MICHIGAN there are some very knowledgable caregivers producing some amazing strains. We have one of the top agricultural universities in the country here.

  39. budbaby says:

    smoke shit from the middle east… you’ll be toasssted c:

  40. thatdude says:

    sorry, come f**k with that NOLA green… New Orleans is where its at

  41. O Yea says:

    Middle East has good shit. I agree. Its different.

    • Vishal says:

      I’d call the cops. Tell me how you think his being with the wrong crowd through gnroiwg and selling weed isn’t going to mess up his future? Since it will, then how does the possibility of his future getting messed up by calling the police factor into it? His future can be messed up either way.BTW If you tell him that if he doesn’t stop that you’ll call the cops, then if he doesn’t stop and you call them he will assume it was you who turned him in. This might cause him to seek revenge against you. If you simply call the cops without confronting him, then he won’t know that it was you who called them. So I would consider your safety and perhaps that of any family you have before even thinking of talking to him and giving him an option. Was this answer helpful?

  42. Cornfedwhiteboy says:

    Just harvested some Royale Haze, White Rhino, and Mongolian Indica… In Iowa. No matter the region of the world it comes from, no state or country has any better weed than anywhere else with the massive amount of availability. If it’s not grown where it’s smoked, you have no claim to saying your state’s weed is better, and if it is grown where it’s smoked, the strain’s country of origin takes it’s bragging rights, but only for the creation of the strain or hybrid’s base strains. It all boils down too the grower’s abilities. Where, it came from, where it’s smoked, and what you think about it compared too others means about as much as goose shit on a pinecone.

  43. Potentr335 says:

    Man this shit in ATL is tha bomb

  44. MasterKush says:

    I gotta say this argument is totally on the right path
    Smoke Weed everyday and never settle for anything but the dankness
    We are united in our Crispiness
    1 up 4 New York City

  45. Grant says:

    You can all say you have the beat herb and although I’m a full American Vancouver bc bud is better than any shit you’ve smoked

    • Rigoleto says:

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  46. SRH 330 says:

    my indoor will beat all your shitty as buds. Buckeye for life

  47. ryanboii says:

    alaska bud is AHMAZING. You won’t find anything better. It tastes so pure.

  48. maya says:

    im from hawaii… hawaii has the cripest weed in the us, its proven.. 808 is the chronic state!

    • Legal smoker says:

      People saying it doesn’t matter where it’s grown?
      I will smoke any weed but indoors can grow beyond greater than outdoors because the grower has Complete control on all of the factors that the buds need to grow to full potential.

      Smokin Legally in Boulder,CO
      20 dolla 1/8 and the finest selection than any other state.
      Still love that Cali kush tho

  49. maya says:

    haha why are you all trying to prove your state has the chronic anyway? we all love buds.. weed is a peace drug, stop with the competition.

  50. Bone says:

    A grow room properly set up will produce the same quality of product regardless of physical location be it Kansas or the moon.

  51. SmokeGoodFeelGood says:

    Obviously none yall ever been to hawaii except maya and me hahah shit is the dopest. Hawaiian haze

  52. anonySMOKE says:

    What’s with the dick waving contest? Everybody can get dank.

    Chill out, smoke more fellas!

    • Georgia says:

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  53. bcbudsmoker says:

    hahaha well apprently none of you have been to bc every 14 year old kid and there grandma sells dank

  54. bcbudsmoker says:

    @bone this is true but alot of states have very harsh laws making alot less people grow weed and when you have a place like bc or anywhere in canada with very loose drug laws you end up with WAY MORE PEOPLE growing bud.. and the more people growing the bud… the more good bud you will find everywhere.. every place has killer weed.. just easier to find it in different places

    • Nick Harris says:


      Everyones got grinders with Keef screens I hope…? Okay good.

      ..I like grinding fresh, never frozen, never compressed, Green.
      1. Grind it
      2. Tip upside down and continue grinding for a 30-60 secs.
      3. Don’t set it down, slam it down on a hard surface a couple times.
      (this will help all loose keef get through to the screen.)
      4. Fuck dimes, nickels and pennies. Insert a Quarter into trey.
      (It’s all about the surface area, you are not slicing green with a coin, you are moving the coin around so all the green UNDERNEATH the coin is scraped against the very fine pores of the keef screen.)
      5. Simply, shake side to side rapidly, the more you do, the more keef. MAJIC! If you have a vibrating grinder that helps too.
      Now your probably like WTF we know this, but understanding the process
      helps you create it on a bigger scale.

      I won’t say how, or what, but think about engineering something moderately simple with electric motors and batteries to scrape green across keef screen for you, and faster.
      Get High, create it, and from there on just smoke keef and make hash.

