How to make a homemade weed grinder

There really is no homemade substitute for weed grinders like the ones featured on this site, however there are a couple tricks that can hold you over until your grinder arrives.

One homemade technique is to use scissors and a shot glass. It can be somewhat of a pain to get the optimum density and you have to be very careful not to spill it everywhere, but it is better than using your fingers. This method tends not to work so well for dense and compacted buds.

Another homemade option is using an electric coffee grinder. It will do a better job on dense buds than the scissors, but with this method you have to be extremely careful not to over do it. With a coffee grinder is far too easy to turn your buds into dust.

The best method is without a doubt purchasing a real weed grinder. You never have to worry about spilling or overgrinding, as the grinder will always deliver perfectly ground buds every time no matter how dense or sticky. In addition, most grinders have a kief catcher that will collect the highly potent pollen crystals that fall off during the grinding process.

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  1. Blankman says:

    This requires a little MacGyver ingenuity, but is worth the effort. A trick I found is to get an old 35mm film canister – though hard to find this is necessary. Then, at a hardware store, like Ace Hardware, True Value, even Home depot and Lowes… they sell window screen repair kits. Its just a little swatch of steel mesh about 2 inches by 4 inches you use to repair tears in a window screen; they come in a three-pack sometimes for like $2. Get that, or if you have an old screen just cut a little section out. Don’t destroy your mom’s windows! Now pop the lid off the film canister and lay one of the window screens over the opening. Now slowly push down with your thumb to form a sort of bowl into the film canister. Then fold the top edges of the screen down over the edge of the can and secure them with a rubber band.

    Now you can drop a little nug into the basket and grind it down through the mesh. This is similar to using a mortal and pestle to crush your nug, only it doesn’t crush it to dust, it crushes it down through the screen. This will create a very uniform but fine grind. Perfect for vaping! It collects in the film canister, and you can then just cap it and keep your grinds there. Its even airtight! If you don’t want to grind with your fingers because you don’t want them to get sticky, use something like a fat pen or magic marker, or a AA battery, or anything similar to grind it through the screen.

  2. The Dude says:

    I’ve done something similar. I went to staples and in the stationary area I found these metal mesh desk accessories, like a pencil cup, a cd holder, a file folder holder, and a business card holder. I got the business card holder one, and lay it on its side and put a playing card into the middle area where you’d put business cards, then put the buds on top and crush them through the screen with the bottom of a shot glass. It isn’t as fine a screen as the window screen stuff – so that means my grinds aren’t as fine, but I like them as they are, also perfect for vaping! The screen is also pretty solid, I can really push on it and don’t have to worry about it flexing or breaking from the buds, and even the driest most compact buds eventually succumb to rubbing them on that screen and they fall through in perfect little shavings. Then I just take out the playing card with all the ground up herb on it, and dump it into my stash jar.

  3. (.Y.) says:

    Thank you blankman, thats what i needed.

    -Blaze one

  4. asmartdude says:

    my dad chews tabacco and the two improvised grinders i made were pretty simple

    take a can of chewing tabacco and large staples…stabb them into the can on bth sides either by hand or with the stapler….dont use the bottom hlf of the stapler!!! it will flatten the staple haa…the next is another can of chew and get small screws ( screws are important because they will shred unlike nails) and screw them into the can and enjoy


  5. clemsontoker says:

    lol just wanted to say that as i read through these homemade grinder ideas, i literally have a can of dip, screws, and a mesh pencil cup holder sitting right next to my laptop

  6. robert says:

    with a chew baccer can use the flat thumbtacks and poke em through a note card (cut it to fit in the can) then hot glue it in. do it for both sides.

  7. Jman 420 says:

    eyy man i hav an i dead if you can get ahold of a ring like just a circular one you can lay your pot down and roll over it a couple of times thats what i do and it works fine!!
    (420 4eva)

  8. b-rad says:

    wow i just hapen to have a dip can

  9. ToKeN d FiRe WeeD says:

    Just stfu and buy a fucken grinder !

