Breaking up weed

There are plenty of methods for breaking up weed. Our preferred and most efficient method is with a weed grinder. Not only do they grind up buds to optimum density for smoking, but they also collect the highly potent kief crystals that fall of during the grinding process. They make even the stickiest buds easy to break up into fluffy ground herbs which significantly improves the efficiency when burning.

If you don’t have a grinder available, another technique is to use scissors and a shot glass. It is more difficult to get the right consistency and density than with a grinder, but it is better than using your fingers. Also, you don’t get the added benefit of collecting the kief crystals that fall off the buds.

Once you use a grinder, you will never go back to the scissors. Grinders are without a doubt the best solution for breaking up weed. Checkout the grinders featured on this site and let us know what you think!

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  1. Sr8 StonR says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how slack the latest generation of potheads has become! Tools to break up weed? Come on kiddies. I bet they use a double sheet of newspaper too!

    • Charles says:

      I really like my Sharpstone grinder. It’s set up the same as this one with the three compartments, but it also has a clear top so you can see when you’re done grinding and it comes in lots of colors. Many of my friends are fans too.

  2. THE NC WOLFE says:

    how do u use a double sheet of newspaper

  3. Benthejammin says:

    Using a grinder isnt out of laziness haha. Its innovation! I mean imagine if you went from a pipe to a bong and you said back in my day we didnt need no bong to get high! Well its an innovation and it makes the experience that much more pleasurable. And I think one of the exclusive reasons for a grinder is the kief catcher. Wait a month or so and have a bowl of kief or put some on a bowl during a special occasion

  4. Caveman says:

    Save a coffee cup or two of the keif and make hash oil…..

  5. Vivek says:

    Did she share her spaghetti sauce repice with you? I’m sure I’ll use mine up too. I don’t usually get to can quite this many and I’m usually having to use them sparingly. I won’t have to this winter!! Lots of good chili, veggie soup and spaghetti sauce.

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