  55. SlightlyAcidic says:

    Cali may have medical grade, but H-town’s got gangs. Not to condone gangs, but they can grow some damn weed. Some DaAaAnkk. 832/281/713 niggas

  56. Mike says:

    weed grown indoors= DOESNT MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM
    stop being stupid, think about it

    • Legal smoker says:

      Yeah man think about all the factors a plant can face outside.
      Outdoor weed is great but indoor is proffesional, growers can control all the factors the buds need to grow to full potential. It’s quite simple actually, think about it

    • Angelica says:

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  57. Mike says:

    @SlightlyAcidic ….and cali doesnt have gangs…?

  58. GetItDone says:

    Yeah man, doesn’t matter as much where it’s from in most cases, though normally Canada and New Zealand are always competing for #1 hydro world-wide. “Bubblegum” is my fav…

    • HairyMelvin says:

      Had some Bubblegum a while back while vacationing in Amsterdam. Great for hitting the night life there, it made everything a little bit sparkly.

  59. GetItDone says:

    and yeah…some of you need to chill out. Have a bang, get retarded. Peace

  60. GetItDone says:

    Oops; “bong”, not “bang”. Though a bang doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…. Hmmm Anybody wanna order some food?


    • Misael says:

      You can grow it, but you’ll probably want to plant it in a pot inorods and use artificial lighting. Also, hope that your seed is a female. Male plants are useless, except for pollinating the females and causing them to produce seed within their flowers (buds). Was this answer helpful?

  61. NorCaLz FinesT says:

    California has the best bud no doubt
    But you can have good weed ANYWHERE it depends on whos growing it =]

  62. CrazyDanishGirl says:

    I cant find any in houston, I just moved here and it seems dry… Am I missing something??? Someone throw me a freakin BONE!

    • EyesDownBassWeightHouston says:

      Yes you are missing something Danish girl. Being that we are a HUGE city and major hub, we get EVERYTHING here. EVERYTHING.

  63. Daddy says:

    White Widow, Cincinnati, Oh, mother fuckers!!!!!

  64. Marcus says:

    .C4N i get kief in a 2pc grinder? Norte C4L1F4z got the be$t tree::

  65. JimiBlaze says:

    Smokin the white widow over here in Seattle, WA!! Still lookin for some OG Kush tho.

  66. IBLAZEPURP says:

    Chicago is where its at last friday i bought $50 worth of the best purp ever for $25 and on the way home i found a sawbuck of souwer diesel on the ground!!!!!!!!!!

  67. AllAboutQuality says:

    I’ve lived all over the states, and Cali has some amazing buds!! But there is somewhere with better bud…… COLORADO BABY!!! If you want the DANKEST the states have to offer, look no further than CO!!

  68. nick says:

    whys nobody repping Boston we got the dankest bud around fuck everyone else

  69. florida boy! says:

    Man none of you guy know the facts cali might be the center of legaliztion and medical weed but florida now leads the country in indoor grown weed. Which if you guys ddnt know indoor grown weed keeps becomimg more and more potent every year because of the new ways that geniuses discover to make crazy dank ass strands all the time. There is fire everywhere its all the same but there is infinate amounts of that shit down here in the south boy. Florida 863

  70. florida boy! says:

    And I really reccomment that you guys look for some sour deisel! Belive me I’ve smoked all crazy kinds of shit and I’ve never had anything like the deez. I but 3 grams of that shit and kept it in a baggy and it stunk my dorm hall up I almost got caught and shit. Its ridiculous

  71. lol says:

    Everyone fighting about certain areas weed being better are rediculous. What city ur in makes no difference at all, Its all about the strain/grower, im in a tiny town noone has heard of and theres a few ppl here who grow weed just as good if not better than all the “super stains” everyone always brags about. Pot is pot is pot, its all about the grower/grow op and how good everything is done.

  72. headycrocker says:

    this is america. 2 lights and a water pump and you can have hydro anywhere. its all good,

    but mines the best. i run on diesel only ha

  73. Zhora says:

    All u need to stop arguing, and just admit NYC,Brooklyn has the best weed. All u other redneck states have rags. Except Cali

  74. Mountainman says:

    Appalachian rednecks grow the best shit. Weve been perfecting it through generations for 300+ years, longer than anyone in the U.S of A. FRESH AIR AND CLEAN WATER! We also make the best whisky on the plannet.Even the best cali. strains taste better grown here. And half the state of cali can suck my dick for voting dope down in 2010! that was supposed to be the gateway to legalization of pot nationwide.Nuke cali!

