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How often do cannabis seeds get seized at customs

What Happens When Cannabis Seeds are Stopped by Customs?

This is a question lurking in the minds of many seed-buyers and the ‘cannabis curious.’ Theoretically speaking, selling and buying cannabis seeds is not illegal. However, because cannabis seeds are related to cannabis, there is going to be some murky grey areas when it gets to real life situations. Let’s take a look at what really happens if your seeds get stopped by customs.

So, we all know that the topic of cannabis’s legal status is more than just a little controversial. But, let’s put away our opinions for now and take a look at what the UK law actually says:

Currently, cannabis seeds are legal to possess. They are also legal to trade, meaning that it is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds. Before you get too excited, there is something that you should know with regards to this legality. It is not legal to germinate, grow, or cultivate those seeds in any way. Therefore, the grey area is born.

Now, if seeds are legal to have, shouldn’t they be permitted at customs? Not necessarily. Customs can stop seeds if they suspect that there is an intent to germinate, cultivate and then sell the cannabis plant. And if this intent to grow and then sell is proven, then harsh penalties can follow suit.

Have your Seeds been Stopped at Customs?

If you have had your seeds stopped at customs, then you should expect a ‘friendly’ letter to arrive in the mail. It could come with the empty package in place of where your seeds used to be, or it could arrive without the original packaging altogether. Either way, further action usually does not follow this letter. The letter will usual detail that the seeds have been confiscated, but no further action is generally taken. In non-EU countries, there are some cases where you may be in deeper trouble, and you may have to be taken in for an interview for further investigations. You can find out more information about the strictest countries here. If you want to find out more information about the legal status of cannabis and cannabis sees in Europe, you can find out more here.

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Some Sage Words of Advice for Possessing Seeds

Remember, possessing cannabis seeds may be legal, but the moment the seeds becomes a plant, you could be in trouble. It is illegal to germinate, cultivate, possess and sell cannabis in the UK. But yes, purchasing the cannabis seeds is legal. The reasons could be the following:

– Collector’s items
– Bird food
– fish bait
– anything else that can be passed off as general interest

US Customs confiscated my seeds!

I received a package today that I have been waiting on for about 25 days. I opened it up to find a letter from Homeland Security saying that marijuana seeds were confiscated from the package. Has this happened to anybody else? Does anybody know what will happen?
++REP++ for any responses.

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Nothing further will happen, but i have heard of some packages being snagged by the feds. Sorry you had to be one to get the dreaded letter instead of seeds.

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I hear depending on the state, you will get a visit by the pole leese where they just ask stupid questions while they casually look for any evidence of a grow. DONT LET THEM IN. Could you scan and post this letter? Never saw one, i’m curious.Black out ur personal shit of course. What seed company?

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It’s one of those things i’m sorry to say, it happens fairy often too.

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happend to me once my friend that works for the post office said all it is, is a letter nothing bad will happen no dea is informed unless its bud then they will make you sign for it and as soon as your done cops come out of nowhere and your fucked i would just be careful maybe order from a diff place god luck don’t stress


Homeland security? Good lord. Yep..keep the country secure by keeping out pot seeds. That’ll work for sure! Down with seeds!
Sorry to hear it though
I’m in Canada and have purchased in Canada so that I can avoid anything like that from happening. Still sucks though.
It’s too bad the DEA shut down Marc Emery. He had a nice seed site going until the DEA busted him. What ticks me off is that he was busted for shipping seeds to the US and our ridiculous government let the DEA walk all over them. I woulda said get lost!

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Make sure you tell the place you bought them from, they should replace them, its KINDA their job to get them past Customs, also from my understanding as long as you did not ACCEPT the package in hand, there is nothing they can do.

Also if the place will not refund or send you new seeds, call your credit card company and do a charge back.

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i’ve read about it happening before but nobody that i know personally has ever had it happen to them. but i’m also curious to know who or where you ordered from?

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I received a package today that I have been waiting on for about 25 days. I opened it up to find a letter from Homeland Security saying that marijuana seeds were confiscated from the package. Has this happened to anybody else? Does anybody know what will happen?
++REP++ for any responses.

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The seed bank was The Single Seed Centre aka, I dont have a scanner but My neighbor does I will scan and post it tonight. But heres the thing, I had another package sent out 1 day after the one that i got today. So, I’m almost positive that I will get the second package Monday with another confiscation note! There was a replacement seed sent out about the 5th or 7th and It’ll prob be the same outcome. Justa word to the wise: DO NOT USE STANDARD FLAT RATE SHIPPING when you are buying seeds online!

Will I get to Jail if My Seeds Order Gets Intercepted by Customs

If you are in a country where marijuana is illegal, then you should know that ordering autoflowering marijuana seeds on the internet is a risk. There are seeds that are intercepted by customs. Most people will want to know if they will get to jail if this happens because there information is in the mail as the recipients. Now, let’s discuss how do customs find seeds. Read on.

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What Happens to the Intercepted Seeds?

Customs intercept marijuana seeds because most countries do not allow the importation of agricultural products like seeds. They will only know if they are marijuana seeds if they are labeled by the merchant however if they don’t then they wouldn’t know that they are weed seeds.

What will Customs do to the Receiver of the Seeds?

They usually just confiscate and destroy the seeds and won’t do anything to the buyer. They don’t usually that much time to waste for a few seeds. They are more concerned with real drugs getting to the country. Aside from that, they are just seeds and not weed.

Some may send a letter or notice reminding the buyer that it is not permitted to import agricultural products. Nobody will get jailed except if you make it very obvious.

This article is for information purposes only and this won’t be a guide on how to become risk-free when ordering marijuana seeds o nline because buying this product is a risk and will always be a risk unless countries from around the world legalize this gift of nature.

How to Avoid from your Orders getting Seized?

There are a lot of ways that online marijuana seed banks do to make sure that their seeds get through customs’ inspections. Some ships inside toys, wallet, CD, USB, t-shirt, business envelope, greetings card, sex toys, and a lot more. You don’t have to worry about that because the online seed banks know how to deal with your customs.

For you to make sure that you won’t get seized is to order from an online seed bank which is based in a country that is trusted from around the world like Canada.

How do customs find seeds? Customs are not strict with packages coming from Canada so seeds orders from Canada don’t have that many problems with shipping. You can order high quality yet cheap Auto flowering marijuana seeds from Canada and have them shipped right to your address.