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Green goddess seeds

Help Center and FAQs

Ok, it’s exciting. your seeds have arrived! As recommended, you should have a pack of three 60 – 75 day Feminized Auto Flowering seeds.

At this point, we’re assuming your Armoire is now setup in a cozy room in your home. Refer to the Quick Start Guide and the Owner’s Manual for help with power connections and instrument setup if you haven’t done that yet. The room itself should get no cooler than 65 degrees Fahrenheit and no warmer than 80 degrees maximum. A normal “room temperature” of 70-degrees is perfect. This will insure that the atmosphere inside The Armoire is suitable for your plant.

[Side Note: We name our plants, and since they are all “girls” (female), the sky is the limit! Sky. that’s a nice name. LoL.]

Preparing the Pot

1. Put on your gloves. We recommend powder free / latex free exam grade nitrile gloves. These are thin and provide an excellent biological barrier. Non-sterile gloves are fine.

2. Fill the included pot with soil. You received your first cloth grow pot with The Armoire kit. Fill the pot with soil to about 1 inch from the rim/top. We have a couple demonstration videos: We have a 4 minute video that demonstrates the entire process , and then there’s a short 38 second video demonstrating an optional step that can be taken to include using “Light Warrior” seed starter mix.

Note: we ship cloth grow pots. These are designed to allow for “self pruning” roots. The roots will eventually poke out of the sides and bottom of the grow pot. This will allow the plant to “drink air” in addition to drinking water. We want the roots to be highly oxygenated as we move through this 60-90 day process.

Tips: It’s not uncommon to accidentally spill some of the soil when filling the pot, so do this in an area where it’s easy to clean. In other words, don’t fill a pot over your grandmother’s precious oriental rug! Also do try to keep the pot dry and clean on the outside when filling – we don’t want to pick up contaminants or bugs and transfer them into The Armoire stuck to the bottom of the pot (i.e. don’t put it down outside in wet dirt, etc. to fill it – be aware of the environment).

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3. Place the saucer inside The Armoire. Your kit included a 17” plastic saucer. It’s easier to place the saucer in the chamber first, then lift the pot and place it in the saucer, inside The Armoire. Your grow pot should now be in the saucer so that excess water will be contained and will not be an issue inside the chamber.

4. Add Purified water. Purified water is water that has been filtered via a Reverse Osmosis process. If you can’t find it on the shelf at the supermarket or Pharmacy, use Distilled water (it’s the next best option – some would say it’s the same or equal insofar as the end result). Do NOT use spring water or mineral water – they’re not the same thing. Your water should cost no more than about .99 cents per gallon. For this step, you can pour the water in directly from a gallon container. After planting the seed, however, we suggest 500 mL (16.9 fluid ounce) bottles, which you can buy in bulk for convenience – you are going to go through a lot of them! Or pour from the gallon jugs into a smaller, clean 16oz container. 16.9oz bottles are easier to handle and less forceful when you pour them, which is critical in the early days of the seed/plant’s life. We don’t want to wash her away, expose the root structure, or create problems on day one! Pouring from a gallon jug can forcefully wash away soil – we need to be very gentle with our little baby!

You want to soak the soil so that it is all damp from top to bottom, and from side to side. If you end up with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of standing water in the saucer you are good to go. It will get used up in no time, don’t worry. Pour the water slowly so you don’t over-pour. Watch the saucer to see water running down and outside. Typically about three (3) 16.9oz bottles of water should do the trick. Pour it slowly in a spiraling motion from the center outwards.

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Dropping The Seed

Dropping the Seed

5. Planting the seed. Use one single seed. If they vary in size, use the biggest one. Use your index (pointing) finger and create a small depression (about 1/4” – 1/3” of an inch) in the soil, as close to the center of the pot as possible. When done, drop the seed into the depression. Now, cover the seed with dry soil and sprinkle about a tablespoon of water over it [with your fingers] and around it – in about a one or two inch circle. The idea is to have the soil below the seed wet/very damp, and the soil above the seed just damp. Not soaked. If it gets too wet don’t worry unless you can see the seed. In that case, just repeat from the dry soil instructions above. There’s a short 65 second video here you can watch that demonstrates this process.

6. Lower the light. Your light should be mounted and ready to go. The 4 winches are easy to use and having four of them allows both precision and room for error. You can actually tilt it and angle it any which way you want, as needed, while your plant grows. Lower the light to about 6” – 8” above the soil. You will see throughout this manual that 6” – 8” is the desired distance throughout the life of the plant (from the top/canopy). This technique is proprietary to our system and is only recommended with our light, which was specifically designed for this usage. This will ensure a shorter, bushy plant and a high yield harvest because the plant doesn’t have to stretch vertically up towards the light. Run your light 20 hours per day (i.e. 7am until 3am). Use the timer provided.

7. Yay! A Sprout! The seed should sprout in about 4 days. We have seen germination times go as long as 9 days, but that is rare. Four days is average. Sprinkle water over the planted area every day (about a tablespoon) until the seed sprouts. Sometimes the “shell” is still attached to the seedling for a day or two – this is normal.

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When she sprouts, congratulations! You are now the proud parent of a baby girl!

Seed Starter Trio – Green Goddess

Grow super foods with this Seed Starter Trio Set, featuring three nutrient-packed seed types that grow leafy greens to toss into salads or smoothies. Start by sprouting seeds indoors, then transplant the biodegradable CowPot outside, directly into a garden or patio container. The tray is made in the USA out of up-cycled cow manure, which is 100% biodegradable and helps heal nutrient-depleted soil.

Includes Certified Non-GMO Spinach, Kale and Swiss Chard Seeds and 3 Wooden Garden Markers.

  • 9.25”l x 3.25”w x 3”h
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-GMO Spinach, Kale and Swiss Chard Seeds
  • 1 Composted Cow Manure CowPot Tray
  • 12 Coco Discs
  • 3 Wooden Garden Markers

Seed Starter Trios can be started up to 3 weeks before the last frost date. Sprouts appear in 10-20 days.

You can harvest leafy greens 5-6 weeks after planting. Trim leaves that are 2 inches above the soil and allow them to grow back before harvesting again.

Once your plant is established, you will need to fertilize it. Visit your local garden center for a healthy selection of organic nutrient offerings. Transplant once seedlings have 2-3 sets of true leaves and outside night temps stay above 55°F. You may need to repot indoors before the outdoors is ready. CowPots start to break down after 12 weeks. Before transplanting thin your seedlings with scissors by snipping out any weak or crowded stems. Leave 2-3 plants. Then harden off your plants by placing them in a protected area outside for a few hours each day for one week. Plant in location with full sunlight. Prep your transplanting location either container or ground—by digging a hole large enough to accommodate the CowPot. Mix ½ gallon of a mild water and nutrient solution (¼ strength, follow nutrient’s instructions). Pour solution in hole, reserving ½ cup of solution. Pour remaining nutrient solution into CowPot. Bury the CowPot completely and fill in hole with soil. Tamp the soil lightly with your hands and water the entire area to help the plant settle.