  75. Mountainman says:

    BTW! Indoor pot? And you think it may be the best? WTF? N all u city slickers say rednecks aint got no education! No wonder that shit gets up to 100 bucks a quarter! what do u get a few ounces per plant? No offense to anyone but out of the city, your “hydro” is called nigger weed. And for good reason. FU
    I bought a 3″ grinder for $20. Offbrand. Works fuckin great.4 piece. Havnt seen a grinder yet that could do some good sticky icky without just smashing it and fuckin it up. But works real good on the mexi and nigger weed.

  76. NOLAgreen says:

    y’all niggas ain’t got shit on mardi gras kush. 504 motherfuckers!

  77. 818 says:

    MMRC in Sherman Oaks CA is the best pot shop! The best 91’S and 05 W Hollywood Wicked PK is the real DANK!

  78. Yatti420 says:

    My way to collect THC..

    2 Handheld electric grinders with pollinators..

    First grinder is a standard aluminum handheld with plastic pollenator casing and removable screen.. This 1 is hard to call it a screen or a pollinator.. Alot of plant material gets through as the screen has lots of “bigger holes”.

    Second grinder has metal pollenator casing and proper screen.. Its pure and it takes the second pass..

    With good stuff you can acquire as much as a handheld can in a

  79. justinsmokaalota says:

    the smartest way to collect is if you have a 4 chambered grinder use a small razor and run it across the herb and screen which removes almost 75% of the keif,and trust me this method works but do it lightly and dont press down hard it also helps with breaking up the herb better as well =]

  80. bro says:

    What if I don’t want “pollen”? Should I look for a grinder without a screen? I don’t want to have to sprinkle it or anything.

  81. Alek$ says:

    good keif lesson tho i just put a clean nickel in my grinder

    • Katherine says:

      Ottimo. Sono contento che tutto vada per il verso giusto Per il resto:- Sapevo che ti saresti &##&a0;2zzeccato288221; con la palestra, molto bene – Apprezzo molto il paragone con gli altri annegati nei nostri mari: è un pensiero correttissimo, eppure non mi era passato per la mente;- Possibilità nuove e sconosciute? LOL… Io sono malizioso, ma tant’è

  82. neck says:

    I have a small stiff bristle brush that came with an electric razor. I use this on my grinder from time to time to sweep the upper and middle chambers clean.

  83. KIEF says:

    use a coin in grinder i get half a gram of kief after grinding only a gram of bud :D and the buds that potent it still gets you baked

  84. Anonymous says:

    The grinders work great at what they do and they don’t discriminate against the green they mulch or the pollen they collect. My personal tip for the pollen is to use one or two copper coins in the screen. Copper isn’t going to have a problem getting stuck to the magnet. Light enough that a gentle shake will make it bounce against the screen and maximize pollen collection.

    Its not where the green is grown, it is WHO grows it. You can get seeds from all over the world, and if you’re growing skills suck, your green sucks!

  85. Asmooth white boy insane says:

    Kief is what I’m making

  86. James says:

    I have a little shitty grinder. It only has a top and bottom chamber. There are a few wholes in the grinding part with a screen on it. I need to smoke more so I can hurry up and get this kief! :-)

  87. MississippiHippie says:

    Everyone knows Cali and Colorado bud are by far the best and for one simple reason…..THEY HAVE DISPENSARIES!!!! Lets face it the only way to get the best bud is to either have a swag hook up in your hometown or move to one the two states. The bud here in MS ain’t bad at all but I’ve experienced medicinal brands and there is absolutely not comparison between the two.

  88. kyreping says:

    Kentucky everybody does it weed is weed

  89. Anon says:

    Okay it is a fact that growing bud outdoor makes it more potent so all the people saying their shit is the best that is indoor you’ve been told a myth. Canada has the best climate for growing bud in BC, I don’t give a shit what people from cali say… It has been tested and BC Bud is the most potent bud on earth that has been tested.

    • paulios says:

      You’re hilarious!!!!
      It has not been proven that outdoor is stronger than indoor and I’d be inclined to think it’s the other way round, simply due to the fact that all variables can be controlled and optimised in an indoor grow room. I have been growing for twenty five years and I can definitely tell you son, indoor hydroponics always give the most potent out of any given seed. Outdoor can taste better, but indoor produces the highest count of resin glands due to all factors being optimal.
      You obviously haven’t a clue.

  90. crisco says:

    so how do u clean the coin properly??…

    • Houssam says:

      I found a few websites that show lists of money makin’ tools that work, I’ve put the links on my cnaehnl. Anyone can make online money but only those who try will succeed. That’s what a lot of you don’t understand, some rather complain about scams than making money.