  10. MrDizzla says:

    Just like most peeps are saying, just buy a grinder! You can afford green but not a grinder? WTF

  11. carpetkush420 says:

    haha would a can of beef jerky work lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    why buy a grinder when we can make a sick MacGyver one. stop bitching at us for being cheap on a thread about homemade grinders. why did u type in “how to make a homemade grinders” if you are against them anyway. u sirs, are retards

  13. Nunyabizz says:

    Put on a pair of gloves and roll the weed around the palm of your hands and a mini colander to sift the stems and seeds out

  14. myboi says:

    get the fuckin slap chop. slap yo weed all grinded down niggahs

  15. ScottishSchmoker says:

    wtf just buy a grinder. less time making one = more time to get high!

  16. Worked for me says:

    a metal colander and anything you can use to not rub your fingers raw. The wholes are just big enough to let a perfect grind through, but usually not to big for the seeds and stems

    pass it

    • Vera says:

      Thank you for the sensible criuiqte. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I’m very glad to see such great information being shared freely out there.

  17. Worked for me says:

    i mean holes…

    • Bikram says:

      Hi Gary, I’m back again after a few days off. That was really inrseetting, getting more specific about things, it’s amazing how easy it is to say you want something but not be quite sure about the details. somehow I feel more positive already.Thank you

  18. reefer party thrower says:

    why are you guys spending money on stuff to make a grinder when you could buy a grinder from a flea market for like 5 bucks

  19. dunSMOKEDitALL says:

    I use an old tin can, cut it about 3/4 of an inch from the end, then cut jagged lines 1/4′ into the fresh cut ends, fold the jagged ends in so they don’t collide when you twist it, put bud in the center, twist it on its side, and it’ll all get grinded up fine.

    ps. as an added touch, you can put the can inside the best fitting piece of PVC pipe.

  20. MadMike says:

    Just use an axe real fast or buy a Mendo.

  21. dkilby95 says:

    i’ve used one of those enclosed-twist style cheese graders

  22. SevenfoldCircle says:

    There are some great ideas in here, and some not so great ideas, but props to those who are still creative and have some ingenuity. Screw the nay-sayers. People uninterested in making a homemade grinder should just ignore this post … OBVIOUSLY

  23. Icekold says:

    If you have a utility knife or razorblades, it will slice through like butter…still prefer my grinder though.

  24. weed says:

    i know what u guys should use for a grinder A BLENDER yea or no

  25. 280 says:

    I just made a great grinder out of some regular lego bricks and special lego gears and axles.

  26. Connor says:

    I was in a pinch and i needed to grind my weed but didnt have a grinder. I ended up using a pill bottle and a quarter and shook it, this method works perfectly every time.

  27. mackboy says:

    get a shot glass, put ur bud in the shot glass and chop it up with some sissors found around the house.

  28. BrokerToker says:

    Me use the slapchop man. Its fun as hell and does a pretty good job

  29. Sid the blazer says:

    Hey u know wat i did? i took a metal pellet can and washed it real well then i took some really short screws and screwed them in both sides of the can (which is similar to a can of dip)in the pattern of my friends grinder and it grinds better than my friends grinder lol. it works wonders and barely cost anything.

  30. Smoker4life says:

    I smoke 2 joints wen I wake up in da car I smoke 2 joints I smoke 2 joints wen I play video games and evry 10,000 points I smoke 2 joints in time of peace and 2in time of war I SMOKE 2 JOINTS BEFORE I SMOKE 2 JOINTS AND THAN I SMOKE 2 MORE

    • Anonymous says:

      that aint nothing i am 14 and i smoke an ounce a day

      • the quiet smoker says:

        There’s four kinds of pot smokers and its split 50/50 in regulars to respect there’s the moochers who only smoke others weed and then there’s the young dumb kids who either are too dumb to know what an ounce is or who use their parents money to buy weed these kind of smokers are a plague the real smokers are the ones who either grow or work to get their bud and earn it you are not hard or cool and aren’t impressing anyone so aside from being a douche no one wants to heat it

      • Sean says:

        You obviously 1) don’t know that’s a song.
        2) have no idea what an ounce is
        3) think you’re cool because you want to show off and make yourself sound extremely uneducated.

