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Green crack x amnesia haze cannabis seeds

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze

Please note that to ensure product freshness, we have a 7-10 day lead time on delivery of all bulk seeds.

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Creative / Euphoric / Happy

Citrus / Lemon / Earthy

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze

600 grams/m2 Indoor / 600 grams/plant Outdoor (October)

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Please note that to ensure product freshness, we have a 7-10 day lead time on delivery of all bulk seeds.


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Please note that to ensure product freshness, we have a 7-10 day lead time on delivery of all bulk seeds.

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Feminized

The fusion of two incredible pedigrees, Green Crack and Amnesia Haze, have created an even more phenomenal strain. The combination of genes results in a plant with higher yields than either of its parent. Although blooming takes a longer time due to its size, the huge bounty is worth the wait. In addition, buds from this hybrid give a 20% THC high, making you feel light, happy, and motivated for a more extended period. Aside from all that, this lemon and earth-scented strain is packed with amazing stress-relieving and pain-managing benefits, too. Experience a truly great cannabis today with Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Fem.


Growing Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Fem can be a challenge. Cultivators who are only starting with their growth journey should probably steer away from this strain. For starters, it is known to grow up to 150 centimeters tall (about 5 feet), which consequently requires ample space. Growers might also face some problems with the humidity since the plants are susceptible to moisture-related diseases. When set up incorrectly, mold and mildew could multiply and harm the plant.

Nevertheless, there are ways to mitigate these problems. One is to ensure the proper airflow within the grow area. Installing a small fan can help move the air around and prevent moisture buildup. Regular pruning, which can be done in either indoor or outdoor cultivation, is recommended. Additionally, removing the leaves that do not have direct access to the light will allow the plant to direct all its energy towards the nuggets.

The dominant Sativa genes make this strain grow extra-long with thin colas. At the end of the blooming stage, prepare some stakes to support these babies because the dense flowers will weigh down the branches.

The buds are so lusciously green that they blend right in with the emerald leaves covering the entire plant. Other prominent features are the canary-yellow pistils and the thick encrustation of white, sticky crystals.

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Flowering Time

A little patience is required when growing Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Fem as it takes 9 to 11 weeks to finish flowering. Outdoors, the ideal to harvest month is October.


With a towering height of 150 centimeters or more (5 feet plus), this strain needs a lot of room to fully develop. However, employing a combination of high and low-stress training techniques can maximize the yield without letting it grow as tall.

Topping, the most common HST method, is used during the early weeks of the vegetative stage. It encourages the plant to grow more colas, resulting in an inverted Christmas tree shape, while limiting the height. Afterwards, the smaller shrubs can be positioned in a Sea of Green (SOG). This LST technique lets cultivators increase the growth rate and improve the buds’ quantity and quality. Pair these strategies with 600 to 1,000-watt HPS or LED lights, and there could be as much as 600 grams (21 ounces) per square meter produced by harvest day.


Outdoor growing maximizes the yield of most cannabis plants, and Green Crack x Amnesia Haze Fem is no exception. The plants prefer a balmy and Mediterranean climate. Ideally, the area’s temperature range should be between 21 to 27 degrees Celsius (70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit). When harvest time arrives in October, the yield may be as high as 700 grams (25 ounces) per plant.

Medical Application

Green Crack x Amnesia Haze is a great recreational strain, but it is also chock-full of medical benefits. The mind-clearing high erases negative thoughts and makes space for positive and happy ones. It produces similar effects as anxiolytics and antidepressants – perfect for people battling anxiety and depression.

This medicinal cannabis is also effective for pain management. As the mind relaxes, the body follows soon after. Pent-up tensions are released, helping individuals with joint aches, arthritis, and migraines.

Adverse Reactions

Whatever form or strain of cannabis is consumed, the unavoidable by-products are dry eyes and dry mouth. This is due to the cannabinoids inhibiting saliva secretion and eye lubrication. As of this writing, no solutions have been discovered to stop these reactions completely. Nonetheless, constant rehydration with caffeine-free liquids before, during, and after consuming marijuana, as well as the liberal use of eye drops, will reduce these discomforts.