  91. Justin says:

    It’s all about that NM bud that shits loud best place to grow sativa

  92. Sour713 says:

    Houston has alot pretty dank growers. 832 bitches

  93. JimmyC says:

    Theres good herb everywhere Youngins

  94. Watergirl says:

    I can’t Believe I read this whole page lol

  95. Trey says:

    If all you claim have to dankest bud, prove it and take it to the Cannabis Cup. Then come back and post about how bad you feel about your bud compared to THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  96. WeedFromPortugalIsTheBest!! says:

    Watergirl: I can’t believe i just did the same. lol

  97. LolzBot says:

    Man, kids these days. Funny, would read again, A++.

  98. Mr420MN says:

    You are all sleeping on Minnesota buds-its cold up here 4 months of the year. There is a large indoor growing culture here, we are talking about 10 or 11th generation… I know Cali’s got a lot more of the fire- we may not have as much as you in the warmer states but the herb that is grown up here, I would put our MN indoor against any thing you can grow or buy w/a medical card. Dont sleep on something you have no idea about. Come toke with the big kids and I you’ll be like smokey and end up all f*cked up half naked in a cage… LOL But seriously we grow da fire shit!

  99. Southgeorgiaweed says:


  100. Ashley says:

    ….. I thought this was a Kief post…. Not a where ure from post. Smh

  101. Jayjizzle420 says:

    I kno this thred is old but their crap n theirs the super dank there as well.all about who u kno or if u can grow that’s it end of story NJ, 732 n 908 all over blow that good goodness in the air

  102. Todd says:

    Im from the 302 and i can get my hands on some of the best strands.

  103. Blobbert says:

    lol fuck the states u all got shwag come to canada where danks damn near the same price as reggs

  104. David says:

    Ya Mon, Mi smoke ’em all.

  105. Libra420 says:

    I hate when potheads argue bout miss Jane :'( I’m glad that you guys have dankest dank..all I got is Milwaukee “dank” blech!

  106. plutoo says:

    Atl has tbe dopest dope you ever smoked…. we only have 1 term for bad wbudd and thats middddd…. but we hVe 100 termz for loudddddddd dank erkle purple skunk etc

  107. SMOKYMCPOTS says:


  108. DANKINTX says:

    shit, just cause we in texas doesnt mean we aint got dank. i got a special* way of getting cali weed. and no “hydro” like these guys saying.

  109. 420 gang 330 says:

    all you ppl need to come to canton and get the real shit. theres alot of brick weed and mids. but we got all the shit. g13 ak47 grandaddy purp neptune trainwreck merlins dream afghan anything you want grown or import

    • Sinte says:

      he’s not hurting anoyne but himself so you should leave him aloneIf you see him trying to sell to little kids thats another story but in actuality the only people he is selling to come to him ..he’s not corrupting anoyne and if he wasnt doign it then someone else willMind your buisness and if he moves to harder drugs then have him busted ..Marijuana shouldnt even be illegal it causes ZERO deaths a year whils alcohol and smoking contrubute to hundreds of thousands .Stop being so uptight and open your eyes ALCOHOL IS A DEADLIER DRUG BUT SINCE THE GOVT CAN TAX IT ITS LEGAL Was this answer helpful?

  110. 420mojo says:

    Chicago bud bitch!!

  111. Me says:

    good bud is good bud. period. anywhere u go. funny how i didnt read: Afghani Durban Poison, Northern Lights, HOLLAND, lol

  112. AZKillin says:

    Shit I know all the right people, otherwise known as “dispensaries” hahaha

    • Magdalena says:

      I’d call the cops, without haostetiin. This kid is 16 and he’s already growing and selling pot. Who is he selling it to? Other kids.What is this kids next step, selling meth? crack?How many other lives will be affected down the line because someone hesitated to do the right thing? It might be the best thing for this kid too, if he’s stopped now before things go further.It always amazes me how people say mind your own business , and don’t get involved . They are the same type of people who turn their back when a woman is getting mugged or raped in an alley. That’s why they teach women to yell FIRE now when they are being attacked, because then people will actually respond. It’s a sad statement but if you don’t get involved, don’t complain when your neighborhood becomes a haven for drug dealers and gang bangers. Was this answer helpful?

  113. chronic says:

    cali bitch

  114. ringo says:

    Props Clarke K haha trollin

  115. ringo says:

    Props Clarke K haha trollin dope ass fight

    420mojo chi-bud is fame as fuck

    • Markin says:

      My husband once found a pipe in our son’s clsoet and turned it and him into the police. Harsh? Yeah, but turning a blind eye to illegal activities is wrong. Plue we don’t advocate illegal drug use and didn’t want it in our hosue. Did the police do anything??? Nope. But hey, we tried. If more people got involved we may be able to make some headway into society’s problems. It’s when we refuse to get involved that everyone suffers. Was this answer helpful?

