Cheap weed grinders

While you definitely want to get the best deal possible on your grinder, don’t make the mistake of buying poor quality. Cheaply made grinders are not worth it. Stay away from plastic, wooden and imitation metal grinders as they are sure to break. Also, most cheaply made grinders either don’t have kief catchers or have very poor kief screens. Having a good screen is well worth paying the extra $10 or for.

Where to look and what to look for

The best place to get a cheap price on a quality grinder is most likely going to be online. Generally you can find deals as much as 50% off. Select one of the quality brands below and look for a good deal on a 4 or 5 piece grinder. These grinders usually retail at $75-100, but you can often find them as low as $20-40 online, which is an incredible deal.

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  1. The Dude says:

    I’m just curious how you rate these from best to worst. There are no grades, no individual pros and cons, no listing of pluses and minuses. Why is a Mendo Mulcher the best? And why is a $16 Chromium Crusher better than a $85 Space case? Why is Sharpstone better than Mix’n Ball?

    I believe that the Space Case, especially with the titanium finish is mis-placed in this list. I’ve used a Mendo Mulcher and the threading just isn’t as smooth as the Space Case. I’ve also used a Chromium Crusher, and the finish is not as nice as the Space Case. The only, ONLY thing I can say that dings the Space Case is that its expensive. Which shouldn’t really lower its standing in the ratings, because that’s like saying a Ford Mustang is better than a Porsche GT4 because its more affordable.

    As I see it, you’ve got the low end plastic and wood cases, which are like $10 or less. Then you’ve got low end aluminum grinders, which are like $10-$15 maybe. These work like they way a Huffy bicycle works, or the skateboard you bought at Walmart – if you’ve never used a grinder before these might be fine for you… until you try something nicer.

    Then come the name brand cases – SharpStone (with or without a clear lid), TrueBlends, the Chromium Crusher and its new sibling the Titanium Crusher. These are between $15 and $30. They are totally decent, all have kief catcher areas and screens, magnetically secured lids, and many sharp teeth. Also they may have o-rings for quieter operation and/or nylon/teflon gaskets so no metal-on-metal creating metal flakes in your grind. Consider at least springing for one of these and take the best deal you can find (they are cheaper on ebay than your local head shops).

    Speaking of ebay, if you would at least stop by and check out Kelly’s Great Products – as I see it they are very well reviewed on the forums. Do a google search, you’ll find his ebay store, and check out the premium CNC grinders. $25 to $60 depending on size and options and worth probably twice that.

    Then there is the Mendo Mulcher, around $55. Comes with a great lifetime warranty I believe. Owner operated, so you’re buying from one man, not a company. Hand made in the USA so there’s the whole pride thing… and lots of teeth – you may find that a good thing, or a bit of a problem. Downsides are that there is a rubber o-ring under the screen that kief can hide in, and the area above the screen below the holes isn’t as deep as some other models. But does it really matter? Whatever fits in the top will fit in the bottom. This probably would be a $30 grinder if it were mass produced by some company outsourcing them from China.

    Probably on par with the Mendo is the Mix’n Ball. Good points are the organic sealer on the anodized coating and the number of screens and screen mesh size options. Points that could go either way are that they have less teeth than other grinders and the kief compartment is semi-weakly attached via magnets, not screw on. So it could be quick release good, or quick release oh-sh*t!. Its $5 more to get the screw on option. The cost of the classic screen pollen grinder v.3 is $30, but the three-screen pollen grinder is about $85. That can seem pretty expensive for what is essentially a luxury or gimmick depending on how you look at it. Downsides include their poor customer service and difficulty in finding them in stock.

    Top of the food chain is the Space Case. There is a reason they can command such a high price and people continue to pay it for their product. Superior finish and craftsmanship, very well thought out details. Yes, it probably is partly a status symbol, and you are paying premium for it, but then everyone who has tried one says nothing else compares. Is it worth $85 – $90 to you though? Only YOUR wallet can decide that one.

    If you are poor, and really want a grinder and never had one before, a $10 knock off will always be a mixed bag – it could be decent, it could be cr*p. I suggest you just save up for a $15 or $20 aluminum one online. The name brands are good. You get 75% of the quality for like 30% of the price.

    If you’ve ever felt when calling around to get a job done, not to go with the cheapest option, or the most expensive one, then you’ll be totally happy with one of the $30-$50 grinders. These have 90-92.5% of the quality of the best ones.