Be warned, though: Green Crack x Amnesia Haze is considered a mid to high-THC strain. Some smokers have experienced a sensory-altering buzz that could increase anxiety, dizziness, or headaches. Hence, it is best to use small amounts to build up a tolerance so that these adverse responses can be avoided.

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Can’t muster enough energy to get through the day? Green Crack x Amnesia Haze perks you right up with a revitalizing surge of motivation to help you soldier on. The first few minutes after a hit produces impressive enough effects, but they can easily go to the extreme depending on how much you consume.

With a high dosage, you may experience an alteration of the senses. A good example is a visual augmentation, such as TV characters suddenly coming to life or amplified sounds that could become uncomfortable. But then, for users who opt for a more prudent amount, a less psychoactive but still pleasant buzz may ensue.

The sensation will trigger a clarity of mind; it clears every bad thought to make room for uplifting ones. Euphoria will come rushing in, along with an outpouring of creative ideas. Therefore, it is the perfect time to engage in activities that need your artistic juices.

Not to worry, though, because even with such a high-energy boost, it will not make you feel tired afterwards. It slowly diminishes to a mellow buzz that relaxes your body, prompting you to remain calm through it all.


A single whiff will immediately let fans know that this is an offspring of Green Crack and Amnesia Haze. The smell is similar to a refreshing lemonade scent – fruity and citrusy. As the fragrance recedes, a strong, earthy aroma cuts into the mix.


The same flavors will coat your tongue as you inhale. Think of an herbal tea spritzed with a little lemon juice. The citrus zing blends with an earthiness to cheer you up and relax your nerves.

Similar Strains

If you want to go back to the source, we got you covered with i49’s Green Crack Fem. As a daytime marijuana, it has such an invigorating high that just a small toke will keep you awake, alert, and focused for hours. It helps people who need a break from their mental health issues, such as stress and depression. At the same time, your body benefits from it, too, because of its analgesic properties. The icing on top is that each bud has a pleasant tropical and earthy aroma that will keep you coming back for more.

Still can’t get enough of Green Crack? Green Crack x Core is another lanky Sativa strain with the former’s genes. Unlike most Sativas, this strain only needs 9 weeks of flowering time. It generates the same energetic high that will keep you awake, but with a more narcotic side to make you feel relaxed.

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The other half of the phenomenal strain we are talking about here is Amnesia Haze Fem. It is a high-yielding strain that fills the room with a lemon scent, punctuated by notes of earthiness. Once consumed, you will feel ecstatic and alert at once, making it the perfect wake ‘n bake partner. This strain gained popularity when it dominated coffeeshops in Amsterdam and won the hearts of many, winning a slew of Cannabis Cups.

Another iteration of Amnesia Haze is Northern Lights 10 x Amnesia Haze Fem. It is a sought-after strain for how it flawlessly embodies Sativa and Indica characteristics. The first few minutes upon hitting this citrus, herbal-pine goodness, you will experience an energizing high that will keep you up and moving. Twenty to thirty minutes later, you will feel a wave of calm wash over you, prompting you to sit and take a rest. Although this hybrid leans towards Indica, it does not induce couch-lock.

Or maybe you would like an Indica weed for a nightcap, in which case pure Northern Lights Fem will surely satisfy you. One of the all-time favorites, this strain is known for its heavy bud production and its resilience. The nuggets are full of intense, sweet, and spicy flavors that are super enjoyable on the tongue. It activates a dreamy and tranquil euphoria that will trickle down your body and soothe all your senses.

Nick Names

This specific hybrid does not have a nickname. However, keep in mind that it is a fusion of two strains. There are many other MJs out there with similar-sounding names, such as Green Crack x Super Silver Haze Fem or Green Crack x Sonoma Fem. Before checking out, be sure that you have added the right weed to your cart.

Final Thoughts

It is not only the quantity that ensures you have a hefty yield, but it is also the quality of your seeds. This is the very reason why you should only buy from a trusted seed supplier. Here at i49, our products are bred from only the top-rated plants from each strain. From the moment of your purchase until you harvest, i49 is committed to giving you satisfaction and happiness with every order. So, for quantity met by quality, visit our website at