  116. BLAKE says:


  117. Tu AMA says:

    WHO GIVES A FUCK WHO HAS THE BETTER WEED!? Just smoke it and shut the fuck up!

    “Good weed will see you through times of NO MONEY, better than Good Money seeing you through times of NO WEED”

  118. Nabiggsnahooze says:

    In PA we got that Amish Kush.
    not really though

    marijuize legaluana

  119. I'mInMiamiBitch says:

    305 got some of the best around

    • Alexander says:

      Morning,Most Smiling One! Oh, what a beautiful pond! Now your weed is very nice – so sthiagrt and so tall! Now you go get the whip and get after these dudes to get started! :)Be a sweetie,Shelia :)

  120. southernjess says:

    NOOBS, I’m well traveled and have smoked all over. Most dank weed ever: Amsterdam. I don’t care what anyone says about Cali or anywhere else, in Amsterdam its legal as long as you’re of age. Walk right into a coffee shop and but it.. some people roll their joints/blunts with half tobacco its so dank. Amsterdam is where its at, everything else is just ok. You’d be stupid to think that a city that supports use of marijuana for recreational use as well as medicinal hasn’t mastered how to grow some phenomenal bud.

  121. Yo mama says:

    Ight I’m sure like that one buhl said we’d all smoke bud if someone gave it to us. nobody cares wat yur state has because it comes from different places and damn straight all yus would try bud from the moon ahaha for real just get high as fuck and don’t give one aha too high to write some other shit so check out my name and rep 215

  122. Haysmoke says:

    Honestly weed is weed, it’s all grown the same, slightly different. I bet you some weird nigga in Kansas growing some fire right in his basement lol. But niggas wouldn’t know he got some fire unless you smoking with him. I’m from Long Beach CA, I been out if state/country and all the times I smoked, the weed seemed no different from what I smoke here in SoCal.

  123. Doober says:

    I like weed.

  124. asdf1234 says:

    Hey boys and girls,

    Just smoke a few years and than you’ll know that it doesn’t matter the weed you got now, there’s still better stuff around.

    I made it a challenge to get the best high ever, and it’s gonna last my whole life.

    So, no matter where you’re from/what weed you get, just keep on smoking and searching, and still keep being amazed of the effects.

    Peace out :)

  125. Chemdawg831 says:

    Since I use a 2 piece grinder, I grind up my herb and then use my loose leaf tea bag that has a mesh screen. I would suggest collecting the kief on a tablet, a hard cover book, or a flat piece of metal.

  126. Chiefer760 says:

    I’m just saying as long as it get u high it’s done it’s job
    Coachella Ca.

  127. emcee says:

    can we get back to the QUESTION HE ASKED??! What do I do with my kief? I’m smoking it right now that’s what i’m doing and it’s freakin chilll

  128. tokin dedhed says:

    Grow yer own and stop comlainin’

  129. justus says:

    Yea im from dallas tx and we get good shit but i cant lie….i visited LA and smoked sum ish called Ghost….all imma say is i was Hella Blazed…str8 floaty

  130. Anonymous says:

    We dont all have the reggeas in texas we have corn

  131. MadDave says:

    all you yankee american pussies get shit ganja. the english mandem get the PIFF. FUCK U.S.A

    • Robbie says:

      zioAlbert · martedì, 27 novembre 2012, 5:54 pmSe ti consola il “lusso tu22stico&#8ir1; è stato ampiamente stroncato questa estate dalle varie tasse sul lusso. Migliaia di lavoratori licenziati.Non ti basta? Povero Monti, fa quel che può.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Man like mad dave get the piff

  133. jwayallday413 says:

    good loud pack smell like cat piss.
    we smoke hayze. fuck wit me. BOston

  134. nickoo2 says:

    I’m from Massachusetts, we don’t have the best weed.

    • Peggy says:

      Thanks, all!Juanny, you make me laugh. Do I know you? Or are you from the In?WoeebtSrfa, I totally agree, I would get bored! Thankfully in this case I’m with people who share the same basic worldview, but are not necessarily the same in particulars. What I meant was that it’s nice to move beyond constantly hashing out and explaining the fundamentals of my worldview all the time.Aimz, while I was more chipper the other day, yesterday was definitely NOT so delightful. Still no luck on the job hunt, yet, I press on.

  135. Caveman says:

    It’s funny how someone gonna say where the best smoke is at… you don’t have enough stamps in your passport to tell me any fucking thing about where the best anything at.