    • April says:


  31. 420token says:

    Take 2 cinderblocks put weed on one and block on top rubb step 2 smoke

  32. Thedreadedbeard says:

    Man, every stoner in England must own a grinder. Most have the cheap plastic shit, but everybody’s got. It works fine for me. Gets used every day and replaced like once a year for a few quid. The system works

    • Subhash says:

      it killed off much of the nireutnt value.I love my bread, but when it comes to nutrition, I’ll take the sprouts. Maybe throw in some Bisquick for some comfort-filler junk food. Fond camping memories from my youth come to mind with the smell of a wood fire and Bisquick on a stick!When it comes to surviving off of wheat, I will be sprouting seeds. While it may seem uncomfortable to someone used to processed foods, the health benefits are worth it. It sure beats grinding by hand. The “labor” of prepping seeds for sprouting and/or growing greens is a fraction of that of turning a wheel to grind grain. The nutritional difference is laughable.The amount of cash that goes into buying a grain mill can be put into wheat itself.Wheat grass juice is great stuff, and black oil sunflower seeds sprout into a very nutritious food.Eating sprouts gives you all sorts of good enzymes to help the body as well. The sunflower sprouts produce a complete protein. Good for those times when meat is scarce.I love cooked foods, and I enjoy junk food too much. But I wanted to say that I experienced no ill effects with my friend’s nutritional adventure. I experienced nothing but good. I also like that with only some planting trays and sprouting jars, I have all the “equipment” I need to prepare that nutritional food. The considerable balance of the theoretical $200 left over can go toward wheat and sunflower seeds.So, I vote no to the grinder. Yes to sprouts/greens and then good ole comfort foods.Have fun in your deciding!Thanks for all you are sharing with us.

  33. Cman says:

    Take a chew can dump out its contents and put small nails through the top and bottom around the area of the chew can put your weed in and put the cap nack on and your done

  34. Dirty Bird says:

    Screws inside of a coffee cup. Take your wifes vibrator “The high powered one” and apply it to the cup. In 3 Minutes it is perfect!

    • I get greens cause tits says:

      This made me laugh

      • Alfredo says:

        I’ve read quite a lot of your site content at this point so that I touhght I’d personally create a remark and simply go on and state that you post fantastic material right here. Saved to fav this fabulous website years ago and still have been here for a long time. Once more, many thanks for creating this all easily readable for the community.

  35. bcrowley says:

    Why not just use your fingers like the rest of the tokers without a quality grinder?

  36. iamYEDDI says:

    sell a dub…take ten out….and BUY A FUCKN GRINDER!!!

    oh….then take the other ten and buy more tree!

    • Grand Master Hash says:

      Why not just sell a dime then aha

    • Arturo says:

      Seems like a good result to me Carole, and that’s nice fedcabek. Thanks.I think we all use verbal shorthand, and for good reasons. The only time that doesn’t work is when important details are lost in translation. That’s when they need to be recovered with a process like this.

  37. Stan Breish says:

    Anyone ever hear of a cheese grater? All of you 14 year old pot heads go into your mothers dish drawer and “borrow her cheese grater for a science project”.

  38. pots GOOD :D says:

    all these good ideas the quarter ans pill bottle dont work just tried it used a slap chop and my mom almost caught me

    • Josh Brubaker says:

      LOL ur moms almost caught u?? If ur mom is governing ur drug use ur probably too young to be smokin man let ur mind and body develop healthier you will appreciate it in the long run and actually enjoy the benefits of marijuana at a much higher satisfactory level(no pun intended lol) not trying to be a super dick, half sarcastic half not, these are the most important years of your life. At least do your self a favor and wait until your out of high school. I always said, well I do my
      Homework and I get good grades(graduated with honors, took the SATs high after a hefty wake and bake sesh and almost scored an 1100) However, I know for a fact that had I not tried smoking weed when I was 9 years (old due to ignorant and terrible people that had great influence over me) and then smoking habitually after the summer of my 14th year on this planet, I would have done even better in school, been more active in sports and my community, and probably not be smoking as much as I have and continue to today. And I live in this wonderful state of Washington where I’ve carried a medicinal cannabis license since I turned 18 and now those who don’t can legally obtain and use if they are consenting adults over the age of 21. Just something to think about, u can tell me to fuck off for all I care. But if typing this out influences even just one person that read it, that’s worth it to me.

      • IndicaChick says:

        Brubaker: for truth! Kids gotta let those frontal lobes develop. My 19 yo kid tried to tell me pot GROWS brain cells. My doctors don’t care if I smoke, since I’m older and it’s purely for medicinal use. My brain is done growing, but his isn’t. I tried to explain the difference, but he doesn’t get it.