    If you have your eye on one of the more expensive ones, just try telling yourself that “you’re too poor to afford anything but the best” (meaning you’ll only have to buy it once), or that “the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

    • Delfi says:

      Read it, and loved it! Very informative! I’m tltaloy lacking on my blog posting skills and I definitely need to start posting more especially when I might have the opportunity to write for a magazine next year! I enjoyed it and am looking forward to your next post from my fellow baking ninja! Love you!

  2. Grindin says:

    Excellent points Dude. The rankings are based on feedback like yours and personal experience. You are correct in your assumption that the Space Case is ranked lower than it probably deserves due to its high price. Gonna bump it up over the Crusher now, good call, no doubt it wins there! I may have to do some more product testing on the Space Case vs Mendo Mulcher before I can take it all the way to the top though :)

    If you see this response, use the contact link at the bottom and shoot me an email sometime. I’d love to upgrade some of my reviews to include your opinions/experiences.

  3. Q Ville says:

    I think the Mendo Mulcher is superior to the space case because of the finer grind. The fine grind is key if you use a vaporizer in my oopinion. Now…the space case is better is the aspects of look and feel. The space case is more attractive and more ergonomic then the mencho mulcher. I guess it depends if you are after looks too. If i could choose one it would be the mendo mulcher because it grinds finer for my Magic Flight Launch Box. So i think The Mulcher is perfect at the top

  4. pothead215 says:

    I need a ginder ya dig me….

  5. bigcocking says:


  6. bigcocqween says:

    loves space case its da best

  7. Dude says says:

    Space case dude

  8. Nick says:

    Scissors and a shot glass yo. kickin it old school.

  9. Old Uncle Dave says:

    The list of cheap grinders should include the Butterfly mini-grinder. They’re plastic, made in Korea, and work just fine. You can get them on ebay for a song.

  10. stalker says:

    i like the hex top for easier spinning on the mulcher. Made in usa is a big plus for me . its all carved out of one piece so it wont break and i like how the bottom teeth come off

  11. Explosive jack says:

    I use a cheap plastic grinder, it has only one metal piece and its the tiny magnet that joins the bottom nd the top teeth for sm00th operation, um a real stoner so to much mechanism wil delay me

  12. ThisGuy says:

    Iv got a 2″ Mendo 4 piece. It’s my favorite.
    Iv had Space Case and Chromium Crusher, even Mix’n Ball
    There isnt a whole lot of difference, but Mendo ginds it better and you dont get ANY chunks ever. Also, the teeth never break off (I’ve had mine for 5 years). They all have a life time manufacture warranty. Send him your old broke up mendo and e’ll send you a new one right away. They don’t have the looks that some try for but it’s the toughest grinder EVER.

  13. tori says:

    how do i get the dicount for the ebay it wont take my percentage off

  14. LeGenD says:

    my grinder has 3 parts. in the middle part has the pest. and suddenly came out … how to put it back ? im trying but i cant…

  15. Danbridge says:

    I got an aluminum 4 piece grinder for $15. The damn thing is hard as fuck to clean. I also notice aluminum shavings and dirt that has collected around the edges. And there is always a little bit of bud left in the top chamber. Pieces of bud stick to the magnet. I use it anyway.

  16. Sandy says:

    Back in the old days, before fancy grinding machines, we had to clean our weed by hand, manually, and we used an album cover to sort out the seeds & stems.
    the price of pot was $15-$20 an ounce. An ounce was called an “O-Z” half an oz for $10 called a dime, and the nickel bag cost $5 for a quarter oz. you could purchase a quarter pound for $45 which in the day, was a slight investment.
    i’m referring to the late 60’s & 70’s or, my youth. I cannot remember the price in the 80’s but I do remember giving it up because I could no longer afford to buy it.
    So now i’m 62, retired, & living the life o’riley & I took up with the lovely cannabis once again. so this is all new to me, the grinding tools & techniques. I’d also like to learn vaping and how ingest without smoking…among other things herb related I haven’t heard of yet. life is better now, thanks to marijuana. And back then, we didn’t have the internet!!! (but then again, the music was better. sorry)

  17. MOON says:

    i use a hamilton beach coffee grinder model 803352 for 15 great,its fast so drop a couple buds inside & blip it 3 or 4 times. anymore & you will have dust,be carful.

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