  136. The truth says:

    I get my weed from all your mamas cunts

  137. Captain shit says:

    The weed in ohio is so potent you can smell it and then smoke your boogers and you will get high.

  138. Captain shit says:

    The weed in ohio is so potent you can smell it and then smoke your boogers and you will get high. Sometimes when I’m out of weed I just dip my balls in my bong water and next thing you know I’m looking all Chinese eyed and I’m craving Taco Bell.

    • Chris says:

      this is better!i aleardy got 24ct for clicking 24 ads! you’ll inveted! (if you ask now YES you are allowed to give the link to your friends). the most other sites are mostly scams..this not! try it out! its free ! trust me im only at this one site *remove the . dots. at the link.

  139. Hweed says:

    I wipe my ass with weed from Texas.

  140. MN420 says:

    Minnesota Danks is where its at. We get that good AK and purple kush.

    • Nick Harris says:

      Whaddup, MP! Yeah MN’s where it’s at. Build fast rides to bowl cruise and dip around in.

    • Muhammad says:

      Growing it, I woduln’t. Smoking it, I woduln’t. Selling it, I would. Marijuana is not a gateway to harder, far more dangerous drugs for the user. It IS a gateway drug for the seller. Since he’s 16, and if this is a first offense, depending on what State he’s in he may get off with a light sentence, especially if he cooperates.In one of her books, the late Texas newspaper columnist Molly Ivins once wrote, In the Great State, you can give five years for murder and 99 years for pot possession. I sent her a letter once asking if it would only be 98 years if you didn’t inhale. She never wrote back. I still liked her. She’d have something wise to say about your dilemma if she were still with us. Was this answer helpful?

  141. baddestmac says:

    The best gunj is the gunj in me pipe bwoaah!
    Dont matter what state!

  142. Joey says:

    My personal favorite way to save kief is by celebrating Kiefster. My friends and I save up all our kief for the entirety of Lent (like right now) and then sometime in the week or so after Easter we get together and celebrate Kiefster, where we go out and buy a hollowed out Chocolate Easter Bunny (for dirt cheap since it’s past Easter) which we call a Kiefster Bunny or Easter Bongy. We put holes in it with a hot object, freeze it, and finally we put a slide or even a blunt in its mouth and keep smoking until we’ve used up all our kief. The best part is, since it’s frozen, the smoke is nice and cool in your lungs and it still rips like no other. Wouldn’t entirely recommend eating it afterwards, but hey when you’re munching you’re munching.

    • Aton47 says:

      I want to celebrate Kiefster!

      • Dalton says:

        Du är dock mer random än Louise Adolphson, läser inte hennes blogg elr nÃ¥t men kände igen namnet direkt, mer än vad man kan säga om dig:) sluta lägga din dina egna Ã¥sikter genom att smÃ¥-pika hit o ditm382#0;.Detsa&ma gäller förstÃ¥s bildens namn, patetiskt…

  143. Nick Harris says:


    Everyones got grinders with Keef screens I hope…? Okay good.

    ..I like grinding fresh, never frozen, never compressed, Green.
    1. Grind it
    2. Tip upside down and continue grinding for a 30-60 secs.
    3. Don’t set it down, slam it down on a hard surface a couple times.
    (this will help all loose keef get through to the screen.)
    4. Fuck dimes, nickels and pennies. Insert a Quarter into trey.
    (It’s all about the surface area, you are not slicing green with a coin, you are moving the coin around so all the green UNDERNEATH the coin is scraped against the very fine pores of the keef screen.)
    5. Simply, shake side to side rapidly, the more you do, the more keef. MAJIC! If you have a vibrating grinder that helps too.
    Now your probably like WTF we know this, but understanding the process
    helps you create it on a bigger scale.

    I won’t say how, or what, but think about engineering something moderately simple with electric motors and batteries to scrape green across keef screen for you, and faster.
    Get High, create it, and from there on just smoke keef and make hash.

  144. Legalsmoker206 says:

    You guys need to come smoke the weed here in Seattle. You don’t know dank until you’ve been in a place where the cops don’t give a crap about weed! 206

  145. DealingApprentice says:

    who the fuck cares where its grown ive had home grown, hydro, natural, it doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t Mexican brick weed your gonna get high. Much love from the 970

  146. DealingApprentice says:

    also Jamaican weed isn’t as good as you’d think its better

    • July says:

      Definitely call the poclie.Just call your local poclie anonymous tip hot line. Know one will know it is you. You will be doing the kid a favor. Better to get his life straightened out now than to fall in with the wrong crowd and then start dealing coke or meth. Was this answer helpful?