        • Titsmcgee says:

          It doesn’t do anything to your brain development.

        • Zed says:

          Google it. Weed is a ‘neuro protectant’. So fucking annoying when people talk like they know, but theyv never even done any fucking research. How are you so confident in what you say without doing an ounce of research. Common mans common sense is not sense at all. Your doing what your accusing the ‘kid’ of saying. Talking out of his ass. Retard

        • Zed says:

          Another fucking thing, BRAINS DONT STOP GROWING. They are flexible. I think it’s YOU that’s stopped growing. Once again, research research research before you blow shit out of your ass.

        • john doe says:

          Josh brubaker and appearently everyone on the reply list is ill informed, first off feel free to smoke once your past the age of 11, by then it won’t stunt other parts of the brain and some major growth, secondly the shrinkage of the frontal lobe is meaningless by this point, your brains frontal lobe shrink in a response to the new nerual pathways formed so it decides it has no point of keeping a “blank space” as it where. Lastly. Your brain does stop growing in fact the moment you hit 25 it platues and then begins breaking down over your life time, remember its a muscle that never turns off, on that note do smoke because its been backed by countless research to stave off and reduce altheimers

  39. jeremy says:

    Well if you cant find a grinder get a cheese grader and use the very fine side and up , abra kadabra you got youself a grinder.

  40. kalkidan habtamu says:

    hi iam Katy from Ethiopia and built a nice grinder

  41. Vicky Sawant says:

    I wanna try it.

  42. greengiant says:

    i use a mortar and pestel.

  43. meatbeater says:

    h8ers gon h8

  44. No says:

    I use my teeth to rip it apart, works great and tastes great

    • Sonia says: infomercial for a weed person is gonna put that in there pocket or purse´╗┐ that doesnt smoke..ud have to be one fat asshole to want a portable grnedir for spices and seasoning haha

  45. nipples says:

    I always use my hands

  46. papa mike says:

    Old squeeze type flour sifter…works perfect!

  47. Jkjk755 says:

    What I did is get some small pins with decent length but the small bubbles in top and I poke then thru a plastic chew can like jack links beef chew. Put the pins on both sides with as many pins as you can fit and it works wonders. Thumbtacks work but now as well

  48. jakeR says:

    put some coins in a pill bottle with weed….shake. works well

  49. choplord says:

    why not just learn how to chop with scissors you fukn peasant cunts

  50. droidman says:

    just put the bud in a medicine bottle with a quarter and shake is up real hard

  51. IndicaChick says:

    Tried an empty diabetic test strip bottle instead of a film canister. Dropped a dime in and shook it up. Works fine. As do cuticle scissors, a grater or even herb scissors. Grinders are about $10-15. If you’re smoking it, it doesn’t need to be super uniform, but a consistent grind is preferable for Vaping. If you’re using a slap chop, then I need to come to your house bc you have more g than I do. Lol

  52. Anonymous says:

    if you grow some balls and go to the store you can have a grinder you cheap asses

  53. boobz says:

    Why did u search how to make a homemade grinder when you already have one we r just trying to save money so fuck off bitch

  54. Jay says:

    SWIM uses a glass guitar slide and an L-shaped piece of metal he took off his old desktop. Stand the slide on a table, stuff your smokables into the slide, then twist the piece of metal around as you apply pressure. Takes no time to get a perfect bust.

  55. YellowMeanMachine says:

    Pill bottle work it been listed all ready but use is big pill bottle and multiple types coins for so reason think quarters and dime work best because of rough ridges unlike pennies and nickle are smooth. Also better quality cannabis work better bracking up and it not realy quick method but it makes realy freaking fine if anyone knows if takes away any THC let me now you also shake hard upside down and not fast Put I like over grinder

  56. john doe says:

    I made a literal grinder out of boredom once, used a tin can and put drill bits through the sides so when I rotated one it rotated them all, now my drill bit where rather large and gave me rough cut which is fine for me also I recommend using gloves or better the lid of the can with like a sting or something to pull it back out, just use it to push down the weed as you grind,personally I don’t smoke weed much anymore given the negitive of inhaling any kind of smoke, I do however smoke a bit to get the intial high,then eat weed, really it takes a few minutes to kick in which is what the hits for, then where it differs is the smoke will last say a few hours tops, ingesting it will take 4-10

  57. Anonymous says:

    If you are underage then you can’t buy a grinder…

  58. Jacob says:

    Jerk ‘n Screw method: Grab your nug and a wood screw, and rub the nug up and down along the threads of the screw. Make sure you’re over a table, of course.