  147. oz says:

    yo i live in australia and our weed is hella variable. sometimes it is strong as hell and sometimes its pretty ave. getting weed aint the easiest either. i just read this whole page and i am not even high. fml

  148. oz says:

    also i dont even have a grinder :|

  149. ang says:

    You people are ridiculous. Be fucking nice to each other. Who cares what any one has geez

  150. NykkyTheBoss says:

    Lol!!! This forum is fucking funny!! Yes, I’m high, yes I read the whole page.. and yes, the coin in the chamber works. Haha!!

  151. Nick says:

    Delaware has the best buds! Were the OG’s of weed lol

  152. Anonymous says:

    This chronic we gon up on the moon beats all you!

  153. Anonymous says:

    Shiiiit you should try the white widow frrom the 903

  154. cunt says:

    I don’t give a fuck as long as I get high

  155. Anonymous says:

    New York bud all day

  156. Anonymous says:

    New York 631

    • Uwik says:

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  157. IndicaChick says:

    Most of you can barely type understandable sentences. Who cares if it’s Colo Dro, Kush from Cali or DC Dank?! Respect the ganj and lets all get along. Hopefully it’ll be legal in all states soon.

    • 937 says:

      Agreed hit your bong smoke your bowl joint blunt or however you choose to do it and shut the hell up nobody cares where your from what state or country has what jus smoke and be in peace man!!

  158. Haveanicetrip802 says:

    802 we got some fuckin dank shit here ver-fucking-mont

  159. Lord Kuku says:

    Ive been traveling all over trying different strains and by far Colorado his it going on. Cali, Mich, Wash, Organ ect. Don’t even compare.

  160. mr.OG says:

    OG kush from the west coast is the best!!!

  161. twats says:

    Haha it’s all about the uk cheese, you guys got nuthin on uk growers

  162. Angelina says:

    I love you Zen-Toker! Lol! Ummm… are you a male or a female? “)

  163. […] How to collect kief – Weed Grinders 420 – The best way to collect kief is to use a 4 piece grinder with kief catcher. All of the best grinders have a special compartment at the very bottom for collecting kief…. […]

  164. Martar says:

    None of y’all know shit, Florida buds where it’s at.
    I live on a drug vain that pumps strait into America.

    • Jester says:

      / I know the city in which I live doesn’t like my front yard. It’s a haven for dandelions. But my toitsroe loves them, so I listen to nature and not to politicians.Paul Myers recently posted..

  165. trippystik17403 says:

    In Pa smokin on that silverback guerrilla

    • Bob says:

      A 2nd class action luwiast was filed against FHTM yesterday in California. What an awesome Christmas present to the FHTM legal team. Guess the west coast reps are pissed too and Isaacs isnt even part of this case.Read all about it at fhtmclassaction dot info

  166. Eric says:

    Lol yall are sleeping on that missouri kush

  167. potion444 says:

    i love kiefer sutherland.

  168. LacedBlunt says:

    Look at y’all competing about who’s buds better y’all ridiculous jus smoke it

    • Adamari says:

      OH MY GOSH!!!Patty, this is absolutely aznimag! Seriously! I only have one foot inside and I am stunned at the beauty of your photographs hanging on these new walls. Way to go, girlfriend! Your hard work has most certainly paid off! (I love this WordPress neighborhood pretty please help me build a house someday here, too!) XOXO

  169. dicksitter69 says:

    sour diesel hands down dank ass bud 301!! maryland

  170. Anonymous says:

    Ha! 99% of you haven’t been further from couch than your refrigerator and and you speak as if you have been around the world doing reviews for High Times. Great bud can be found most everywhere. And there really comes a point where it just doesn’t get any better. Just different.

  171. DVB says:

    Oaktown crippler in the a.m. and Blue Dreams right before bed.. 773 beyatch!

  172. PDog says:

    You dont smoke weed properly if all you want to do is prove which bud is the best when you get the oppertunity. I smoke bud for the calm mind set it gives me, not to brag or be little. And honestly no one here actually knows what they are talking about to the full extent. I will not reply so dont try to bash on my opinion, peace.

  173. Rob Ford says:

    Nobody cares about your bush shwag if it ain’t from the great white north we all kno it’s looking straggly and trimmed like a blind man the heart of 905 has thee dankest bud around Toronto represent!!

  174. The Ir0ny says:

    Most Texas weed comes from Mexico. Its dank but
    Idk if its Cali dank. But still East Texas corn is my everyday thing. Its good but not too good.

  175. sauron says:

    Shetland kush is the shit. 653

  176. ivegotahearton says:

    all I know for sure is hmmmmmmmm………whatever is for sure!