  59. Ktkush says:

    Just poke some holes in an old gift card use it like a cheese grater and you can keep it in your wallet

  60. Anonymous says:

    Its hilarious that ANY person thats b*tching or nagging on this post, towards peoples’ attempts/suggestions at making homemade grinders are acting like they’re above everyone and haven’t EVER been put in a circumstance where they needed to make a homemade grinder, like idk, when on VACATION? LOL. And even better is that so many of you READ THE TITLE of this forum “How to make a homemade weed grinder”, clicked on the link and CHOSE to waste your time on here critiquing others instead of enjoying the “quality grinders” you already have and smoking your bud. Get a life, hop off everyones d*ck, ya’ll pathetic af.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Love when you idiots write “go buy a grinder you cheap ass” as if they haven’t already googled and realized there are $3-$5 grinders on Amazon, don’t feel special because you already own one, you’re not a “pro-smoker” nor are you “richer” than anyone. Clearly this forum/post is intended for people that need a grinder HERE/NOW, not tomorrow from the cheap smoke shop down the street, or a week from now via amazon/ebay. Hilarious. I own 5 grinders, I’m not on here cursing kids out, I’m on here because I’m away from my personal belongings, its late as fuck, and I’m trying to smoke a blizzy TONIGHT. IF I WANTED TO SMOKE TOMORROW I WOULDN’T BE ON THIS FORUM. LOL

    • that guy says:

      In all honesty im 18 i smoke roughly 4 g a day i own 3 different grinders all which are fantastic, but that doesnt mean that i dont have any homemade grinders, alot of the people who posted here are talkkng about how it is stupid and blah blah blah, a true stoner will do anything to smoke at the moment, they want a homemade grinder so be it, while youre sitting here cussing oit some kid who claims he smokes an ounce a day, if he does good for him, if he doesnt thats cool too, yoi cant say that none of you ever made a claim like that, have i ever smoked an ounce on a day? Fuck yeah i have but i regretted it, you just need to chill smoke a good bowl of gorilla glue and chill man people like you kill the buzz, you make people want to stay away from sites lile this, and km not meaning this toward everyone and i was a little confused on how to put a reply so i hit reply under a random reply not directed toward you or anything, but just a little tip to all you respected smkkers take two wooden caps like from the bottom of an old piece of furniture, put drywall screws in both sides after you hallow them out and itll work just fine if you set the nails right i love my homemades as well as my store bought, but smoking is smoking and i mean anything works as long as you can smoke. And before i ger a smart as remark from one of you douchebag “veteran” smokers i know my shit ive been smoking since k was 13 and when you get one “veteran” smoker sticking up for kids then the rest should follow we were all in that position once, when we were making little tinfoil bowls and shit man just chill the fuck out

  62. This dude says:

    Put your weed in two ziplock bags ten chew the bag with your teeth it works better than my grinder

  63. Brandon says:


  64. Bmillz says:

    Just get a pill bottle or something of that size, put your bud inside and drop a penny in. Shake and then get baked

  65. Shittypants says:

    Try using a old meat grinder . they’re stainless steel and work great for large buds.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I just used a big metal bowl and a cheese grater. Shit worked fine.

  67. Anthony Burnam says:

    The thing I want is an old school, non keif collecting, no BLADES just pins to pull the weed apart not cut it but where do I get this apparently discontinued item? Dunno but I’m lookin.

  68. Anthony Burnam says:

    I use fiskars about exclusively

  69. April says:

    Damn just grind the shit… To much BS ..wake the fuck up

  70. Asa says:

    I heard you can use a pill crusher.

  71. jhon says:

    If u dont happen to have a grinder with u and ur nugs arent super big u can put ur weed in a ziploc bag liy it on a flat surface and take the edge of ur lighter and just keep tapping the weed with the edge of the lighter it csn take a little bit but it works pretty well and can grind it up pretty well

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