  177. RedEyeVibes says:

    I’m from TX. The weed is pretty great, but I live in Hawaii now and I strongly feel that “schwag” exists not here. Never have I seen a single seed or ugly bud. Hawaiians take pride. No Mexican dirt weed here.

  178. Deez Nuts says:

    270 nigga’s

  179. Galactic chiefer says:

    That moonrock from the 313 would put all yall to sleep

  180. Interstellar says:

    oh man if you guys only knew what the bud was like up in Canada…..SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

  181. Minnesota boi says:

    wtf yall talkin bout, gettin shit in minnesota is easy if you in rochester. for fucks sake, the fuckin skin heads live here.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Keef is absolutely not pollen. The smokable Part of Weed is the female flower. when growers let polllen get on it, thats when it gets seeds. Does your weed have seeds? Male plants are either weeded out early, if not the whole batch is just clones of a single female

  183. hootnanny says:

    please pass the Kief and crackers!

  184. Johnathan D'cruse says:

    How much low quality indica i have to crush to get 1gm of weed

  185. Johnathan D'cruse says:


  186. Shawn says:

    IM here in MD smoking danks from cali, i dont why yall are arguing when we all have the same purpose? get high!

  187. Mike says:

    What are u on buddy I’ve lived in Ottawa for over 20 something years and just like anywhere u will once in awhile come across some killer shit that will knock u on your ass plus your tolerance has to do with your buzz and how much u smoke everyday the best weed is medicial weed if u have a license for it I do the only thing is that it’s way way to expensive if u like your indicia then master kush is the way to go it’s over 30% thc saliva rockstar or headband or og skywalker but that doesn’t mean street weed is not as good I’ve gotten stuff from a buddy that was just as good maybe a bit better it’s all on how it’s grown dried and cured u do this right and u will have killer bud no matter where u are from or where it’s grown if u don’t smoke everyday foe medicial reasons then this stuff u really don’t need is way to strong for people that smoke here and there anyways I’m done with my Bable u wanna ask me something hit me back

  188. william says:

    Anyone know how to increase the size of the holes in my kief mesh? (Thorinder grinder)

  189. Ky weed says:

    “Watches in third person view while smoking weed” kentucky bout to legalize soon.

  190. TooTALL says:

    live in OH.. smoked shit from about 8 different states. Kush is Kush I’m sure there will always be a better strain. Times are good my friends its only going to become more potent and more available. If you think you’re are code has the best tree you ignorant af.

  191. geffhaze says:

    Just a little tip if you want to easily and quickly make hash.

    I usually take a piece of paper (a credit card receipt works the best) and fold it then reopen to mark a cross at the center.
    then I put my kief there (with a receipt I can usually put up to a gram of kief) then fodl it once in half to press the kief a bit.

    I then break that little piece of compressed kief and stack up the pieces together at the center of the receipt trying to do a little square. I then completely fold the paper around that square of kief then press it (just put it on the floor with your grinder on top and step on it).
    When you’re done just open the paper and get your piece of hash. You can heat it up a bit with your lighter to end getting it all stuck together with your fingers and stick the last bits still on the receipt.

    Been doing this for years. Works well and you can get a nice little piece of hash in 5minutes.

  192. Dood says:

    Chicago is decent asl

  193. Vaughn says:

    Shhhhhh. Inhale.

  194. FixableJunk says:

    As a stoner from NY I can safely say it isn’t about where, perse. The denser the population, the greater the demand which boosts quality and variety. We live in a capitalist society. We are also all susceptible to saturation as well as personal preference. I know I’m a fan of sativas, but a common strain like Sour Diesel (very NY) gets boring. The greater the variety of buds the more we can enjoy different mixes and qualities. Grower quality is also a factor. Yes given all variables as the same, it will be the same everywhere… But that isn’t reality. Small variances in the Ph or salinity of the water will change the final product. Human error is also very real. Much like pizza, or bagels, the world cannot and will not get it right. Ever. Anyway, bottom line is weed will vary, but so do stoners. If you’ve only ever smoked regs, power to you, but let us all enjoy what has been put there for us to toke.

  195. Silver4juggalo says:

    Was jus wonderin if u could use a couple of 1 gram silver bullion bars instead of a quarter or dime or sumthin.the screen is prolly more hard than the silver was jus wonderin if over time it would wear down the silver bullion.its .999 silver bars too

  196. BudDownUnder says:

    Some of the shit we get here in Australia’s pretty fucking good. It can be hit or miss with strands though, as every coppa and his dog is prowling through a kippers bag looking for a dollar and a jail sentence, so sometimes you just have to settle with what you can.

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